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What if our unknown powers are being used against us?

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Thanks for your excellent comments!! Much appreciated.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by Gseven

Interesting, and Thanks.

> ancient texts where the "devil" or "satan" is reported to not be able to physically harm us.

What ancient texts?

In the Book of Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible, a "satan" is able to do some pretty nasty physical things to Job and his family. Job gets an awful disease. And his children are knocked dead.

In the New Testament (NT), "Jesus" says a woman had "an issue of blood" for several years; and the passage blamed that on a "satan".

He also said that a "satan" desired to sift Peter like wheat.

And don't forget about "demon possession" situations. In one case, in the NT, a youth was practically throwing himself into a fire.

I'll definitely agree that it appears that there are beings and/or intelligences that mess with us, and that do that a lot to our minds; but some are also capable of doing physical things too.

Whether such an intelligence is "spirit" or "alien" is difficult for us humans to tell; for apparently both are often able to be non-visible.

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by sylvie

God I have not thought of that book in a long while,,, YES,, everyone should read it..
Ishmael was a great wonderful view of the world through another species Eyes... Gonna have to pull it out and read it again,, think it was one of the last fiction books I have read in years.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by sylvie

Then Sylvie,, I would very much like you to read Eldon Taylors book and let me know what you do think after reading it, as I thump it like a bible sometimes,, and would hate to think I am adding to the ignorance>
I do understand what you are saying about the vast majority of advertising workers,, but it is like you said about the study done with were eyes went that I really am refering to,, the science that is used ''against'' minds to compel people to buy and be ''consumers'',, not the Idea people sitting around thinking up the next jingles and such.
Thanks for the input,, and let me know if you do read Eldon's material.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:27 PM
Just wanted to confirm with the more loving and encouraging posters here. Most of what if not all of what you are saying is on target with me as well.

The light up the room trick is in my repertoire. I did show-business, and can be now when I choose seen or unseen in that regard.

Can anyone here blend with the environment and become small, like a "cloak" in the star-trek sense? The circumstances need to be right, for me. But most public, and semi-public places can be like camouflage for me.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by sylvie

Originally posted by Gseven

So, if a Tulpa is dangerous, and mostly harmful, what is it's opposite? It must have one. It cannot exist alone. If people can create thought beings through negative energy, then what being is created with positive energy?

Just some more ponderings!

This is just my opinion, but I think asking what the opposite of a Tulpa is, is like asking what the opposite of a cucumber is. It just IS -- why does there have to be an opposite?

I also don't think that Tulpas are created through negative thought energy; it's neutral energy, just focusing on creating a being of whichever kind you pick. It seems, though, that even the most benevolent ones -- even a cute teddy bear -- when they get stronger and get more of a life of their own, will become sinister and turn on their creator. It's just the nature of the thing. So I guess if you're looking for an "opposite, positive act," it would be NOT to create one in the first place.

But I know what you're saying: how can one create something positive? I'd say, just by spreading good thoughts out into the world, like in the GOODWILL MANIFESTATION I laid out in a post in this thread.

Sylvie, thanks for the statement,, because you are correct it is like asking what is the opposite of a cucumber,, but now I will be pondering that also,,lol.
I believe that when a tulpa reaches the point that it actually has a ''life of its own'' all bets are off as far as which way it goes. Most of the time,, Untamed would be a better word to describe what it 'becomes'.. sorta like a feral child,, that bounces around curious about the world,, but wild.
I have worked with many tulpa that I myself have created during my years of experimenting with thought forms and such and have found that letting one go ''Free" is an adventure to put it mildly. Most of the tulpa I ever created I 'reabsorbed' before they reached the point of being near self reflective and ''alive'', mainly because of the dire warnings I understood regarding how they can become what is in general called malignant. I don't normally use that word because I tend to think that is more that we put our morals and worldviews upon them,, so I don't think all actually have to end up the way of Alexandra David Neel's little monk tulpa.

