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Internal Memo Shows ATF Rank And File Don't Trust The Brass.

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posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 08:59 PM
Well, this article seems to be proof that there is dissention in the ranks of the ATF over poor leadership. I also believe there is dissention among all of the letter agencies as well as the military. The question is, can the new leaders fix the situation. My guess would be as long as the government stays the same there will be no real chance at repairing the damage that has been done.

It's great to see that good people stood up when it was needed and that even more are at least willing to honestly say they are unhappy with the way things have gone. It is also clear that this dissention has alot to do with the way the whistleblowers were treated after the Fast and Furious debacle.

Top leaders at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, already under fire from lawmakers in the wake of the “Fast and Furious” debacle, also get harsh marks from the men and women who serve under them, according to an internal survey.

“Most troubling were responses to the question – ‘My senior leaders maintain high standards of honesty and integrity.’”Just 44 percent of ATF employees said that their leaders maintained such standards last year, according to the Partnership for Public Service, the non-profit that administers the annual survey to government employees.

That means 56% of ATF employees did not approve of their leaders. That is a large number of their employees. I wonder how many more failed to answer truthfully for fear of reprecussions?

Despite their grievances, the agents interviewed by Fox expressed hope that the bureau will get its act together.

Well, let's hope so. Maybe they can set the example for the rest of the agencies. Time will tell.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 09:30 PM
Great catch. I certainly have a suggestion for the good people who find themselves at an agency like the BATFe.


If there are that many and they all say 'screw it' at once then the agency has two choices in one giant decision to make right away. They can immediately address whatever they just lost over half their manpower at once over, or they can inform the United States Congress that they're no longer a viable agency and disband.

Either outcome would be just fine with me, but those Rank and File have the power to make it happen. Someone just has to be the first one to step forward and call the others to follow. We can hope.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 09:39 PM
I think "don't trust" the Brass may be an understatement. Have a look at the rank and files very own website.

There is alot of interesting information about the "dysfunctional" state of ATF.

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