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No Matter What Your Politics, Why Is Anyone Living In Poverty?

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 09:00 PM
Department of natural resource DNR was proud of the rise in food aid in our public aid offices..on the other hand... .theres a sign in the parks they posted in all there natural resources it says" please do not feed the animals they will become dependent" i dont have a credit card how do i do sound like a great plan but every body will have to work & not every one will be willing to pull there own waight ....i know that would be our natural compost

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by madenusa
Department of natural resource DNR was proud of the rise in food aid in our public aid offices..on the other hand... .theres a sign in the parks they posted in all there natural resources it says" please do not feed the animals they will become dependent" i dont have a credit card how do i do sound like a great plan but every body will have to work & not every one will be willing to pull there own waight ....i know that would be our natural compost

Theyre the ones who are dependent. On their slaves labor for all their wealth. THEIVES. And the humans have no obligation to work for these creatures, whatever species they are, for they co-own the world.

They're the ones who are the dependents. Anyone who needs a slave is a weak willed slimy being.

The poor are walking the path of KINGS.
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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 11:05 PM
Yurts are really nice they I like what she did, she made the interior walls solid and real windows, for me this would give the chance to add sheets of blanket type layers for insulation or even bags of hemp for real warmth. I would consider lots of windmills, solar panels and ways of generating electricity, along so electric heaters, but also a wood stove, OR, a bio fuel stove, of some sort.

Spirit Mountain Yurts 2

Basically the great escape would be, having some land, friends and family in older trucks, not with all those computer components likely to go, diesel so they can run on biofuels and peanut oil if necessary and easier to mod to HHO And 5th wheels.

You can rebuild when you have time and make them really nice, and put up a good yurt for a big family kitchen, laundry and a bigger bath and a guest room, and have friends and family there to share the farm, and eventually, this gives time to slowly build cob homes.

And I was really impressed with this. He bought a really cheap trailor for under a thousand and he lengthened the frame under it, so you know you can start out cramped and end up with quite a bit more room.

In addition, I would, make a module bathroom, for the far side of the trailer, that joins up, but is on its own wheels, and then roof the space between them either for a porch or for a greenhouse.

Tiny Yellow House - Sage's Gypsy Wagon (Handbuilt portable cabin/tiny home in Boston)

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 11:15 PM
OK, so have to include the first one.

Spirit Mountain Yurts 1

And how beautiful inside and out can you make them, how to fit rooms and furniture in a round shape, I like this video for inspiration.

Yurts II

I've even wondered if using bags, filled with sand or hemp or wool or shredded fibres, of some sort, just looped into a yurt shaped, and secured somehow, then canvased outside and in, covered with an arctic tenting fabric on the outside wouldn't e a warmer design, and it could be desigened to unravel and come apart too.

I dont know what is in these bags, possibly clay, dirt/sand.

But it could also be grasses, hay, weeds, hemp, wool and any number of stuffing.

Nader Khalili - How to build an Eco-Dome

I guess they're earthbags. I kind of see grass and fibres instead and possibly pvp framing.

Earthbag House Building in North Carolina, How to

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 11:21 PM

Originally posted by LDragonFire
reply to post by Unity_99

Years ago when most of the utility companies were owned by the government you could do this easily. Today these utility companies are privately run for profit and the local governments make laws that favor these companies.

You must get occupancy permits to live on your own land, generally speaking you must have electric, water and sewer provided by these private companies to live on your own land.
Generally speaking the more rural the area the less government regulation.

The government doesn't want people to be self sufficient or self sustaining. This goes against the for profit model under capitalism, or whatever version of capitalism were currently using.

I personally long for this lifestyle.

In a capitalistic society you would be able to choose to have these services provided to you. In corporatism the Government would help select companies by requiring you to buy their services. Welcome to America, the corporatocracy.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 11:22 PM

Organic living Grass house off the Grid Canada 2008

Green future is possible! The eco house of Simon Dale WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

And this, 3 acres, 1 million pound of food 10 000 fish.

How could there ever be starvation with the solutions. Of course it takes teamwork, helping one another build heir homes and plant their gardens, but its outrageous that we live with so many solutions and inexpensive building methods and tools.

1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 12:27 AM
In the current world, it would take land donations, people going from big homes in the city to eco farms and some taking on the homeless, those with mental challenges often, or troubled kids, or those with substance abuse, not all are, but many are. And that is a special kind of eco farm, they deserve dignity, their own space, yurt or home on wheels and gardens too, but maybe more intervention, outreach, those who can caretake without too much forcing, more accepting.

But the idea that this whole system is violating human rights everywhere and that billions are living in abject poverty who dont' need too, and that there should be no forcing, no slavery for homes. Free and nattural right of all.

