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Learning to develop psychic abilities.

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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by AriesJedi
Do you think it is either nature or nurture?

I believe it is both, like an athlete that has a fast twitch muscles but still needs coaching.

I was born switched on. (Gypsy bloodline) And it has taken many years to be able to put up a barrier to other peoples emotions. I wish there had been a teacher to help me find this quicker in my life.

BUt it does seem to need emotion to get the best results in healing though.

But there was one time I was really angry, after the HS teacher had put all my class in detention and I had done nothing wrong, as I came into my mum's front room, the light bulb literally blew up; glass all over the floor. I have had to work hard, so that people can't feel my emotions, as I am a projector of emotions.

I think my main way to get results, is to picture what I want in my mind's eye (visualisation) and then just let it somehow float, I used to daydream and this is similar to what needs to happen next.
I also use my left hand for healing and my right for fighting entities, in my mind's eye.

I used to OBE at night when I was toddler to teens. I remember stairs, a place I later learned was a Hindu pyramid/temple. And after my first dog got run over, I learned to OBE to Heaven. Now that place is fun.

Tons of other stuff but you have to have an imagination or high visual abilities/learning style. This is why school only teaches in the auditory learning style.

TO ofNight;
Indigo is the aura colour of spirtiuality. My youngest has seen my aura whilst I was praying at Avebury, it was green. (Healer).
Later I was practicing with my 2 teenagers, aura reading and we saw each other's; all indigo, but mine had a pink tinge (pink is love).

Thank you for your response, I got chills as I read it for some reason.

That's fascinating. I actually had a similar experience with the lights as well, I swear, I feel like this thread is pulling memories from my mind, haha! I came home angry one evening in middle school, was incredibly upset, walked into the office and was ranting. Right as I walked in, the light overhead completely shut off and back on again, it was bizarre.

Some may say it was a coincidence, and I have no proof that it wasn't just that, but to me that was an experience in which I felt a strong manifestation of energy. Years later when I would become involved in telekinesis, I found myself experiencing the same "release".

posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by AriesJedi

I always thought that gypsy blood lines had especially strong connections to source. I have many gypsy friends. There is a large population here where I am living. The Hindu temple you speak of may be a point of origin for your people exodus. I believe that the gypsy bloodlines departed from the east and migrated west for some unknown spiritual quest.

I also believe OBE are possible but refrain from using that skill since it can leave you not wanting to enjoy your own reality. It is nice not to feel your body but since we do have one we must be collected and complete while here. OBE leave you wanting to remove yourself from your body when faced with uncomfortable circumstances.

You would probably be talented in remote viewing. It uses the same concept but is less centered on your perception and senses. I would also refrain from trying to see higher spiritual plains for more than insight. They can leave your life feeling like it is meaningless or empty when compared. That is not healthy

posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by CaptChaos

reply to post by damaku

I have learned that while a teacher is great, they can indoctrinate you in a frame of mind that just establishes a tributary system of energy projection towards a leader or master entity. I prefer the lone quest. I had no choice since I had no luck this life finding a master that would teach me and that I would learn from. I think I am stronger now due to my honest will and effort than if I had been taken under tutelage by someone who would be jealous of my abilities or hinder my development because I would not follow his idea of the universe.

There are allot of shady people that are on power trips. There are also people who practice the dark arts not being fully aware that there is an enormous price to be paid by taking all that power upon themselves. Yes they do get benefits here and now, but they are forced into abject slavery of mind and spirit later. That is retarded. The whole point of this life is to gain strength for the next level, Not to become powerful here so later you are like the week wind.

That is the main problem I have with allot of practitioners. I find I am actually stronger than their "masters" for this single reason. I do not take this power upon me except for necessity. I am like a super charged battery for a Mac truck compared to them. I could manifest allot more but I have come to the conclusion that it is not for me to be powerful but to learn true wisdom. These gifts exist for us to help mankind and make our path possible. Not to rule mankind.

There are many sources but really they are all from the same one. What we all call source is available to everyone already. You need to begin your path with an honest spirituality, a want to live with honor, and a love of your fellow man. It is all one step after the other there after. Like I said the first step is the right mentality.