I know that many Christians would say it is playing with the devils minions,, and that tulpa become demonic, but personally I have no such belief, but am very aware that they can become uncontrollable and mischievous if not down right bad. That is one of the reasons why when I first started experiments with Tulpa, I would only create balls of light type tulpa and then moved to bird types and then animal. The use of sound, chanting etc is something that aids in the creation of tulpa and basically all phenomenon are formed by vibration and resonance, and thus a Tulpa is born of whom creates it,, and then some.

Why would one want to create a Tulpa? Well,, I will say this,, knowing how it is going to sound to many,, but so be it,, Most things in the world today are the result of Meme and Tulpa creation and reproduction.

Meme are basic idea building blocks that spread through cultures and with enough input, can become Tulpa in their own right. Let's say we go back in time and the idea of taking a rock and attaching it to a stick so that one can pound thing,,, eventually spreads as a meme,, and then turns into a physical hammer at some point. Now we don't think of hammers as tulpa because we can weild them and use them as we will,, but basically IMHO they are born of tulpa.

So,, the point being and maybe a better example is the Internet itself,, because more people can visualize and ''see'' how one might say,,, It has a Life of it's own.

Some even think it to be part of the Global Consciousness awakening,, and if some of the Singularity thought out there is true,,, One day may achieve Self Awareness and Then the Real Fun of Internet Surfing will begin.
There is a lot that can be said,, and it is a subject that I am sure others have hit on here at ATS,,,, will have to do a search and read to see..

But,, I have had many Good experiences with Tulpa,,, and some that ''taught me many a lesson'' but Evil,,, I haven't had that experience

I will write one day about my Home, as it is a combination of both my work with Tulpa and Genius Loci,, and has been a very interesting experience living here.

I don't claim to know it all,, by far,, but I have done what many do not and experimented to find out what I can in regards to this line of thought / belief and energy.... Mind expanding is a mild way to put it,, and really more investigation should be done in this area of thought.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by matthewgraybeal

The Light up the room trick,, hmm,, sounds like what I call the Pippi Longstockin Ritual.
I once did it to test it out and damn,, Light up the room is an understatement. People flocked to me like bugs to a bug zapper.
Basically it runs like this,,, Pippi is Super Positive,,, always sees the Silver lining behind the clouds,, so I Invoked her and embodied that Ideal for a night out on the town. People bent over to help,, give, be around me like nothing else before,, and one of the biggest things I remember and use (without the Pippi ritua aid) is She Smiled ALL THE TIME.. so I noticed that night how I smiled at Everyone,,, and I think that was a big part of how attractive I ''Became" to others,,, I met (or should I say Re-met) my now Ex. who still is my best friend/ coworker and in my life because of my experiment with Calling on Pippi Longstockin energy!!

The Shadow Invisible thing is just as easy,,,, wallflowers are never
the harder trick is doing this when it is one or two people only around to see you,,, that is the way to test that skill.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 02:34 PM
Holy Sh*t Earthy...

Pippi, is the perfect analogy. I was all over her movies about 20 years ago. And Mr (insert monkey) loves bananas! lol

Would love to be able to have a skype group about this. I'm not able to be on skype, all of my computer equipment is outdated borrowed loaners.

And yes for me, Created tulpas of my own variety, are very much just wildlings. However, if a person lives in a state of sorrow worry or anger the tulpas, and other astrals we can't see feed on that.

My tulpas love to push the envelope of reality. They smack stuff around. but usually play nice.

I'm also not entirely against the thought we get assigned some, like guardian angels. Though I would just call it a guardian angel.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 04:07 PM
I agree in part with the OP's views on this.

However sylvie's views I don't. Not entirely.
If he/she think's that every outside entity is hostile and want's to consume our spirit he is seriously and extremely off-kilter.
Yes I think we can manifest our own reality, but that doesn't necessarily mean we are the bee's knee's in the whole universe.
There are those just like we are out there, good, bad, neutral etc etc.

When the old ways were smashed asunder by the monolithic, uber patriarchal system about 3000 years ago that was when the dark ones really came down to play havoc with humanity's path.
You've got it all wrong, the dark ones are here right now and I can't wait for their to be a reckoning and sorting out.

