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Hello you great ATS'ers!!

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posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 07:44 PM
Finally! Now it worked? I just trimmed down the name of the file (lots of words separated with "_")...

What I didn't get to fit in my signature - "the special 'ability'" - well, here goes:

****This is a LONG story/exposition, so if possible, could someone help me linking this to a thread about similar subject-matter, or just tell me if I should make this a full topic?****

I have kind of a "sixth sense", some say I'm partly psychic (not like the "normal" way), and I try to sometimes
rationalize it with just saying I've got a good intuition. My mother told me I've inherited in from her, just like my 2 older brothers. All 4 of us have different type of way we go about it. Closest to my "style" (which I just realized when I talked to the brother on the phone and he sparked up the conversation) is my oldest brother, who's almost 20 years older than me. He lives in the capital of my country, I live a 2-3 hour drive from him so I don't see him that often unless he comes to visit when he's on a holiday from work, or vice versa.

He's owns a cleaning company and is somewhat famous in small circles of that city, because he's in politics too, and has an organisation (or foundation?) called "Rights to Cleaners" (directly translated) that tries to fight to get more benefits for the workers (and I can understand; it's funny how jobs like that - even when trained to do it - can pay so little, even though it's really important - keeping places clean in the city and all that.

The other brother is 15 years older than me, lives very close to me and as such is also more closer to me (as a family-member), even though I love them both.

My mother is probably the strongest of us all, but she doesn't tell us everything. She uses cards (even though she doesn't need to - there's one of the things of my "intuition" tells me), and she's always frightningly right. And she can do it to complete strangers too, as long as that stranger has some kind of a connection to me (or someone she knows).

Examples: One of my old long gone aquintances wanted to try it out and we went to her house. She told the guy she feels he's having some sort of car-problems, and a brown-haried lady is causing her grief. The dude just dropped his jaw on the floor, and started laughing. He had just been in a minor car-accident and his girlfriend was about to leave him..

Examples from me: I was in the shower about two months ago, and suddenly I started feeling really, really sad and remember one of my friends out of thin air (that friend usually is someone who's happy and all)... I stopped showering, thinking if I should call him (We hadn't been in contact for 2 months for some reason), and I dediced to call my best friend first about it.

He told me X (the guy) was admitted to a short stay at a "mental institution" (I'm not an english speaker, so what I mean is it's *not* a looney-bin, but an open place where you have your own room, clothes, electronic entertainment and doctors there 24/7, for a short stay only), becuase he had a total breakdown and started crying (he never cries! Maybe that's why I cried, creepy...) because he was harassed badly at his old workplace, by even the boss. That guy is usually the type that he'll punch your teeth in if you p*** him off, and usually everyone likes him since he's a great guy with a fantastic sense of humor. And some other problems I can't remember.

Example 2: A few years ago, my best friend separated from his girl-friend because he didn't feel "it" anymore. Well, they both found new partners pretty quick (my friend's new girl was smoking hot and nice to boot! A real dream), and everything went well.

Then, I had a weird feeling/flash suddenly while I was zipping coffee in my kitchen with said friend:
Me: "So, you're happy with X right?"
Him: "Oh, yes, she's amazing
Me: "......"
Him: "What..? Another one of your things again? Tell me."
Me: "I don't think I should..."
*after going on an on about telling him or not telling him, I spilt it out*:
Me: "You're gonna go back together with X."
Him: "Hahahahaha, what?! Why? I've almost forgotten she exists and we both are happily dating."
Me: "I don't know why! That's part of my 'thing' or whatever this is."
Him: "Yeah, well, no, it's not gonna happen... I don't like her anymore."

***many months pass, we're in a Sauna***

Him: "Hey... I... I think I've started to miss X. Things are not going so good with current-X..."
Me: "M-hmhm?"
Him: "Do you think..."
Me: "I have no opinion, but yes, haha. Don't you remember..."
Him: "But we're both dating others and I haven't talked to her in a long time..."
Me: "...Well, you need to figure it out yourself. I mean sure, I'm listening to you and I understand you, but... I felt what I felt and I'm 100% sure she'll take you back (even I hadn't talked with the ex in all that time)."

**time passes**

He calls me and says they're back again, and they were, 4 happy years

I have many more deliciously funny examples, but SHORTER!!

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 07:54 PM
Welcome to ATS and enjoy all the wonderful stories you will soon encounter if not done so already! Hopefully you'll get your technical problems resolved soon. I'm sure someone that knows ATS Ins/Outs will be able to help you out! I used to have problem with my current Avatar, got it to work and left it there before I mess it up all over

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by Destinyone
reply to post by TumeX don't want my

How keeping with your green man theme....