I could show you short cuts but that would make you week for short term strengths. I have found the pure form of these arts buried within myself. I would only direct you to them in this form. I would not show anyone unless I was sure they would not go and later show them to other "schools". That would be a grave betrayal. I can honestly say I would only awaken someone I could watch over time and see that they are honest and good. Other than that I will freely give knowledge I have learned and insight. I will not direct energies towards enhancing the process for anyone unless I can be sure of your purpose.

I have told you the first step already. The last step is not to take the first. You learn to be able, but not to do. You would become the master of your universe only to release it unto itself. You would control it all only to let go and let it all just be.

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posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

Wit h 95% of our brain being coined "junk" by TPTB sensible logic or with self education, desire to better ones self (not for the purpose of monetary gain) allows for the junk door to open slowly and allow it to breathe life and realize the true purpose of what we are to use this fascinating organ of ours.

I would love to be able to use this in a medical sense....think of how many you could help from suffering or such as myself spend almost a decade trying to learn what is the route of my own personal medical conditions that has held me hostage. But I have heard that when one is enlightened and gains the power that usually self predication isn't possible.

I don't think there are any schools. I am sure this topic is found in new age conventions and live forums. If there were a school I am sure the accredidation process would be harder than getting a commercial liquor license in some states. Furthermore, Sustein would probably radically regulate the instruction to make it nearly impossible to bring to fruition.

posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 03:32 AM
ok, so I thought I would lay out a simple process for building a connection to source that would facilitate the learning process. I´ll throw some pointers in too.

I recommend starting by doing the simple things in life you have been putting off like cleaning a eye sore you have left undone. Telling someone something you have been too fearful to say. Resolving any injustice you are conscious of having done.

These simple steps open us to the possibility of change. That is the greatest obstacle. When we begin our journey we are faced usually with a short life time of things set in stone. I think our greatest challenge in reaching the initial mentality that will be the catalyst to higher thought.

You would benefit from any form of theory or mental exercise in which you are forced to separate from traditional thinking in order to understand it. Like all those examples of trees falling with no one around. They serve as a primer. They set the right mental mood to accept the next level of thought. They are not absolute truths but rather serve as a road to them.

Any faith or creed is full of such examples. They basically take a cultural point of departure and serve their people with a system of building to that higher plain of thought. None are better than the others since all are basically tailor made to serve their people. Once you understand this you can use any one of them. I have always liked the mix of faiths. I know none appreciate this besides maybe Buddhism, but they do all share a common purpose.

I would refrain from setting out to make a hybrid faith system. It is best to be honest and serve your purpose. Honor your people by respecting your particular faiths. What I propose is enhancing yourself, not your people´s time tested faith. Your way is the way to the source.

I would also advise against setting out to gain any particular trait or ability. Really they are all available to us if you set out to simply learn. I have found that I am not limited to any single one. I have some I have developed more than others out of necessity but all in all they are there to be used if I really want. Most practitioners have a particular system for achieving results in one or the other. I would argue to take an all encompassing approach. You would need to reach a higher starting point/ frequency/ vibration/ whatever you like to call it. It is allot of work for absolutely no results. It is a failsafe I suppose. The ones that want power and not knowledge get deterred since the starting point is an altruistic and open state. I cannot stress enough the mentality required to start off with.

After that it is a case specific ordeal. It is a daily battle keeping in mind our goal. The emergence of the core entity. Your true self. The purpose should not be to do parlor tricks and feel like a little god. It is to gain the tools to serve yourself and others in a way that you achieve greater harmony and symbiosis with the universe.

Those of you that set out to "fight" or "battle" entities.....STOP.

These things only exist to hinder your development and divert your focus on them. When you are strong enough they will be as nothing to you. If you are trying to help someone make them strong, do not fight their battles. Usually when someone has negative energy around them it is because there is a fundamental flaw with their state of mind that attracts these lower forms of energy. That must be corrected first. There after things tend to fall in their place.

Those of you that want to use theses arts for some sort of holy war....STOP. Lower forms of energy will always try and create a situation in which you must take upon yourself more power to combat them. This is dangerous as I have mentioned before. Sometimes less is more.

