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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 07:01 AM
Please try and bear with me. I am not very good at explaining myself well but I will try. Be patient.

I seen the thread on the FAU student flipping out. I watched the video. I find it very hard to watch these videos.We are seeing more and more of them. People are immediately laughing, pointing , judging, abusing , threatening,etc. I see the people in these videos as people who have reached breaking point in their lives. They don't know whats going on anymore, cant make sense of anything anymore and just break.
Thanks to our modern world there is always somebody on hand ready to flip out a camera and tape the whole thing so the whole world can be watching it over their lunch or dinner on the same day.

Who wants to post a video on the internet for the world to view and mostly mock. For the sake of some hits on their youtube account? What does it say about the person taking the footage?

Why the hell is the automatic responese in a crisis to reach for a camera phone and thoughts of youtube stardom instead of reaching out a hand to the person in distress. We are failing so badly as the human race.

So what if something flipped your switch? What if it happened to you. What if you suddenely flipped. Who would you start abusing? What if it happened to all of us , at the same time? Everyone wants the truth, wants the veils lifted, wants to see whats behind the curtain. So we wake up tomorrow and everyone can read everybody elses thoughts. You can't hide them anymore. Smiling at your neighbour and saying good morning wont work anymore. They know exactly what you are thinking.

Of course there is a reason why we cant do this. There would be a lot of dead people if we couldn't. We are such a backward , ignorant race of beings that hides things from each other. We keep secrets.

What if we started been truthful with each other? Is it even possible? We tell each other what we think the other person wants to hear. We judge family and friends and people in our lives and treat them all differently depending on what we think they want us to say. Most of us are no better than dogs. We say what people expect us to say. Get it right and you have a new friend looking out for you. Say the wrong thing and you could find yourself cut off.

The whole thing is fake. We are mostly fake with each other. Some of us might be blessed and have someone close enough that we can share and be honest about everything with but as a society and a race we fail miserably. What kind of a way is this to function? As a race we are in are absolute infancy. We need a time out. We are loosing touch with everything that matters.

I can't even be bothered talking about the people in power. I have totally given up there. They don't have a chance anyway. Everybody has just completely turned on anyone in power. What hope do they have? How can they fix anything? Every single thing they try and do is torn to shreds.

Machines are telling people not to forgive and not to forget. Its just fueling the rage. F off. I forgive and i forget. I move on. I learn.

However, at this moment in time I cannot see hope in anything , anywhere. We need to stop. Stop everything. Maybe just for a day. The whole human race on the planet stops. For one day.

(Do we really need to go through World War III to realise we have made a mistake? Then some date down the future people realise we better just stop wiping out millions and millions call a ceasefire, shake hands and try to re-build?)

Lets all just stop for a day. Everyone on the planet. One day. Admit we all have made a mistake. Forgive. Forget. Move on.

Start again. (without the bloody war this time)

( I am not judging your life. I am just seeing a broken society, the human race. You might think your life is going great or going ok. Well for a lot of people it is not. Its really bad. You can only ignore this and turn your back on it for a while. Our society needs an operation and it needs it now. The sticking plasters won't hold any longer.)

No excuses anymore. People just make excuses now for everything. Every night its getting harder to think of a reason to get up the next day, to be part of the human race. The hope is gone. I do know a few things. I know I am not alone. I know there is a lot of people who are feeling what I am feeling. I mean a lot. I hear it and sometimes see it. They are not angry. They are mostly tired. No strength left. They are ready to leave.

I am going to give it until my birthday.

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 07:21 AM

Originally posted by lacrimaererum
So what if something flipped your switch? What if it happened to you. What if you suddenely flipped. Who would you start abusing?

This only happens, because people are willing to remain in situations which should be unacceptable to them. If you suggest to someone that they should leave their job, the response is immediately that they can't do that, because how could they eat? If you suggest to someone that they get rid of their mobile phone, the response is immediately that they can't do that, because they "need," it due to their relatives, or their spouse, or whoever.

The only time you're going to create change, is when you reach a point where you are willing to give it up and walk away, irrespective of what happens to you; even if you potentially die as a result. It involves metaphorically walking off a cliff, and stepping out into thin air. Going outside of the box; the comfort zone...except it isn't a comfort zone at all any more, is it?

If you want to snap, that's how to do it constructively. Don't bash anyone else. Don't shoot anyone else. Don't scream at or threaten anyone else.

Just buy a plane or a train ticket, a sleeping bag, a tent, and a backpack...and then give it up and walk away. Don't go somewhere completely empty, no; a country town is a good choice, because you will need some people.

But hold on, I hear you say...if I do that, I might die.

Yeah, you might. But ask yourself the question; is your current scenario really worth living in?

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 07:52 AM

Originally posted by petrus4
But hold on, I hear you say...if I do that, I might die.

Yeah, you might. But ask yourself the question; is your current scenario really worth living in?

i find the 'if i do that i might die' conundrum pretty funny these days.. I think the balance is shifting in favour of death these days. many would welcome it. they have no fear of death anymore. they want this to end. like i said a lot of people are tired.

like i said this is not about you or me or one persons problems. its more like a cancer that has infected the human race. some people may deal with their own problems by running away or turning their back on those that need them but this is not what i am talking about here.

so what happens when the current scenario is planet earth. the human race. and the answer is no. its not worth living in. what then? there really is only one answer to that humdinger. there is only one way to change locations in this situation.


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