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Charlie Chan sayings

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 08:59 PM
Someone went and put together a list of over 100 Charlie Chan sayings from his old movies. Its like a huge list of fortune cookie proverbs. Makes you wonder how many fortune cookie companies stole their fortunes from old Charlie Chan lines.

100+ Charlie Chan Sayings and Proverbs. A surprisingly good selection of truisms and insights for your reading pleasure.

1. Admitting failure like drinking bitter tea. (Charlie Chan in Egypt)
2. After dinner is over, who cares about spoon? (Docks of New Orleans)
3. Always happens – when conscience tries to speak, telephone out of order. (The Black Camel)
4. Ancient ancestor once say, “Even wise man cannot fathom depth of woman’s smile.” (The Shanghai Cobra)
5. Ancient ancestor once say, “Words cannot cook rice.” (Charlie Chan in Reno)
6. Ancient proverb say. “Never bait trap with wolf to catch wolf.” (Shadows Over Chinatown)
7. Ancient proverb say, “One small wind can raise much dust.” (Dark Alibi)
8. Anxious man hurries too fast and stubs big toe. (Charlie Chan’s Courage)
9. Bad alibi like dead fish – cannot stand test of time. (Charlie Chan in Panama)
10. Best to slip with foot, than with tongue. (Charlie Chan at the Circus)
11. Biggest mysteries are not always crimes. (1935 Pennsylvania Referendum Message)
12. Blind man feels ahead with cane before proceeding. (Charlie Chan’s Courage)
13. Boy Scout knife, like ladies’ hairpin, have many uses. (Charlie Chan’s Secret)
14. Can fallen fruit return to branch? (Docks of New Orleans)
15. Cat who tries to catch two mice at one time, goes without supper. (Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case)
16.Charming company turn lowly sandwich into rich banquet. (Charlie Chan in Reno)
17. Chinese funny people; when say “go,” mean “go.” (Docks of New Orleans)
18. Confucius has said, “A wise man question himself, a fool, others.” (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness)
19. Confucius say, “Sleep only escape from yesterday.” (Shadows Over Chinatown)
20. Cornered rat usually full of fight. (Shadows Over Chinatown)
21. Curiosity responsible for cat needing nine lives. (Charlie Chan at the Circus)

Lots more here. Check 'em out.

Then again, I guess its just as possible the writers may have stolen all those great lines from the fortune cookies they were eating.

posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by FortAnthem

I would drive clear across town to eat at the place with the best fortune cookies. The only one I remember is "Attention is the Mother of Memory"

An audio book by Shambala features the Wu Wei Masters and Sun Tzu.

"Anything that takes shape can be countered"
"You can focus on the tip of a hair and fail to hear a peal of thunder"
"People hide their sword in the water and mark the boat to find it again. But the boat moves"

Had it on cassette and no mp3 so far.
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