This, takes Tshirts, cards, signs, newsletters and inspiration. Some people have to show the way, how to really live. In some cases bylaws have to change.

I've even had radical ideas of fixing up old bikes, maybe even putting some solar power on them, I really think some unhealhty feeble elderly homeless shouldn't be risking heart attacks to try and do what their frail bodies cant do.

I always put myself in others shoes. And its unbelievable the lack of dignity.

I've thought of even bikes and creating lightweight paper mache and rainproof fabric tents, small homes on wheels but with water, cookstove, cooler, some kind of toiletry, and can park in walmart or some legal place at night, OR ON DONATED LAND AND EVEN GET INTO BETTER, HEALTHIER DWELLINGS WITH SOME DIGNITY AND BEAUTY.

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 11:25 AM
Animals, nature, can put humans to shame. I've noticed variance, some more progressed than others, but this baby is still aware and close to soul memories.

And look, what Love is all about.

baby duck feed the carp (Nishiki-Goi) 鯉に餌を与えるカルガモちゃん 有爱的小鸭子

And then the dark side comes along for human babies and instills ISMS and programs.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 11:35 AM
I thought of something. Creating homes on wheels, though beautiful with the wood, like the homemade RV's, I keep seeing, the lightest footprint on the planet and the most economical is a kind of cob or even paper crete, hemp slurry for sides. However I also like the wooden planks they make out of renewable bamboo and think there should be lots of alternatives to cutting down our forests and especially old growth or any form of clear cut logging.

However, making homes portable, and not fit under their standards of permanent dwellings, is a good idea, but a little cramped for families.

I immediately thought of, building it as big as you could pull on a truck, for RV size, and making it modular. For example, a good sized, hall way joiner, also on wheels and could be hauled separately, and then another module parallel to the first, possibly the same size or shorter, so it would be a U shape or a partial U, with the interior being a natural greenhouse space or courtyard..

I'm referring to this idea, but as large as you can legally pull, and then a snugly fitting module on the back side of where it would be placed, and another one fitting together to form a partial or full U shape, a greenhouse inbetween.

I'm literally planning to do this for our family within the next couple years, with the plan of putting the older boys to work, and picking up a group of older trucks, diesel, but they're going to get modded over time to HHO conversions, perhaps one or two bio/fuel electric. But nothing you have to buy or purchase, and start getting some energy solutions going this fall winter, ie. we have a sunroom that needs heat, and if you plug anything big like the vacuum or heater it throws the breaker for the house.

Now, I see a larger family like mine, putting modules together to form a more roomy, but still compact and easy to clean.

At 49 I have no intention of going for the bigger house, more looking forward to escaping to hobbit sized and easy to maintain.

So I see myself, the youngest in one. Two of the older sharing one, with a module at the back for a nicer bathroom, and my truly adult son, relatives, having their own. But basically an entire family could spread out, with additional modules.

Throw up a yurt for some overflow space, laundry and guest room and a big family kitchen for special meals, and good to go.

I'm not going to teach my children to feed the machine in their lives but opt out.

I got some backing from my adult sons too. We did the math on how many incomes it took for one expensive rental home, never mind a morgage. At lower income levels it takes 3 full time incomes to feed the beast and that doesnt include large puddles of savings for additional properties.

I think its outrageous anyone is putting up with this.

With a big family property somewhere out of the way, low taxes, and greenhousing, the costs go down to hobby money to supply what is required and repairs, anything you want to work at, is your choice.

And if you're doing something like the aquaponics, your own food production can cover costs and repairs. Plus have plenty to donate to the food banks and adopt some needy families in your area.
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:06 PM
Its fairly easy to go off grid, with some solar panels, windmills, and some battery packs, for most appliances can be plugged into battery power, and draw low current.

But heat, hot water, and vacuums, tools, etc, require more. And its good to have more on demand. One guy has a wonderful solution, except, its costly. Its something you'd have to work a whole other job just to get.

And that is what we're trying to cut out.

Solar hydrogen home Michael Strizki

My idea is to have it take far less to provide well for a large number of people and more success and businesses means more income that can be spent helping your community, the homeless, and overseas, even jumpstarting others into alternative solutions.

In other words, there are far better uses of money than buying into their half million dollar dreams, 300-400 month utility bills and huge food costs.

As many as can, should be ensuring they understand that they don't have anyone willing to play the slavery game with them, if they throw that ball, they better put on their joggers and run to catch it and work in their own businesses. They want others to make their dreams come true, well we have our own dreams and won't do that for them.

Co-dendency and propping up these illegal slavers ends now!

