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First H1N1 Death for 2012 In Corpus Christi TX

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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 03:06 PM

Is this late in the flu season, or is it rearing its ugly head right on time? Here we go, hope it doesn't become a media frenzy down here.

NUECES COUNTY - Health officials announced today that a Corpus Christi resident died as a result of the H1N1 flu virus earlier this month. The woman in her 20's was first hospitalized in late February with flu-like symptoms.

Officials say the patient was morbidly obese, but had no other medical conditions. This is the first H1N1, or swine flu, related death in Nueces County for this year. The first H1N1 related death in the county was reported in 2009. Health officials recommend all residents get a flu shot to protect themselves against strains of the flu virus. The vaccinations cost $20. Medicaid and Medicare are also accepted.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 03:08 PM
What I would like to know is, did this lady get a flu shot?

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 03:19 PM
As long as disease ridden carriers are allowed to easily swim into America this sort of thing will be commonplace.At least at Ellis Island they had a health screening room.There is no telling what vile germs and virus' have already walked and swam over

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by ReadyPower

im with you there. people around me got there shot. a few even caught the darn thing.
i think the vaccine is just to genetically mark the people who get them.
like a binding agent. you need both in order to kick the bucket. this is
all IMO,

and i havent had my coffee yet...

the first rule of zombieland cardio.....
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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 05:26 PM
The thing that struck me was that the patient was "morbidly obese." This is a danger signal, since they are at high risk for developing pneumonia along with many other problems.

It'd be one thing if the first death was from an active (say) tennis player who was in very good health and with no medical problems. But from someone with existing medical problems (and who may have waited a long time to go to the doctor or never got help) it's very serious.

My husband came down with flu-like symptoms last month, and I rushed him off to the doc-in-a-box (and made him go back when symptoms didn't improve.) It wasn't the flu after all (we've had our shots) but it was a virus and given his age and medical problems, would have made him susceptible to pneumonia. Often it's secondary things like pneumonia that overwhelm the system if you come down with a nasty virus.

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