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City of Harvey Conspired Against Rape Victims

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 12:39 AM
CHICAGO (CN) - A federal class action claims the City of Harvey failed to submit more than 200 sexual assault kits for testing, evidence and preservation, and that the city's conspiracy against women was discovered when the FBI raided the Harvey police department and found hundreds of untested rape kits.
Jane Doe filed the class action against the City of Harvey and its Police Commander Andrew Joshua.
Harvey, pop. 30,000, is about 20 miles south of Chicago.
Doe claims the defendants conspired to spoliate evidence, deny rape victims due process and equal protection, violated the Illinois Domestic Violence, and that the "willful and wanton" abuses were motivated by gender discrimination.
""Defendants have a history of discriminating against females," the complaint states. Defendants treat domestic violence abuse reports from women with less priority than other crimes not involving women reporting domestic violence abuse."

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This is so reprehensible. Just when I think we make progress, some idiot has to slide us back to the dark ages. I hope they do allow a class action so those who were unable to prosecute can get some measure of justice.

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