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If you could design a long distance travel ship/craft how would you? What attributes would it have?

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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by big_BHOY

The latest news (last week) on warp drive, is it would destroy your destination on arrival...

"Scientists warn that a real-life Star Trek warp drive would be killer"

"Why a Star Trek Warp Drive Would Be Immensely Destructive"

"Engage Warp Drive (destroy everything)"

"The annihilating effects of space travel"

"The Alcubierre Warp Drive: On the Matter of Matter"

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by big_BHOY

Originally posted by SaturnFX

Originally posted by Ariess
The other(primary for interstellar travel) would utilize extremely powerful magnetic generators that could bend space and time.

Need a way to dive through space verses travel through...bend space around the craft so you don't get hit by the odd meteor/planet/star/etc and nerf the whole trip.

Also getting from point A to point B in under a bajillion years would be, if you bend space around you to where your not even in our dimensional space, does time sort of stop in your bubble (or outside of it). This is where Relativity becomes difficult to consider

Star-Trek physics don't work in reality!

If you contract & expand space in your ship, then you are still travelling through it. That means anything in your path (dust, rocks, asteroids, comets, radiation etc, etc) will be smacking into you during your journey. So if anyone finds a way to implement a 'warp drive' in future, then they had better have the use of a big honking shield for protection otherwise they won't get very far. Also, there is no relativistic effects if you were in a warp bubble because your ship is not moving, it's being carried along for the ride inside the bubble.

The concept isn't moving through space...rather, sort of tearing space ahead of you and mending it behind you are pretty much travelling through an actual void...sort of like the gap between dimensions.

Like, imagine space as a...hmm...oh hell, just imagine moses parting the red the sea is space and the gap is the tunnel ahead...void of any drive along the gap.

didn't say anything about warp really...that simply doesn't work with our known physics, but nature might be quirky enough to allow "rifts" outside of the material universe from point to point.
Who knows..maybe one could even connect rifts in order to insta-jump from one spot to another...sort of like folding a piece of rope into different sections and simply stepping from one segment to another.

This whole thread is based on hypotheticals anyhow, so might as well go with some hypothetical transportation system.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 08:14 AM
As far as warp speed travel and / or dimension travel the body of the traveler would be modified for and during travel to adjust to the CORE photon/dark energy field. The core would then take all the energy from the travelers and basically eject or launch them out of the plasma crystal in a LIGHT/PHOTON/GAMMA ray beam that has already eliminated ANY debris from comets asteroids or larger celestial bodies and any other damaging matter (THE LIGHT/PHOTON/GAMMA ray BEAM IS A PATH MAKER AND PRIMARY TRANSFER DEVICE/CONDUIT of the travelers). This is why the LIGHTER part of the ship travels first the photon/dark energy CORE, and the remaining HEAVIER parts the shell and the 3d bodies/EA*RTH environment suits of the HUMANS or OTHERS catch up once the destination has been reached. Its like the core finds destination and cuts a antimatter path for the heavier parts to follow within. The process between the CORE and SHELL RECONNECTING AS ONE can take no more then minutes to happen part of the time is covered with the CORE travel and remaining part of time covered with shell/exterior reconnecting. I separated parts related to heavier and lighter elements of the travel with shell and core and inhabitants to minimize time travel of beings interacting and to set destination path and antimatter tunnel/wormhole... In conclusion its like seperating the SOUL/ENERGY/SPIRIT of the beings and the CORE to travel from their heavier bodies and CRAFT SHELL all while they are conscious and can communicate with EA*RTH or elsewhere until their heavier parts 3d body and craft shell reach them and core not too far after launch period. The warp speed aspect was just a slight visual of the movements of the secondary launch or pull of shell by core.

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for your recent additions to the thread

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