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by AussieAmandaC

Originally posted by Ophiuchus 13
reply to post by Gseven

AS GUARDIANS AND MAYBE you will see them when its time to PURGE the MATRIX.

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Can you please expand on this?
A very interested thank you, in advance

I dreamt of a tiny dragon living in the hollow of a big tree - he was cute and afraid because other persons had heard of a legend that treasure had been hidden there, I went in and stroked its snout... an dit gave off the most llovely appreciative vibration. And he came to the back of the hollow on the other side whilst these treasure hunters searched it from the other side. I think somehow my affection gave it a boost in confidence and the ability to become invisible to them. Had the impression that it had been waiting for a long time fulfiling a duty to the land.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by sylvie

Originally posted by Gseven

So, if a Tulpa is dangerous, and mostly harmful, what is it's opposite? It must have one. It cannot exist alone. If people can create thought beings through negative energy, then what being is created with positive energy?

Just some more ponderings!

This is just my opinion, but I think asking what the opposite of a Tulpa is, is like asking what the opposite of a cucumber is. It just IS -- why does there have to be an opposite?

I also don't think that Tulpas are created through negative thought energy; it's neutral energy, just focusing on creating a being of whichever kind you pick. It seems, though, that even the most benevolent ones -- even a cute teddy bear -- when they get stronger and get more of a life of their own, will become sinister and turn on their creator. It's just the nature of the thing. So I guess if you're looking for an "opposite, positive act," it would be NOT to create one in the first place.

But I know what you're saying: how can one create something positive? I'd say, just by spreading good thoughts out into the world, like in the GOODWILL MANIFESTATION I laid out in a post in this thread.

I was mostly approaching this from the standpoint of a ying/yang idea. Since my understanding of Tulpas are limited to just what I've read here, it may just be that I don't fully understand what they are...or are not. If they are neutral to begin with, why would they then gravitate to a more negative state....why not a positive one? This is just me trying to understand something new to me!
From my standpoint, everything energetic has it's opposite...

Law of opposites

Marx and Engels started with the observation that everything in existence is a combination or unity of opposites. For example, electricity is characterized by a positive and negative charge and atoms consist of protons and electrons which are unified but are ultimately contradictory forces. Even humans through introspection find that they are a unity of opposite qualities. Masculinity and femininity, selfishness and altruism, humbleness and pride, etc. The Marxist conclusion being that everything "contains two mutually incompatible and exclusive but nevertheless equally essential and indispensable parts or aspects."¹ The basic concept being that this unity of opposites in nature is the thing that makes each entity auto-dynamic and provides this constant motivation for movement and change. This idea was borrowed from Georg Wilhelm Hegel who said: "Contradiction in nature is the root of all motion and of all life."

So, this was the basis of my question. Surely, there must be an opposite. Maybe their opposites aren't Tulpas at all, maybe they are something else? Just wondering! I find this whole concept very fascinating! Thanks for sharing!
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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 12:22 AM
This thread is great and I'm finally caught up.

Originally posted by EarthCitizen23

If the End O the World is such a strong Tulpa,,,
What about the Utopia that isn't spoken of anymore.
And I mean one that is achieved without the need for WWIII or the likes. One of mutual co-operation that springs from our finest minds laying out the fact that It is something we need to do or else our Shadows will take over and control our Fates.

Utopia ,, how did it become such a ''bad'' word??

When I first read this, I thought,

if the world is, just in a sense, a tulpa, created by our belief in it, would it be able to be absorbed back into our minds? What would happen then? Is that the opposite of a tulpa? Would it be just living in a completely blank world that you can then piece together consciously or without any outside influence telling you what to make of it?

I recently read Magic and Mystery in Tibet and it was a great read. I really enjoyed how she could feel her tulpa brush against her sometimes. Though it also seems creepy. She did mention that it took a long time to absorb the tulpa.

I really think we should bring back the Utopia meme. I think it's gone away because it doesn't make for good drama. The Hero's Journey ends in the golden age, "And all was good for the rest of days." Utopia is the end, but maybe if we just start saying the word utopia every day, it will come back into the collective conscious.