But looking into off grid, heating and more power. Not gas generators, or propane, not interested in their profits. Something I can make myself preferably, something that isn't noisy at all. I don't like generators, they're nice to have for emergencies, but thats about it.

I'm thinking along the lines of HHO heaters, or more conventional biofuel.

Also have often wondered why we're on nuclear power, why we're damming up our waterways and ruining habitat.

Methane is cheap, and even human waste products work equally to all others. Why are we not doing something useful with our sewage instead of dumping it into lakes and streams.

The people we invest to manage our affairs, our servants, are insane.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by humanityisawful

Amen! I would add fear, doubt and indecision, along with laziness and failure to focus ones mind and take action with definite purpose...

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:20 PM
Well I'm on a search for real offgrid heating solutions barring the miracle of a Tesla coil producing overunity, which I don't rule out, but I believe in conventional, tried and true, set up and running first.

In any case, looking into homemade methane, and biofuels, and all that food thrown out in restaurants, that they can't legally give away because of law suits, well we could be running our cars on this stuff. If some people preferred the convenience of buying they should be able to pull up and choice HHO, methane and biofuel, all at zero or near zero emissions of any kind, at 1/4 the price, and easily run their heaters off such things too.

Biogas from Vegetarian Food Waste - UF BioEnergy Summer School 07

Simple Setup for Methane Digester

DIY Methane Plant


Running a small engine on household biogas using "brickage' for gas pressure 2
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:27 PM

Biogas: From Grass to Gas (English)

Here is a commercial solution in India.

BIOTECH INDIA domestic portable Biogas plant

Methane Biodigester How To
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:32 PM
I think a cob word burning stove converted to burn biofuels or biofuel pellets would make alot of sense. Still trying to find some instructions for something like that and/or heaters that don't need to be plugged in OR, if plugged in, are as light on the batter packs as an appliance, but use the fuel for muscle.

Heat is really important, some can insulate and put a sweater and are quite happy in 55-65 temperatures, whereas that would hospitalize me. I need it 75 on a normal day and higher on a windy day.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:20 PM
Well, a good biofuel press is a few thousand, but I didn't mind seeing this, might be OK in a pinch, and less work than going out the woods, and chopping a lot of wood like my friends made a business of. This guy is using woodchips and newspaper, but I think there are lots of alternatives such as corn husks, grasses, reeds, and other things that could work. I'm going to continue my search for the perfect solutions and post a few bandaid ones too, for obtaining heat.

Forced air solar heating is nice for some climates, but not for ours, unless there are force air, rain heating units.

Homemade Fuel Briquette Press 2

homemade briquette press.AVI

Briquette Maker Extraordinaire 2

They only burn for about 30 minutes, but it would OK some stocked up, but probably better to buy the press.
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:35 PM

DRTV: Rocket Stoves

Rocket Stove Water Heater

Just using prunings and branches.

Google Video Link

Building a rocket stove.

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:47 PM

Inside Biodiesel: Home Heating

Said in the video, so simple can be made in your backyard, every community can have its own biodiesel facility.

Ideas for new businesses too.

No modifications to an oil furnace is needed.

And here are good instructions for a forced air biofuel heater that looks like it would be quite warm for smaller spaces.

And making the biofuel:

Biodiesel heater

Looks like staying warm in semi conventional ways is easy, but I'm still looking for the unusual, things that can operate without plugging in or making too much noise.
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 05:17 PM
Energy from rain water. I'm on the hunt for this.

Free Energy via Rain Water by Sul-Tech

I saw potential, we get alot of rain. And if the water was diverted, that falls down, to a catchplate, it could refill more barrels, or feed into a garden or greenhouse.

Hydroelectric Generator

Apparenty a 50 dollar project.

And on the first video idea. Rain water catch basins/barrels could turn mini waterwheels, and in turn the flow directed to more catch barrels and it could go in a circuit.

Solar/Wind/Rain could store a charge.

Solar, Rain Water Irrigation for yard and garden, not a bad idea.

Sustainable & Energy free Rain Capturing Irrigation System
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 05:35 PM

(UTP) ETP gr0up 57 : Rain Electricity generator Part 1: Electricity Generation.

Wow, this is exactly what I was thinking of.. As a substitute for sun, rain water wheels.

(UTP) ETP gr0up 57 : Rain Electricity generator Part 2: Mechanical Pump, Water Spray(Gardening))

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 05:54 PM

How To Build A Wind Turbine For Free

Someone posted under it:

Alternator - free from junk car

Tail - plywood free from construction waste

Office chair - free from the dump

Bicycle Wheel Windmill

Vento Eolico wind turbine possibile generator

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