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A Splash Of Forgotten History: Pony Bob

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 06:56 PM
In 1860 Pony Bob Haslam made a stupendous round trip between Virginia City and smith's Creek. Indians had scared off the horses at the relay stations so Bob galloped most of the way to Buckland's station on one horse, trying to keep ahead of pursuing Paiutes. He got a fresh horse and a fifty dollar bonus for riding on at Buckland's station, when the relief rider balked at venturing into the path of hostile Indians. Bob arrived nearly on time at Smith's Creek, then pounded back to Buckland's station, where he was offered one hundred dollars to complete the trip.

He did so on the same horse he rode in on two days earlier. Bob made the four hundred mile round trip on fewer than twelve hours of sleep.

The next year Pony Bob set a speed record while carrying Lincoln's Inaugural Address partway to California. He took two arrow wounds as he galloped at almost fifteen mph along "Ambush Trail". When the news arrived in San Fransisco, it had traveled 1,966 miles in seven days and seventeen hours.

Just a splash of forgotten history for you.

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