When I was still faced with what I could call negative influences, I found that by facing them without the will of war I would conquer them. I would imagine them before me. Their heart more to the point. I would imagine a sword being sheathed in their heart. It was not a visualization of a blow but rather a denial of the fight. They feed of our negative energy. Any conflict makes them grow. I find that by refusing the fight and actually forgiving them defuses them completely. It all must be sincere. Always no matter the situation. Honestly forgive them since in a way they too are part of creation. I would sometimes imagine them with a soul and then instantly they would be in great sorrow. I don't know if this all worked exactly as I think it did but I have un haunted many a place.

There is allot more but I recommend focusing on yourself first. You can do no service to others if you are week and divided. Every day will provide an opportunity to take a step in the right direction, or not to take one in the wrong one. Either way stay true to you.

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posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 04:06 AM
reply to post by mcsandy

well there is always the power of the will. I think those that have the hands on approach are naturally inclined to do so by the will they express mentally while being completely immersed in their world. Like when you are saying a prayer for some ones health, but really you have them before you and are willing it more than asking some farfetched entity for assistance. My grandmother had a technique where she would anoint us with oil and say a prayer silently to herself as she "blessed" our bodies. She said she was simply showing God how much she loved us and the act was entirely symbolic of God anointing our bodies against illness. It wasn't a cure as so much as it was a prevention. Even when we were sick, she wouldn't try and make the cold go away, she would simply bless our bodies. I have had allot of illness just dissipate after her anointments.

I don't trust any form of doctrine entirely now a days. I feel as though a great perversion has occurred. I look only to pure form arts. Those that are naturally occurring and are inspired by a higher purpose.

I think until we have more masters among us we will have to refrain from revealing ourselves entirely. There will be an active effort to centralize all arts under their doctrines. We must refuse this trend even in the face of great rewards.

posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 07:58 PM

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posted on Mar, 26 2012 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

You make so much sense and this thread is brilliant.
This is a timely reminder and I hope it pops up from time to time for others who come to find it and need to read it.

You have helped me also, I thank you.


posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 12:06 PM
Addition upon request.


Well it is my intention to give you a little reference that can help you grasp a deeper understanding of how, IMO, to best develop what we have come to know as psychic traits. The trouble with this sort of thing is that it is as varied a subject as there are people to interpret it.

Each person has certain traits that are their strong points. Like an Olympic swimmer is a good athlete but might fall a little short when it comes to playing soccer. It is all about training and conditioning. That is not to say that "X" amount of time spent training a certain aspect of yourself will produce "X" results. Really it is about quality of training and intent. I would say that 51% is intent. After that is subject to being well rounded. The more you learn, the more is opened up to you. If you know what the whole is, it is easier to find your place as a part in relation to it. That understanding brings you closer to realizing the whole IS YOU.

The mind itself must be convinced of the reality before it. I am not saying learn to lie to yourself and be delusional. No. I am saying that you must learn to see the relative and subjective nature of reality itself. That your preconceptions must be checked at the door and you must be able to administer a healthy dose of humility when dealing with reality. Never convince yourself of anything entirely. Always be open.

That might seem like too much, but really it is the natural state of things. There is no maxim. No absolute truth. A symbol or a phrase or an idea are subject to the world that interprets it and is subject to the mind that deciphers its meaning, or creates it....

We only know that fire is hot because we have burned ourselves before. That fear of fire might keep us away from bright lights if we from that point on associate light with fire and pain. We must try to gain greater understanding for this reason. To see light as separate from fire and fire separate from the pain it can cause. That and still see them as one. That process is the act of unlearning what you have learned. You should not take for granted all you have experienced. Through greater understanding you might learn to use fire and not burn yourself, or see in the dark without fire but with "other" light.

Grow with yourself and give yourself all the time you need. Actually don't allot any time to any task. Let every task touch the timelessness and so be free from the world in which you operate. Let your hands, your body exist in this world, but let your mind operate outside the time of your flesh´s birth. Let your mind then be able to connect to all the existences you have ever known and will know.

The mind is a funny thing. It sees only what it can, and from that what we let it. That's 2 filters already on what could be something wonderful in its complete form. Then add to that our preconceptions that all good is good, and all evil is evil. Those sort of extremes are full of logical fallacies and dark logic. The ancients always sought a greater form of balance. They did not seek the domination of all things good.

