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On What We Believe In. . .

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posted on Sep, 22 2004 @ 02:50 PM
All people of America puruse something in their lives. Most of them pursue whatever can fit into their mouths, or other orifaces. This is called consumerism, and it is a noisome disease of mind and body.

There is a whole lot more to life than this, many of us know this, and some of us pursue this. There is a life force and a great intelligence available for us to attain, sitting right there in the universe. That is called the science of immortality. It was the business of alchemy and philosophy, and the aim of all Light Religions.

The good man is a repository for this life force, and can exceed in it. This speaks of the nature of God, and of the nature of His intellect. Whoever conforms himself to behaving and thinking in a fashion that compliments the Original Will of the Creator much naturally accrue the adherence and cooperation of the emanated forces of the Creator.

This transcends all religious philosophy, and all written dogma. It is the basic essence of potency, which is most powerful when righteous, and when the performer of uprightness is aware of and conforms himself to the mind of God.

The ancient religions offer some insight of His attributes, though of His nature they do not agree. Therefore, Let His Form be concealed, and His Will made manifest. It tends to concur with His nature that men increase their ability in science, and enlarge his understanding of the universe et al, and that this wisdom be promulgated to the descendants of his generation.

It also seems that His mind is towards the establishment of civilization, and the cultivation of Liberty, and the general increase of the portion of men's inheritance. Thus there is no good reason to accept the record of Genesis, where God is revealed to have confused a people for the building of a primitive tower, merely because their thought was to "ascend to heaven." I cannot accept that this tale is of the same force that has emanated all good.

My observation in this generation and era is that God has rewarded the men of science most of all among our species, and those who have enshrined and pursued reason are granted more excellence than the producers of materials, or the heads of markets, or the doctors of money.

Among these wise men who have revealed the deepest mysteries of heaven, none is greater than the man who applies this wisdom to the condition of mankind's future state, which is the opening of his eyes to that of a god in his own right, able to spread his will and generation across the very oceans of space and into the other worlds prepared for him.

This is where the ancient religions utterly fail, for their knowledge of the universe was limited to a narrow band of what was visible, and what was interpreted from their vision was often fantastic, romantic, or downright silly.

It is certain that mankind is best when his dogmatic and historical limitations are removed from him. Warfare avails him nothing, and truly the violence of nations is the greatest of evils, as the men who promote them are among the least among the children of this world.

The separation between men of science and the vulgar consumers of this culture is so vast and interminable that I know not how any progress can be made in the people at all. Most persons of this time are ambivalent towards the acquisition of knowledge; they assume all sciences are directed towards the making of money, and the increase of general luxury, which they laud as the most honorable pursuit. Most of them rely upon superstitions as much as their ancient ancestors, only theirs are taken from the Bible, or some other written work, and given their own personal interpretation. They do not understand the connection between the Soul's immortality and the Knowledge one acquires in this life, and what they expect in the afterlife is merely a pleasant illusion.

The greatest of evils that has arisen in America is that this rude potion of the population has become the group most catered to, their values and desires are the only ones expressed by the nation in which we live, and our world is suffering because of this.

In every treatise of old where the business of the leaders and kings was recorded, it was considered customary for the king to assemble the wisest of his men at his court, and if the king was inclined to science, often the patronage of these arts generated the very same schools of knowledge that we maintain today, from which we have developed the more perfect sciences of modern man.

Today's leadership is a stranger to most scientific endeavor, as their ranks are drawn from the business classes exclusively, and their training and disposition is alien to all forms of intellectual endeavor. Their very souls are foreign to the science of God, their vision is hampered by their relations to the rude masses, and they consider systems that benefit only the marketplace, or the goods that are brought to it.

This condition is intolerable for any people to maintain for long, it is a grave error to leave the leadership of such a grand nation to the makers of money, or the producers of goods, for their minds are unable to attain the whole purpose of God, or the enlightenment of His will. Truly, their dispositions resemble the vulgar and ignorant people they market to. This trend is only increasing, as our educational systems have specialized and channeled only the most "profitable" lessons to our new generations of "elites."

Enter President Bush, and his generation. They are all similar in that they have no understanding of science, as their backgrounds are all in the business of corporations, and the making of money, which has always been considered among the lower attainments of civilization. The merchant class was never the most glorious, and even ancient societies did not honor them with any great regard.

Yet in America, it is the merchant class that has become the most celebrated, for they have delivered the luxuries that the vulgar have desired, and created a vast fantasy for them to dwell in for the term of their lives. This terrible combination of power has destroyed the higher light from the people at large, and made it exceedingly difficult for the True Wisdom to flourish among the influential classes. This is truly a dangerous condition, because there remains no detached wise men to guide our people. The poor men who maintain this understanding are not able to govern, and they have no access to the government, because out government does not seek them. The people are then left to their own means, and it is demonstrated that the ruling classes have become very evil-minded towards the treatment of the vulgar masses. This is the concept of the "consumer culture" and all it entails.

It is a very cynical creed that the power establishment has created for itself. It uses the people for whatever they can produce, in exchange for a trivial lifestyle of useless material expansion, a dead end philosophy of service to a system where nothing is honored except the increase of money. Liberty fails in such a society, and no man defends her, the knowledge of the soul vanishes from the hearts of the people, and nothing remains except the lust of matter and the flesh, and men are reduced to little more than articulate beasts. This is by design, and by the natural consequence of ignorance among the ruling classes, which has utterly fled from the science of soul, and the pursuit of austerity, and it has rejected the knowledge of immortality in favor of this world.

My thoughts in the morning.


posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 02:33 AM
Please place thoughts in the proper forums.

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