Now THAT looks delicious!
Just the type of [birthday]cakes I like! Hope it doesn't contain any "alien" though, but good ol' E of Arth ingredients! I'm already enough of an alien as it is, what with my weird "gift" or whatever it is. Maybe I should create a topic about it tomorrow (It's 4AM where I live, and I was supposed to go see a film with my old father, my alarm clock's set for 12PM and I'm already tired, heh).

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 08:34 PM
and for a light snack before you go to bed i can offer you this.

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 09:11 PM
Thank you!! That's fascinating but should continue further in its own thread...hope it does
as I have many questions! I like the avatar, it's different than what I expected! lol

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by TumeX

Welcome to the truth the full truth. You'll like this site.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 04:17 AM

Originally posted by SmokeyDawn
Thank you!! That's fascinating but should continue further in its own thread...hope it does
as I have many questions! I like the avatar, it's different than what I expected! lol

Heh, well, I did that very quickly, just yesterday I got a huge inspiration for making these minimal little creatures, I did my (now deceased) fox terrier dog, my brother and mother, one of my friends, a few video game characters like Super Mario and Ryu from Street Fighter 2, planning on making a ton of those and put it on on my Facebook or something, and maybe have someone make pins or paintings of somesort from them. My mom and older brother are both actual painters (meaning they've had galleries on display and made money, one of my country's most famous painters took notice of my brother's art and wanted to host his first gallery back in the day, and he told his ols surname was the same my family has, but he changed it - so we could be related - explains our obsession with artistic things

**More story-time!
Here's a quick one (if anyone's still reading and/or subscribing to this):**

A few months ago, the same friend who had that relationship drama - now divorced of the girl - started chatting with the trough Instant Messaning. I had thought about the dude the whole day almost unwillingly (I don't normally think about my friends that much since I can just pick up a phone and I see them often enough, it felt like my mind was forcing me to feel something related to him), and felt something had happened to him - I kind of felt emotions that weren't my own. They feel a bit like faint echoes, kind of.

--And I'm NOT making this up, I wish I was because it's sometimes creepy, my mother said it's been like this for generations, from her side of the family, her great-great-great grandfather knew everything and was almost perfect with his "skill".--

Fell, anyway, the friend wrote: "Guess what happened?"
Me: "You're seeing someone."
Him: "Who told you? I don't think I even told my sisters yet, did they say something and I forgot I told them?"
Me: "Nnnope."
Him: "Then, how..."
Me: "I've been having that feeling again. Want me to "guess" the rest of your story?
Him: "Well, ok, but you can't..."
Me: "Soo..... (I think a little) the girl you're now seeing is someone you met just this last weekend on a nightclub. She's getting divorced and is very beautiful, and funny to you. The soon-to-be ex-husband has... maybe brown hair, and the reason the girl is trhough with him is because he only plays World Of Warcraft or similar all day long and the magic's gone. And let me tell you - the guy doesn't LIKE it at all."
Him: "What the ****, man? How... How did you guess that? There's gotta be a joke going on, you've never been that accurate."
Me: Well, apparently today is just one of those days where I have the "thing" more strongly.

Everything I said was actually true, even though I didn't know anything about it, I only knew he was going to a nightclub and that he's a single (like he often does, and often with me, that time I just didn't have enough cash to go with him). I felt strangely for a week after, and then we started the messaging and we hadn't spoken earlier.

So, he met this really sexy, athletic, and super-nice, funny woman there. Her ex-man did have brown short hair, and he still has that World Of Warcraft installed on his computer (he left his PC for her to keep), the girl's a bit lazy to remove it it seems, or I either made a mistake and it's the girl who plays too much WoW. I haven't asked, just took notice when I was meeting my friend there two weeks ago (the Instant Messaging/nightclub -thing happened a few months ago).

Then there's this time when all 3 of us brothers started crying at the same time, while on a summer barbeque with out sister, who was pregnant. Everyone was super-happy, taking photos and videos (One of my bros, while filming: "So here's our lovely sister, X, who has been pregnant for X amount of time...").

We were so excited for her. Then later suddenly, all of us went sad, and I started crying first, then the younger older, the the oldest. None of us knew why. Well, later that evening, we all went to our homes and my oldest brother came to my place (since he lives in another city)...

2AM. I wake up. (I still lived with my father wayy back then, I was 16 I think). All the lights were up. My heart was pounding. Didn't know why. Definately not because the lights were on, there were always some lights on in that house, and I also like to keep lights at my current apartment.

I hear my dad talking to the phone, very silent/soft & depressed. He ends the call as he sees I'm awake.

Me: Dad? What happened?
Him: Nothing, don't worry, it's nothing for you to be up.
Me: Is it about my sister?
Him: *Sigh* Yes.
Me: What?
Him: She had a miscarriage just now, and went to the hospital.

We still talk about that with out brothers :/

HOPE someone read this!

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