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Bald Mountain Mining Claims

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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 02:54 AM
I noticed the BLM has an online mining claim database.
[Incidentally, I could only get it to work in IE, not firefox.]
Digging through Groom Lake history, there were some guys that tried to use a mining claim so that they could "own" Bald Mountain and thus look at the base. This is all documented in David Darlington's "Dreamland Chronicles", but not with much detail. Basically some Greenpeace activists caught a glimpse of the F117 in 1983 when doing a protest at the NTS. That brought out investigators which lead to a land grab in 1988.The exact year of the mining claim isn't documented, but presumably this would be in the range of 1983 to 1988. This is all on page 59 of the book.

Using the BLM report generator, I can only find three mine claims in the area of Bald Mountain. That would be the New Kahama, with claim numbers 140518, 140519, and 140520. They are closed claims, which would make sense. The claims are located in the Mount Diablo meridian (NV21), Township 6 south, range 55 east, section 25. Just my luck the server is now down, but it was reported closed in 1990 IIRC. There are two mines in that section on the topo map, locations
37.388645; -115.798547
37.385255; -115.798161

However, there is a section on the USGS topo map around 37.543827; -115.796616. However, that location is the Mount Diablo meridian (NV21) township 5 south range 55E section 1. No mine claim is located there, but the areas shows up as an unrestricted "hole" in the restricted range.

You can plug these coordiantes into
if you don't have any way to view old topo maps.

If you want to look up the meridan township range section nonsense, you can use the geocommunicator. [May the force be with you, since it is a little tricky.]

So maybe I cleaned up the documentation in the Dreamland Chronicles, but that hole in the range is still not documented as far as I can tell.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by gariac

The section you want on the geocommunicator is

I'm going to archive the claim data as a webpage rather than make people suffer through doing the searches.

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 01:17 AM
This is the "mystery box" as it appears on the UGSG topo map, but pulled from the geocommunicator. This is basically to log the arcane Nevada meridian township range coordinate system should someone want to bug the state as to the nature of this area. I have found no mining claims in this box.

This is the mining claim I found on Bald Mountain.

The time range looks close to what was indicated in the Dreamland Chronicles. The Greenpeace event was in 1983. The claim started in 1986. The termination is after the land grab, but not by much.

Regular visitors to the area probably noticed a road full of switchbacks going up a hill near Queen City Summit. You can't miss it if you are driving north of Rachel to Base Camp or Tonopah. It is recent (maybe 4 years) and shows up well on Google Earth. Check out coordinates
37°45'34.12"N 115°58'6.14"W
The general area is full of old, not so old, and recent mining roads. However the top of the switchback road doesn't have any active mining claim. I've been on the top and found nothing of interest. There are plenty of abandoned claims from Pioneer Oil and Gas in that location.

I noticed a grid of holes appear on Google Earth around Queen City Summit. They are not noticeable just driving by the area. Check out coordinates
37°46'51.69"N 115°59'18.71"W
The grid is 5x9. [The thing that looks like a trailer is a water tank for cattle.]

These claims are current as of 2012.

In Nevada, if you swing a dead cat by the tail, it is likely to land on a mining claim.


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