The ancient masters you hear of were just balance keepers. They did not run around fighting the forces of darkness or something cliché like that. Order is maintained by balance not by the good being stronger than evil. Those two do not really exist beyond ourselves.

So you do not want to be some goody 2 shoes. You also don't want to be a reckless jerk, so find the golden mean between the two. Good without being a fool, and tough without being heartless. Find what works best for you.

Now that we understand the guiding principal when changing anything with the perfect being you already are, we should start to chisel away the excess stone to the statue of your perfection.

So beyond that, what is our purpose, our intent? Why do you want to gain more ability? Is it just that, like adding accessories? no. It is to become that which you already are in a more perfect expression of it. Like a dog learning to bark. You need only remember that all you might discover about yourself was true always. You need only realize that the time you live in is what divides you from the true self you are in the timeless.

Time, our mortality in full gear. Our mind holds some power over reality, but it is governed by its perception of time. Gravity, and its pull on matter keeps us grounded and in much the same way that gravity and the perception of time it creates keeps our mind grounded in the physical plain. All forms of existence converge with each other. The question is where/ when.

When you see things beyond what the gelatinous orbs in your head allow, and consider for a few moments how existence might be outside of your skull, you see existence without time. More importantly you see all things far as close and all things long ago or far ahead as now. You awaken to the singular consciousness that is all those things. What people call source consciousness.

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 12:07 PM
Source consciousness has had many names and many interpretations. It also has had many forms of expression within individual people.

It is the seed of all life. It is the starting point and the ending point of all things. It is the sub atomic big bang that is the big bang still happening, that never ended. It is the moment when all moments were started, and the point in the universe where they end their respective cycles.

You need understand that source mind, source consciousness is not something attained, or awakened. It is something heard, perceived, understood, and made discernible. When you clear out all else from your mind, all that is left is your true self. Like having a song playing in the background of a bar. What you hear might be noise, but if you realize that the song is within that noise and chaos you can start to hear it. Maybe like listening to heavy metal and learning the lyrics beforehand so you can make them out as you listen.

Then you might be attuned to the voice of the singer and so understand his lyrics for another song. If you spend allot of time in noisy bars you might get an ear for hearing your favorite song over the noise no matter the volume of either.
You are not making the song or the lyrics. You are learning to hear them in all their forms. As noise or as a solemn symphony dedicated to you.

The true you, how does that person think? What are the thoughts that occupy that mind?
Well if we remove all external influences we internalize what we then can do is listen for internal forces we can in turn externalize.

Ok, so if you want to pick up a few exercises I would suggest to simply be creative, get comfortable and just start. We sometimes try and make our meditation or our time tuning into an elaborate ceremonial process. You can be sweeping the floor, or painting a picture and be in a state of meditation and reflection. I suggest to never get a routine where every day you expect to meditating at 3 and done by 5 for some light jogging.

Really you are just setting time apart to turn off lights, and sit down for an allotted time frame. It is silly then. You can put all the synthetic tones and sounds of the ocean you want. You are doing exactly what you planned for. Sitting and being quiet. That sounds more like a test of your patience than an effort to separate and live life as your true self.

If you are in the middle of an argument, remember the INTENT you would when you meditate and act it out then. That exercise will be worth all the hours you will spend thinking about being prepared for life. You can think to oneness all you want and never move beyond some delusional sense of being some sort of chosen one.

The point is to be a better person, a more well rounded person. The reason I say this is because you are trying to manifest what is a natural phenomena that you have not exercised yet to its fullest potential. To try and do so without addressing the other parts of your being would be like asking a person to learn to drive without addressing the fact he never learned to use his arms, legs, eyes, and ears.

You need to grow all aspects of yourself at once. You should always have a little bit of an imbalance in whatever you wish to gain progress in. That imbalance/ obsession is natural for you to gain a foot ahead. What I don't want you to do is run with your left foot ahead a mile while your right foot is still at the starting line. Left right, left right....use both sides of your brain.

Everyday try and learn something. Psychic exercise is only as effective as the mind that trains it. Exercise the rest of your mind and challenge yourself. If yesterday you tried to read up on some ancient history, today try to conceptualize some theoretical math. If you spent all last week looking up philosophical theories, spend this week looking at the political landscape of your country.

