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A message in a dream about possible upcoming events ( with survival ideas)

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posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 07:54 AM
Hello to you all at ats viewing this thread I hope you are all well and happy , I felt inspired and compelled to write this after a dream I had a few nights ago maybe a message from beyond or from within none the less it has led me to some interesting theories regarding the following information , As dreams can be patchy and oddly irrelevent i will try to piece together the important parts keeping it simple and short leading into the meaning and a couple of theories surrounding it .
1: First part of dream consisted of large groups/gangs of people angry on the streets hunting down people for no other reason than simply who they where by ethnic background ,there had been some kind of major world changing disatrous event that had prompted these scenes the sheer feeling of terror was overwhelming and the fear for my safety and my families safety were immense ,
2: The second part of the dream I was walking along a beach and at the side of the beach where ruined buildings , people were along the beach in ragged dirty clothes apparently getting excited by sticking pieces of wood into the sand making a sun clock , some of the people were arguing about what time the sun clock was showing but all where very excited at the prospect of being able to get an accurate reading of the time of day.
3.The final part of the dream is the most important and contains a direct message at the end to be looked into more closely: images of a pre- armmageddon type situation people panicking for food as local supplies to shops supermarkets had stopped and been loote the only remaining stores of food where within the supermarket distrubution centres which were now being turned on . I then found myself and another few guys were in the cab of a delivery truck heading for one of these centres, the driver was aware of the situation but wanted to remain loyal to his company and not offload his food goods at a hidden location advised by us , we continued to the drivers destination to discover that on the approach hundreds of people where congregating like savage zombies similar to one of those return of the dead films scrambling and violently competing for entry into the food depot , Then on the sight of us all attention shifted towards the truck we were in. The driver then stopped and said "Ok where do you want to hide this food then" .After this moment the dream started to fade but before it did these words appeared in large black and white writing "To prove that this will happen most food storage centres are on a ley line".
At first this seems very odd indeed what relevance has a ley line got to do with a food storage facility ? at this point I didnt really know much about ley- lines I had a basic idea and had heard of them before but had not researched them, basically a ley line is as stated by wiki "Ley lines are alleged alignments of a number of places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track, commenting "I knew nothing on June 30th last of what I now communicate, and had no theories".Watkins later developed theories that these alignments were created for ease of overland trekking by line of sight navigation during neolithic times and had persisted in the landscape over millennia.[2] In more recent times, the term ley lines has come to be associated with spiritual and mystical theories about land forms, including Chinese feng shui"
So a basic search on the subject of ley lines indicate channels of energy and places of interest , to check the final message of the dream we need to check what it asks "To prove that this will happen most food storage centres are on a ley line". Mr Alfred Watkins seems to know a thing or two about Ley lines so a look at his ley line map of the uk will give a idea of where these lines actually are :

On checking the location of my nearest largest food storage/distribution centre I discovered it to lie within the location of a ley line also on searching what the past history of the site was I found it to of been a ancient farm settlement not all searches would probably throw this result but interestingly this did ,to prove this for yourself use this map or other ley line indicators and locate your largest food storage centre.
So could this be the bit of proof asked for at the end of my dream ? proof to warn me and others of impending devastation maybe a leed up to a Armmageddon type situation? Also secondery advice on survival during this apparent upheavel what if all current forms of navigation and communication e.g sat navs mobile phones in which we heavily rely on become unusable ? and with no map and compass?, E.g to survive stick to the ley lines and you will find food and water. I think that this could be a viable idea and gives meaning to my dream , These ley lines are maybe like the nerve endings in a central nervous system of the Earth (like a brain) the Earth being the living planet it is feeling and touching feeding its enviroment through its nerve endings (Ley-Lines) .
Is the key to survival in SHTF situation navigate and forage for food within Ley-Lines?
Are Ley-Lines being used in negative way by dark goverment programmes to flood areas with a negative energy via elf waves scalar or something similar to haarp ?
I hope you have found my thread interesting and thank you for reading.

posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by thenthinkagain

WOW! Pretty interesting dream!

I too am not all that familiar with ley lines so I will need to study up on it.

It seems as if people are having a lot of dreams whereas shtf on many levels.

I hope your dream does not come true...but the possibility is always there. I keep thinking I am going to get more can foods at the store but honestly...

