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Russia Under Putin - The Connection to Middle East Terrorism Across the Planet

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 12:04 PM
Syria just invaded Lebannon. Why isn't Lebannon responding with their own military against Syria.

If Lebannon is not careful Syria will try to make concessions with Lebannon to permantly establish troops in the area to keep the rebels out of Syria. Since Syria is siding with Hezbollah Syria plans on making terrorists attacks against Lebannon making it look like the Syrian Rebels are at fault in order to maintain a presence in Lebannon while inciting the Lebannese to side with Syria against the Rebels.

"Im going in."

Anonymous is working for Old Russia - Read the article here about hackers using the Soviet Union domain names to release the stolen information from credit reporting agencies.

Basically the hackers are selling the information contained on the credit cards to pro extremist groups in Russia where the terrorist then uses the credentials to create alias that they can then use in the following scams:

Voting - The same person with the stolen credentials could vote for Putin more than one time thus keeping Putin in office as the dictator of Russia.

Terrorism - The stolen ID's are used to purchase weapons that are then sold to Middle Easterners to use in their terrorist attacks against Democracy.

Infiltration - The stolen ID's are sold by Russians loyal to Putin and used by terrorists in the Middle East to infiltrate America to launch terror attacks against Americans and other free world countries. With the terrorist being able to pass through a checkpoint with the stolen ID where the stolen credentials would not draw suspicion allowing the terrorist to infiltrate a country to launch their terrorist attack.

I am quite convinced that Old Russia DID have something to do with the attacks on 9.11.01 and the continued fighting in the Middle East.

You have to remember that Putin is a former KGB Spy so his allegiences would still be to Old Russia. A Russia that hated America during the Cold War.

I am certain that Putin is as the top of the ID Theft Ring in Russia and is also involved with backing Syria and Iran by providing them weapons to kill off those opposed to Russia's take over of the Middle East.

Im also quite certain that Putin had the school attacked in which 300 plus Russians were killed to cover up his involvement with the Middle East terrorist in launching attacks against pro-democracy supporters.

Putin is a spy and he would use such a tactic against his own people to make others think that Russia under his controll was also a victim of terrorism.

It's Russia America. Its Russia.

We need to support the Anti-Putin Russians in their fight against Putin. By doing so will break the terrorist backbone in the Middle East and allow pro-democracy elections to be held where ALL people are free to make their elected choice and not a choice forced upon them.

Two Key Website Articles - 33#c63891333

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Dryson

That's a pretty big claim you make there friend.Got any proof ? Or are you just a trolling Democratic Terrorist Cell member spreading Democracy by the gun,drone and bomb?
Drink the red cool aid.


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