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Officials worry dark nuclear plant will cause blackouts

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posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 01:11 PM

FOLSOM ---- San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County would be particularly at risk of blackouts in the event of a hot summer and if a continued shutdown of two nuclear reactors at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station lingers, state regulators were told Thursday.

The potential deficit could prompt officials this summer to bring in electric generators on barges or to restart retired power plants to make up for lost electricity.

Analysts at the agency that operates California's wholesale power system outlined a series of possible steps to avoid blackouts, if the reactors at San Onofre remain offline.

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Nuke plant quake study on hold over $64m cost

SAN DIEGO—An earthquake study at the San Onofre nuclear plant is on hold until regulators determine whether utility customers should pay the $64 million cost.

U-T San Diego ( http://(link tracking not allowed)/w0qCLL) says the study will survey hidden quake faults near the coastal plant.

Southern California Edison wants customers, not shareholders, to cover the cost. The California Public Utilities Commission will decide and Edison says it's waiting for the decision before proceeding.

The scope of the study was enlarged after a Japanese nuclear plant was damaged by a quake and tsunami last year.

San Onofre was built to withstand a quake of magnitude-7 or stronger. But there's a chance that hidden faults could provide a greater quake risk.

So let me get this straight they want the Edison customers to fit the bill the $64 Million in repairs for a failing nuclear plant but yet you might see blackouts in your electricity this summer before the repairs are done?? Charge for the repairs and then charge for the electricity it produces? Can I charge the people to open my own business then charge them for the product I make?

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 01:21 PM
They tried to pull that same stunt here in SC. Sent out letters to the customers informing them that they were raising rates to cover a new Nuclear Power Plant. The people stood up and said NO and for now it has worked. Anyone else think there is something wrong with making the customer flip the bill for something they (the power company) will ultimately make even more money on? This is something for Shareholders to do not the customer.. it's not like the customer is investing in the company or anything.

If they want to stop blackouts they need to pony up their own doe and stop trying to squeeze the working man dry.

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posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 01:48 PM
The pure insanity out of California never stops. It just never ends..... It's no wonder the Pharma industry makes bank with psych meds out there. The Government of the state is constsntly pushing people clear into a state of near collapse!

We're in something of an energy crisis, thanks for BOTH political parties being too busy playing with each other to bother with help to the American public. We have Coal under full blown attack by the Government on ALL sides and at all levels...with Nuclear power being only one step short of pure evil in many minds.

So... What to do?! Oh yes! Lets shut down one of the largest and most critical power supply centers for one of the largest single ecnomies in the world (California). Yes... While we're at it, and as we enter what looks to be a LONG HOT summer...lets dd a HUGELY expensive study to show the blatantly obvious for the 20th time..and then BILL the poor SOB's who already know the outcome, for the experience!

Yes.. We definitely need a new Earthquake study for San Onofre. I'm SURE they've NEVER thought to do one of those before..... California would have skipped right over that for the last 30 years..and never bothered.

Do the politicians in California have little seminars to meet and come up with new ways to screw their state....or is this really spontaneous stupidity at work? Either way, it's remarkable and should be studied, like a butterfly on a pin.


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