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Pushing the Perimeter

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posted on Sep, 22 2004 @ 09:21 PM
I've got to point this out as it pisses me off that no one is talking about this. The neo conservative think tank responsible for laying the groundwork of the Bush administration's views on war is the new american century. I have to point this stuff out to my fellow red blooded americans as it severly pisses me off! First of all the author of Rebuilding America's Defenses is Thomas Donnelly and the Director of the project is William Kristol.

Now when 911 hit New York, God Bless all the families who have suffered, Paul Wolfowitz pushed this report on Bush again. Bush rejected the neos' thinking before 911 but after embraced it. Now this is gonna blow your mind. We have gone to war with Iraq based on theories of civilian writers rather than the JCOS!

This will be hard news for some of you as America does nothing without the think tank. The think tank determines the presidents decision - the think tank determines the presidents administration. You are not taught this in school but I assure you men who desire to integrate their own theories of war and society do it through the think tank and this determines the role of our president and our military. Think tanks are foundations that every president must have. Enough of that though as you can search for yourself under the key words think tank.

What pisses me off is these civilian harvard, john hopkins types pretend they understand warfare and the way in which our country should DO warfare based on interviews with a handful of chosen generals. Don't think for a second that the author of such documents does not interject his own personal OPINION on how tactical deployments should persist.

Now this is where you should crap yourself. Once this document was approved and studied and applied those who wrote it were the new kids on the block. Thomas Donnelly what was his background?

Donnelly began his career as a journalist at The Journal newspapers in the Washington, D.C. area in 1978. He served as Executive editor of The National Interest (1994-1995) and Editor of the Army Times (1987-1993). In 1985, he helped to launch Defense News and became its Deputy Editor (1984-1987).

He was a freakin editor and writer.

"Donnelly is also the co-author of two books. Operation Just Cause: The Storming of Panama has been recognized as the most complete work on the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama, praised by one reviewer as “the definitive study of modern campaign planning…destined to be studied at war colleges for years to come.” Clash of Chariots: A History of Armored Warfare, was published by Berkeley Books in 1996.

He had a fetish on warfare.

Donnelly was the principal author of Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century published by PNAC in September 2000.

Donnelly was a writer who liked writing about the military and had a lust for military operations and all that jazz. Did he serve in the military? No he just liked to write about it. Now get this crap after Donnelly's theories of how war should be waged took notice in the white house and when we went to war with iraq based on these premises - guess what, Donnelly got a promotion:

Donnelly went from editor to Director at the Lockheed Martin Corporation on strategic communications and initiatives (since 2002). Wow look at that he went from army times editor to director at Lockheed Martin! Here is a man that knows nothing about military jets and warfare and he becomes director at the most advanced jet making facility in the world. I wonder what he does there all day not knowing # about jets? It pays to be in a think tank and contrary to what you know is the way to get funding and run the white house.

Oh and what did Bill Kristol get out of the New American Century only about $3 million to his foundation but more importantly the white house. Foundation is a slick term for corporation and the director's set their own salary if you didn't know. $3 million is toilet scrubb for these guys.

Now what pisses me off is their doctrine. The neo's believe that you need to strike first and utilize being in a state of absolute power to do good - or their form of good on all the world, interesting eh? In military tactics, civilian tactics mind you, they believe to tactically win war on terrorism you must expand your perimeter to fight as far way from the U.S. as possible. Strike first and wage war on that front to keep it away from the homeland, sounds good right? Yes it does if you don't know donkey squat about tactics.

You never, ever expand your perimeter to far beyond your CP. Why? Because then it's impossible to defend it. Take an A camp for instance, CP in the middle, block bunker dug in ground, surrounded by trench running to mg positions, ammo, and barrack, surrounded by concertina laced with claymores, and more concertina with trip flares, mines, bells and whistles. If you extend your concertina 500 meters out from the CP - it's too far. The enemy will find a whole, gooks will get in the wire and the CP will falter. You stretched your wire too thin.

The same applies on a large scale. You cannot create a militant state (Iraq) and hope by God that the sappers will not go beyond your over stretched wire. It's a simple tactical rule. The guerillas will simply utilize the camp (Iraq) for training the troops, raising money, and making heroes. Soon militants will come from all around to learn how to fight for an adrenalin rush and for their own beliefs - to fight the big dogs on the block. Those who have been in the terror business for decades, damn people are stupid for not knowing this at the white house scale, will make a boat load of money, and will have a gazillion recruits to do their dirty work. What have you got? Vietnam? Nope - worse, terrorism on our soil on a whole new level.

A big thank you to Thomas Donnelly and Bill Kristol for your theories on military tactics in the new century and to Paul Wolfowitz who ran with the ball in one hand, dragging the flag with the other. You can be proud every morning you wake that the blood of American's fill your mug - drink up arseholes!

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[edit on 22-9-2004 by vincere7]

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