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by sylvie

I agree with you on the Yalderbroth idea.
I also think that far from being all evil the old gods tended to be either benevolent, neutral or malevolent at the core.
Most of the benevolent and neutral ones who opened the doors for us are gone, while the evil one's plot about with the ptb.
This is along with a kind of neutral 'overseer' who was appointed as the Lord of Forces. Neither good nor bad I think but just doing what it does.

This the deal people don't understand these days.
When this sort of thing was mainstream there were wars and clashes between factions because they knew what it was all about. Some wanted this, others that etc.

When the smoke cleared one of the somewhat neutral caretaker gods was 'promoted', yet didn't want the memory to remain of people having their own powers etc. The other gods got evicted or driven elsewhere and took with them their people, yet some remained in pockets of the world.

Unfortunately the history makers decided to unfairly demonise the whole lot of them with a broad brush.

So when I hear about how anything of the old gods is bad and demonic I take a serious issue against that.
As it's actually continuing the amnesia effect.
I think people are starting to get savvy though...

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 06:21 AM

Originally posted by sylvie
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Thanks for your excellent comments!! Much appreciated.

You're welcome. Interesting thread, as I stated. I do think there are things we can do, that some won't accept. Even the Bible supports this to a point. We are told that faith can "move mountains". Is that literal? Hard to say! I agree, though, that we MUST be careful what we do, and try to work only as God would have us do, to avoid any dangers.

Interesting comment about the teddy bears in relation to tulpas. When I was a younger child, I had a bear that I would now refer to as a "golem"-type. Meaning there was real personality there. I was SURE, as a child, that this bear protected me, that it would have grown fangs and claws, and attacked any stranger that came into the house looking to harm me. No one encouraged that, and I didn't see any movies or comics (till MUCH later) about such ideas. Still, it seemed like a truth then! Who knows....maybe guardian angels rest in teddy bears to remain less obtrusive....

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

You ever seen that film 'Dolls'?
It's pretty close to the mark in some ways...

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by sylvie

This remind me of the "Odd Thomas" series of (fictional) books by Dean Koontz,where-in there are these shadow-forms called "bodachs" that gather in large numbers before disasters.Ive read that there were sightings of strange lights in the sky before the Japan Quake,in the area of the Fukushima best friend's husband is a psychic-he told her one night,during a strange storm that hit the town and surrounds,that he sensed a ufo going over.Apparently there were quite a few tall trees "sawn off"at the same level,a tree blew over in my garden,miles outside town, as well.He told her he "tracked" it going into the Indian Ocean,off the coast of Mocambique.The next day it was on tv,about the quake,and Fukushima.This is a serious,highly intelligent old man,of high integrity,and he certainly has a gift,so i would not outright disbelieve something he said.Especially since he only told her,and she told me,so it was definitely not to get attention,you know.Love your avatar,btw.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 01:04 PM
Love Odd Thomas, half of what he can do, I do too.

I can randomly be needing to do something/find something, and if I just walk the solution presents itself. I don't necessarily see "Spirits," like Elvis "The King" is Odd Thomas's Close Friend, but again the Shadowy ones are seriously elusive. They are fast, fast, fast. I've caught a few orbs in midflight, but they are zippy fast as well. Without a body things move much quicker.

Bodachs, in my opinion, are Negative Entities which feed off of traumas. They also could be capable of influencing people, to act out of character for themselves. Like a mean streak, which is exhibited by a nice person who is usually not known for bad behavior. The mean streak would serve the bodachs, by having the person they influence cause harm, emotional or physical to others. The bodach is both the perpetrator indirectly by influence, and the beneficiary of the harmful outcome, since they get to feed. These would be called Demonic Entities in other circles.

Not all Shadows are like Bodachs, a residual form is often left by a persons life force. However, more Recently passed do appear much as they did in life. But again, I'm not entirely sure, how one could know the difference.
I'm usually limited to just feeling the presence, in my lower abdomen area. Did have a for sure BAD feeling for a presence once, near the Ocean on a Rocky Cliff Face (Large enough to Sit and have a picnic). My Girlfriend and i at the time, both looked at each other walking up to it, and realized there was some bad juju there and hightailed back to another part of the beach. I don't hightail, this was a BIG FEELING, most I have felt ever. In Gloucester Massachusetts.

