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A ramble a day keeps the sane away

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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 01:35 PM
Lacking something to do I decided to go on a ramble, its been that kind of day.

A question of choice or one that should be made by *professionals*

This is something that pops up once and a while, the subject of euthanasia, and should we as in society allow people to choose to die. This isn’t about religion, this is about someone’s right to pick when they want to go into the great beyond, im not talking about suicidal teens, depressed people, im on about someone who has a sever medical impairment that would result in sever disability, pain and even death. People with incurable illnesses and diseases, people who’s quality of light would be reduced to the stage of being dependant on another person for even their basic of needs.

My personal opinion is that in the case of animals when one is injured to the point of sever impairment for life or death a veterinarian will put it to sleep as the kind thing to do, why is it that when a human being requests the same thing are they denied that right? The right to CHOOSE when they want to go, the right to CHOOSE to die with dignity, with even a bit of self respect. What right do we as a society have to tell these people who live in severe pain, disabilities and such thing that they cannot choose to die, what right do we have to tell these people they have to suffer the rest of their lives.

For a lot of people this is a tetchy subject and understandably so, what do you all think?

Pro-choice vs pro-life

Everyone has an opinion on this subject; everyone has to have their say…religion, government, social groups and the normal man on the street. However, ultimately this is not a choice for those people to make, irrigardless to what their personal opinions or what a book tells them on the matter, and in my opinion they have no right to make or take that choice away from those that are faced with this dilemma. Because believe me NO woman makes this choice lightly, were as don’t get me wrong perhaps 1-2 % of women are heartless degenerates the vast majority of us who are faced with this go through such personal hell in doing so and whatever choice is made we have to live with for the rest of our lives, no one has the right to judge another especially on something so personal and heart wrenching.

International Wars

Siiigghhh why do our countries insistently involve themselves in other people’s business? Don’t get me wrong I get the WHY or at least in some cases but shouldn’t countries like the USA and indeed my own (the uk) get their own houses in order before they start waging war on the world? They are sending thousands of young men and women to their deaths, they are solving nothing – infact in majority of cases they are making the situation a hell of a lot worse. And whilst they have their eyes off the ball at home and sizing up other countries balls, their own doorsteps are being fouled and the only time they will care is when the stench cannot be concealed any longer and are in their own homes.

The cold heartless truth

This sounds bad but it has to be said, we all see the commercials the ones asking for donations to help this charity and that charity and this country and that, i feel really sorry for those that have to endure the struggles they do, and alot of the times struggles they should never have had to begin with...... however.......bad is all i feel. Because in truth and reality i have my own struggles, and pains and issues to deal with. Will i donate to these poor people/countries? in truth no. why? il tell the cold light of the day i dont care. that sounds really horrible i know it does but thats the gods honest truth, everyday struggles take up the mind, my children, my debts and issues and i can honestly say that after that commercial i just dont think about it. i know some of you are tutting away and getting steamed up but if you truly sit back and think about what i said you will know its the honest truth, im just one of the very few who will admit it.

ok im rambling out just some food for thought you can go about your day now

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 01:47 PM
Being from MI, this issue was big, thanks to Dr. K and his lawyer. I followed his case while he was in the hot seat. I never understood why he was in so much trouble. In my opinion, it's my right to make the decision to "Die with dignity."

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