Gas is skyrocketing and so is food. It's almost impossible to stock up on anything when money is stretched like it is these days. Crazy times I tell ya!

posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by thenthinkagain

I too have been experiencing very realistic, apocalyptic dreams. They don't reference leylines, nor do I have an abundance of knowledge on the subject, but I felt the need to share the details of my dreams. Last time I spoke of these with a close friend who had been having similar dreams - our details seemed to fit together like a puzzle. As if she was experiencing the same events from a different location.

There are 2 dreams inparticular that I feel relate:

1) At the time I had this dream I was living in Colorado. It may be important to note that I now live in Florida. In the dream I was in a city with tall buildings near the water. I had just met up with my brother and father in a situation that felt high-tension/emotional. We grouped at the top of a building that was probably around 10-15 stories tall and were pointing out towards the horizon. There in clear view we could see some kind of large event in the distance. It was a cluster of large buildings jutting out from a piece of land surrounded by water. Some sort of popular island or peninsula that a variety of airborn vehicles were flocking towards. I remember multiple helicopters and plane varieties all heading towards the area. Suddenly a large airliner heading in the direction collides with a helicopter and everything in the distance seems to turn to chaos. At that point my father was gone and I rushed down to the street level of the city to find him and warn people who were out of view of the catastrophe about what had just occurred. At that point I remember running through a parking garage and coming out to the street. Buildings started crumbling and I was yelling at people to watch out while at the same time I was jumping away from large concrete debri falling from the buildings surrounding me. That is where the dream goes blank... I spoke with a close (and very spiritual) friend of mine and she described a shockingly similar dream she may have had the same night. Involving a similar scenario... but she was at safer viewing distance from the collapsing city.

2) The second dream is really much more powerful to me, as I have never experienced the feelings I had in it before or since. This one also takes place in a city that is likely the very same as the first dream. The atmosphere and imagery seems identical. I was in a tall city building when what initially felt like an Earthquake began to shake the building. It was very powerful. I distinctively remember people making horrible sounds and screaming for there lives as they pointed towards the windows and feared what was outside. Honestly, the first thought that I had in the dream was "There is somekind of giant creature outside terrorizing the city!" - as silly as that sounds. It was the way the building was moving and crumbling... as if a "godzilla" of sorts had wrapped its claws around the building and was tearing it apart. That is, until I stepped outside to see for myself. What I saw and felt still sends chills up my spine... It was as if the Earth's gravity was no longer existent, or perhaps the atmosphere. Everything on the planet was "dripping" towards the sky. Imagine if the forces/energy that holds our every particle together slipped away and EVERYTHING began to seperate. Life itself was being liquified and pulled towards the sky. It was a very brief moment of realization that seemed to last forever. I was being pulled into the sky as well and can still remember the feeling. My body was stetching towards space like a peice of wax in a lava lamp. I remember thinking "this is it...." and the feeling was high-energy... frightening in a way, but also a great since of relief hit me. As well as a strange and distinct memory of familiarity.

I have never heard anyone describe my scene involving the "liquifying" of reality. Nor have I seen it depicted in any way, shape or form. I just had to share these to see if you or any others can make any connections to my experiences. Not all of my dreams seem so real and true.... but these are as real and powerful as they come.

Sorry for the lengthy response! I enjoyed your posted and I find the dream world extremely fascinating.

If anyone can relate to this PLEASE let me know.


posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by IVofPOLmusic

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my thread i find your dream story to be amazing also prepping in our minds firstly is more important as we dont know what could happen spending thousands of pounds /dollars prepping digging holes in the ground wont prep us for what may or may not happen going with the flow and adapting to each situation as it comes is the way im goin to play it , thanks again .

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 10:01 PM
Oh good, I can reply to this one. I sent you a U2U because I couldn't reply to your other post. Can you tell me more about the food thing? I only ask because about two or three days ago I had this weird dream that I was in a local super walmart and the entire half of the store where food would have been was emptied out. Not even an isle left, it was just empty. They had security forces that were more like military and you could only buy what was left in the store as they were no longer stocking anything. I remember thinking this was some time into the future, but not sure when. There seemed to be warnings to stay in certain areas that would have fresh water and possibly food, but if you went off those lines then you wouldn't be able to find food or water. I'm in Colorado so we stock up our pantry through the spring and summer for the following fall and winter anyways, but this dream has had me wanting to stock up double!

Guess it pays to grow my own garden! I remember the general theme to my dream was to not be dependent on the stores for my food. To find other sources because at some point it may not be able to come from a market. That I'd have to grow my own and know others who did as well. Thankfully I already grow my own garden and do canning at the end of the summer! Our water comes from the very very near by mountains so hopefully that won't ever be an issue.

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