Does anyone else know about the Odd Thomas Series? I'm 100% sure Dean Koontz is a closet psychic. His other works have keenly described, the less fantastical psychic abilities I have seen in others and myself. However seeing as he is a writer, fantastical is also his bread and butter. This guy knows his stuff. I suspect because of him having it as well.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by matthewgraybeal

Had a night attack of some kind last night. I get them. I was nearing sleep, and in that hazy in and out just barely conscious phase. It felt, like being hit in the stomach, minus the surface force of a fist (knuckles or whatever) my stomach reacted as if pushed in rapidly by force. IT didn't hurt per say, it was more startling, but since this is not new for me, I usually shrugged it off.

The Blow your mind part, comes next. I was woke this morning to my roomie hurling her guts up. She's in bed as we speak with a 101.5 temp.

Yay, bizzaro land...(deadpan)

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 06:12 PM

Any folks need to add other things they want to share or suspect?

posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by sylvie

Originally posted by AussieAmandaC
reply to post by sylvie

I'm not hiding from the 'reality' or violence, the neighbours had a 'slap bang' (5 adults men and women) last night, the priority for me though, was the kids (2) first then the adults. It doesn't matter what they were fighting about so much as they all willingly stepped into chaos, it was quite surreal. Blood, broken bones, smashed furniture, it was quite a sight, but also becoming a regular occurrence.
No laying of blame can sort them out so in my view they're all equal, there is no light or dark there. The potential for either or is there though.

Lack of personal control (mental/physical/spiritual) is never the way to get where you want to be is what I've learnt so far.

I'd be very interested to hear of your own experiences with some of your 'workings', maybe you could offer advice on how best I can be of help to my neighbours?

Yes, in fact, I do. This is one of my best manifestation techniques, so listen up, everyone -- this visualization alone can make a HUGE difference if you practice it regularly... and it helps others as well, not just yourself.

You can do it in any situation (or anticipating a situation) that could be potentially problematic... from going into an exam, to a dentist visit, to a critical meeting with your boss. You can also use it to clear up situations you are not even personally involved in.

I call it my "Goodwill Manifestation."

- Sit down or lie down, close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax.
- Visualize your personal "happy place," some place in nature that you find particularly beautiful and serene (whether it's real or made up).
- See yourself sitting in this place, feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face; make it as realistic as you can. Try to conjure up a feeling of well-being and joy in yourself being in this place.
- See yourself holding a big, beautiful bowl full of fresh, clear spring water. Make the bowl what you want it to be... glass, wood, whatever, with or without patterns, colors, etc. Imagine the water is the purest, cleanest you could possibly find on the planet, from some untouched mountain stream or something.
- The sun is slightly warming the water, and a few flower petals are floating in it, infusing the water with additional goodness.
- See this water as all the good things this world has to offer.
- Sprinkle the water over yourself, saying "All the good in the world over me."
- Then visualize the other person(s) involved in the situation -- I usually visualize them in a little picture frame in one corner -- see them happy and beaming. Sprinkle the water over them and say, "All the good in the world over (name)." Genuinely wish them joy and happiness.
- Close out the meditation.

This is absolutely miraculous; you will see that the attitudes of people change; they'll be more receptive, nicer, kinder, in a better mood. It's great, and it's only doing good, without you WILLING a specific outcome.
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I just wanted to pop back in here and tell you how this went.
That night I tried this method, using the vision I was given about a week before (you said pick a nice place to envision yourself) I couldn't remember exactly what you'd written here, but I managed similar. Bowl water, photo frames etc
well, it has calmed down considerably next door AND my girlfriend won $1800 the next day!
I didn't envision money or the like, just good intentions and blessings for both of them, and that's what happened. She really needed to money too, I was so excited for her!
I was going about it the wrong way before, too much love sent out was unbalancing and causing him to violence imo, but this method works.
A Huge hug and thank you sylvie! You rock!

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