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Romney supporters successfully challenge Santorum delegate in Wyoming

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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 05:15 PM
News source: (Washington Post)

This was a tiny blurb in the election tweet-stream over on Huffington Post -- a link to a story that says Romney supporters successfully challenged a Santorum delegate. The decision to award the delegate to Romney was "unanimous" by the The Park County Republican Executive Committee -- in other words, this all took place at a county level and not state (Wyoming, in this case) or national level, though it impacts those.

The issue appears to be with the rather bizarre method that they use in the process -- a vote was cast and delegates assigned and then they realized that there wasn't a clear majority after all and had a second vote. One person apparently voted twice: (according to this story).

Undoubtedly we'll see challenges like this become more frequent as the contest goes on. This blog post with news link shows that laws designed to keep "frivolous" candidates off a ballot can be used against the big guys, too.

The whole mess we see this season really should trigger a revision of how the Republicans decide candidates. However, I suspect that much of the ruling committee is pretty invested in "good old boy politics" and may fear losing their power if more reasonable methods are chosen.


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