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Hair/Eye color correlation with extra sensory perception

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posted on Jan, 23 2013 @ 12:24 AM
Blue eyed part Cherokee here(go figure) with dark brown hair. I have always been able to sense spirits/entities since I can remember. I also have had experiences with minor prescient several times. It has given me for lack of better term quick reflexes. Seeing things before they come and dodging it. Wired up a monitoring device across 3 phase 480 once, the instrument shorted out internally and blew up in my face. Saw the pieces coming before it happened and moved, avoiding hot metal from being embedded in my face.

Have had times driving when I see a car in my lane, slam my brakes on or swerve and mere seconds later the car shows up. A few more incidents have occurred, but its nothing I can control. Knowing when somebody died, who was calling, etc. had a girlfriend once, we bonded beyond anything, guess she was the one, and I knew when she was sad, had something happen, or needed me, and would call and hear "I was about to call you". And at the time she lived 8 hours away.

I probably got it from my mom, since growing up she knew everything.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 11:40 PM
Long time lurker here, for several years before, (& since) I made an account!

I completely identify with this thread firstly...
I have Irish ancestry on both sides of my family, and Native American on one side.

All of my siblings & I seem to have psi abilities, that are all kind of different. But, I know that it comes from my mother's side of the family.

My brother is red headed with hazel eyes.
My sister is a brunette (though born w/ black hair) and grayish-blue eyes.
My mother & I are both blonde with blue eyes, mine are greenish-blue while hers match my sister's almost exactly.

My sister & I can be quite good at telekinesis sometimes, & she can also see spirits, I am an empath & have pre-cog as well as tons of dreams that come true, & my sister and I, especially as children...(believe it or not) used to be able to make it rain when I didn't want to go to soccer practice!! My brother doesn't like to talk much about his abilities, but I know he has them. My mother is a natural healer, and she, my brother, & I can (and have) all projected astral(ly). She also has talent other than that, but my stepfather thinks it's all fake so she won't talk to me about it at their house. (Boooo!) My grandmother even talks to my deceased grandfather!

There may also be something valid about the middle children having stronger psi abilities (as said many pages ago). I myself, am a middle child & have the strongest ability out of the three of the siblings.

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