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Facebook speaks out against employers asking for passwords

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by Komaratzi11
reply to post by maestromason

I applied for a job with a finance company and could not get hired because of my credit score. Ok, maybe they believe that means I can't deal with money, but that's strange. The convenience store trusts me with large amounts of money everyday. I'm not a thief. If I was my credit score wouldn't be jacked, because I'd have paid my stuff on time.

Comparing a convenience store and a finance company is like comparing APPLES and ORANGES.

The convenience store does a nightly count so your mistakes and/or devious attempts to screw them over would be noticed in the nightly counts and relatively quick for correction....


A finance company has monthly, quarterly and yearly accounts what are WHITE AND BLACK(transparent and opaque) that must be maintained to the strictest of STANDARDS.

I am not calling you a criminal... although, you must understand that it is relatively easy for someone in a high position of authority within ANY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION to become morally corrupted by TEMPTATION ALONE who has quandaries in their own financial matrix.

Hey man, I understand your viewpoint however.... THESE ARE THE BREAKS and ARE THE WAYS OF THE WORLD.

I worked for Chase Manhattan Bank in the IS Department as a Tier 3 Data Analyst for the High-end Land and Homes division and was responsible for maintaining databases that held over $300,000,000 in recorded assets...and this was just little old me with my team of 4 people.

Besides having....

a monthly petty cash account for breakfast and lunch that must be balanced (I ate at Morton's Steakhouse everyday)

100% paid medical

100% paid vision

100% paid dental

Paid family time

Paid personal time

1 months paid UNANNOUNCED(take it whenever) vacation

a company black card(unlimited expenditures must be balanced)

company vehicle access(although I only had to walk to the Rapid Train Station & take 1 train into downtown Cleveland and had my own car) I only lived 5 miles from work(Downtown Cleveland, Ohio inside of Terminal Tower)

on open negotiable salary,

hours from 5am to 1pm(if I chose to work them),

Telecommuting options(work from home)

Company notebook,

Company paid home internet

Company pager

Company cellphone

Personal VPN

on the Honor System(about as gravy as it gets)

unlimited travel expenses(apart from other accounts & must be balanced)

separate c/c to purchase airline tickets(must be balanced)

own office(when I was in...I negotiated a 60%/40% telecommute work week which meant that I only had to "work" 60% of a contractual(Monday-Friday...NO WEEKENDS) 40 hour work week "on premises" the other 40% was at my discretion.

...mind you no matter where I go I negotiate my contract similarly to the above^

To have all of this and a tad bit more just to take a sneaky peek at my immaculate finances?

Here ya go.

You must learn to step back and look at the grand scheme and your potential place within it.
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