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Van Jones: Obama Opponents ‘Hate Everybody In America’

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posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 10:39 AM
Van Jones: Obama Opponents ‘Hate Everybody In America’

Yes that's what Mr. Greenjeans said !!

Along with some other very choice statements.

All par on target for a known Commie-Phoney.

by Ben Shapiro -- Breitbart

Disgraced former Obama “green jobs czar” Van Jones made an appearance in Hawaii last night in which he ripped on the “American fantasy” and called for socialistic approaches to wealth redistribution, while castigating Obama opponents as America-haters. In his keynote address, he stated that the American dream was under threat:

Not the American dream they talk about on TV. There are two American dreams. One of them I call the ‘American fantasy.’ You know that one? Everyone is going to be rich. Everybody. And we're all going to be able to ride out to the great white suburbs, get a McMansion, get flat-screened TV to cover up the holes in our lives. That is the American fantasy, which is turning out to be the American nightmare. It is dying out on its own accord - it deserves no defense and it will get no defense. I am glad that is going away. That was not serving anybody....

But there's even more !!

Jones then ranted about the “dream killers in America.” He said, mirroring the language of President Obama, that the real American dream was that “you can work hard, play by the rules and get somewhere.” That dream, he said, was going by the wayside.

He then turned to his time in the White House:

I was there for 6 months. Best 6 months of my life, followed by the worst two weeks. ... What I saw there is why I am here today. I saw some of the most beautiful people, some of the most well intentioned people, some of the smartest people ever to serve in our government, be stopped in their tracks, stopped in their tracks, by people who mean us no good. People who claim to be patriots but seem to hate everybody in America.

He continued by asking what happened to the hope that elected Obama president:

What happened to all that hope? What happened to all that beauty? What happened to all that spirit? Did the people leave the planet? Was there a rocket ship I missed? Did people join that other party with the warm beverage -- what is it -- the coffee party? No we're still here. We're still here. And we still have each other. We still have each other. No one can take that from us.

The speech was attended by close Obama ally Gov. Neil Abercrombie, among other prominent liberals.
Van (Mr Greenjeans) Jones Rantings

I bet HE has plenty of money in the bank !!

God forbid HE would ever "share and equally distribute" with people who disagree with HIM

However, HE wants YOU to do that !!

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posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 10:47 AM
Well I hate to admit it but I agree with the guy. I damn well hate most people in America. Not for any other reason than the fact that most people are complete morons. I will just let the guy I am agreeing with provide an example of why I hate most people in America. Most people in politics think just like he does. The population just keeps happily voting for these people who, by the way, hate these same people who are voting for them.

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by xuenchen
Van Jones is a hoot.

He's the personification of the Obama administration.

Keep talkin', Jones! I expect we'll see more of this idiot when Occupy starts spouting their socialist tripe again.

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 11:09 AM
Define "America" , I think Van Jones and Obama have a very different view from my own of what that word means. The America of myth is dead and gone. The America of today is rapidly becoming a nightmarish police state.

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 02:47 PM
It's amazing to think that Jones was able to even hold a cabinet/czar position knowing his background. That's right Obama skipped the vetting process for him. Wonder why??

Jones speaks of the perfect setup to snare a conservative who disagrees with Obama. You either hate everybody or you just hate Obama because he's Black.. Its clearly a no win for the conservative in the debate with a mindset like Jones'.

Great article on the Jones vetting fiasco. Or lack there of. Considering the man was a member of STORM and still got the job.


And people wonder we question Obama's character based on those he himself hired and has associated himself with. Hmmmm...


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