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First try at remote viewing,seemed to get some kind of results!?

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posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 12:49 PM
Ok we got a video set yesterday that's around 7 hours long,so far we are only an hour into it but
seem to have got some kind of results. First it tells you some basics,it doesn't really explain anything but you have sheets of paper
and it shows you where to write your thoughts ect. So it gives some coordinates and we start,btw if your reading this don't expect anything great lol

Me and the wife did it, the wife has a good imagination and my imagination is pretty crappy!
I kind of felt stupid doing it because i like the think i'm pretty logical and reading some numbers and just writing random words seemed stupid to me,also you will see
by my drawing that i don't draw. While we were doing it i felt like i wasn't focused and when it came to drawing something i was pretty annoyed with myself with what rubbish i'd drawn lol

So we're both done and the wife shows me hers, the first thing i said was something like that's odd! We both had a similar type shape,then we played the video and i was pretty surprised
at what we saw! It's not like we nailed anything but to both have a same type shape as can be seen in the picture,what are the odds of that!? Anyway the way i felt while doing it i could have easily
gave up and said it's a load of crap but actually getting some kind of result now makes me think there's something to it. So we did the next one,the next one takes you a step further and you have a extra page to fill in.

On the next one neither of us hit anything which was dissapointing and we did one more.On the third i think we got a result,it would be interesting if anyone on here know hows to interpret our results.
This last test has two extra sheets to fill in, first you do your drawings then you mark them in order of importance. Next you focus on which you think is important, then you fill in more questions and then you draw

I marked what i thought were a pair of glasses as the most important of what i'd drawn, i then continued and my end drawing ended up looking like it could be a face although i didn't draw it as a face,i'd drawn it in bits.
The wifes end picture had a a few things in it and one of them was a tall building.
The last picture turned out to be people on a rollercoaster on top of the stratosphere in vegas, my first thought was we'd flunked this one too. The guy on the video then tell the class that the rollercoaster
is not the target but the people are the target.

So the wife seemed to be close with the tall building and one of the people on the rollercoaster is wearing glasses and my end result did resemble a face.
Am i just linking these things together with my imagination,what do you think? I'm pretty intrigued.

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 12:57 PM
I can't do the formal style, but had something odd as well. On the other thread on RV, (rebellender) the author asked me to try and RV March 15th, and I just laid down and allowed that date to be my focus then went zen. Now, I didn't even attempt to imagine what he could have put in an envelope, prefer to let my own inner source to guide.

Saw weird things, such as a tower like the eiffel and a grey blimp that turned into a sub, felt China was invovled. And also, there were military men rolling out of a plane, parachuting I gather.

Then I saw, Obama signing something of significance.

And on the 16th he seemed to sign something that related to Martial Law and giving himself authority over everything, ownership of everything.
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posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 01:04 PM
It's a pretty odd phenomenon that's for sure,i didn't see anything while doing it.I didn't even feel focused either,i just looked at the numbers wrote them down and wrote whatever popped into my head,it's bizarre!

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by gibbajabba

Those are very interesting results. I think I've known for awhile that there must be something to it. Why would the U.S. military have invested so much time and money into the whole subject for so long. Could you tell me about this video set you got? Where did you get it? and who makes it? Thanks.

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 01:15 PM
I thought the the same if the military have been interested in it for so long then the something to but really didn't expect to get anything that even remotely (no pun intended lol) resembled anything.It's called Learn Remote Viewing and is 2.74gig,can't say where it's from though due to site rules!

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