Always switch it up once you have focused too much of your mind in one part of your brain or the other. Try painting, creative writing, math, geometric expression. Read up on military strategy, love poetry, whatever. Feed your brain. Give your mind the power to grow with you. As you grow personally your psychic side will make more and more sense to you. Sometimes it is enough to simply be aware of it. To acknowledge that it exists for you in a particular way and let that resonate with something you are learning.

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 12:07 PM
I have read history books and gotten the feeling of being there. Like placing myself in a particular event by this process. A good historian does this. It is not that they are all psychics or that I am a good historian. Neither of those two comments are true, but both can be true for the individual when INTENT is there. Sometimes things just connect for you when you are acting in earnest.

If you want to learn, your abilities will manifest themselves if that is what you want to use them for. Hint, that is what they are really there for. For you to learn your environment and act within it. Like what your eyes are for....not for moving a rock, but for seeing it. you must simply be mindful of them and hunger for learning. You will help yourself. If you have a feeling you are an empath, then imagine what people might have been feeling at a particular signing of a peace treaty. Or imagine the feeling of watching Spanish soldiers tearing down the idols of the Maya from their temples as a Mayan...ect.

That is for developing your sensory abilities. Use mental exercises and be imaginative with your training. Put yourself in situations where you are truly challenged and not so easily made to feel comfortable. I am not saying go to a ghetto and chill. Though that should not be a problem to a well rounded person. I am saying that if you spend all day in a ghetto, visit a nice area and learn to talk to people from there. Think like them. Or vice versa. The effort, INTENT of that will open your natural ability to know the minds of others and their feelings through an act of instinct to accomplish the task at hand.

Like if you were to be stranded in a humble southern town, all decked out in fancy clothing and a nice car and full of might have a hard time relating to the locals and find the assistance you need. Or being stuck in a hospice ward with a box full of your medals and awards your very healthy body won might have a hard time talking to the soon to die patients and find a topic of conversation. You might not ever get to really know them and in turn never learn from them. What you have to do is throw away your bling mentally and your box of trophies. You can keep them, but do not make them the focus for people, for you....make people your focus and you the focus of people. Everything else is noise.

IN that in tune thinking, that harmony of people being people, your instinct will take over. In our instinct lies the real secret to psychic expression. It is an act of instinct. It is animalistic and primal, not refined and complex in its motivation. You should have good morality since usually you will shut down if not. Another act of instinct. Do wrong and the real you will shut you down since the real you sees the harm you do as harm to yourself as well. Do good and the real you might allow you to since it is good for the real you. The one. Our one.

So I would first say rattle that around in your head and see that the first step is a sensory awareness. Use your eye.

The second step is a physical interaction. Energy control within this physical world. That is something that might never come into play since step one, becoming aware of your true self, using your instinctual abilities to listen and project ,that might keep you occupied for a life time. It could all click in a moment, or surrender its secrets little by little over decades. Depends on the quality of training and INTENT. You could spend forever making those traits very strong and maintaining a well balanced persona, or find the breaking point when your eye sees you have hands too.

The psychic hand. It is for a more advanced teacher then I. I can tell you this though. The first stages of its expresion begin with energy manipulation. You will not one day wake up and learn to move rocks and trees. You must first learn to see their respective energy. Again, sensory awareness.

That is why I think a responsible aproach is to learn to see the psychic world in an honest and true way. Really to see life that way. All things psychic exist within regular life as you know it. It is functional not elaborate and pointless in design.You just need to add to that understanding and elaborate those things you have already experienced.

Like a baby in the womb...see you have fingers before you can use them. Open your eye, or really and more to the point of being a balanced individual, see through it. Forcing things on yourself that you are not ready for might seem interesting at first, but can be bad in the long run. Can make you blind.

In the long run things will happen naturally. I would say more than half of your focus should be on allot of other things other than directly and INTENTIONALLY manifesting psychic traits. Learn to build the animal and that will make him healthy enough to act upon his natural instincts. A caged tiger will never be half the hunter a wild one is. go with that. Allow yourself to be the real you. First see what that is and be mindful of your intent.

Nothing is below you and nothing is too good for you. There is more but that should get you started.

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