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The 4 Horsemen - stabbed in the back!

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 10:14 PM
It has been shown mathematically that none of the 4 horsemen riding towards the GOP Presidential position will win on the first ballot, nor the second.

Mitt "Obama White" Romney, the darling of the GOP, was never meant to win. If you want someone Obama-like, why not go with the original! He was just the stooge the media (left & right) and the GOP pushed because they thought he could get enough votes to almost win if EVERYONE got behind him and PUSHED!! Even with rigged state elections he almost didn't get enough votes to almost win.

Rick "go along to get along" Santorum, where ever did he come from? And no, he would not accept the VP position under Romney to make the "Great Ticket". He is the great white hype to keep Newt & Ron from looking to good. Thank the GOP for rigged state elections.

Newt "I know the GOP leadership hates me" Gingrich, what more can be said. He showed that there were people out there that didn't trust Romney nor Santorum.

Ron "I've been trying to tell you what's going on but you don't care" Paul is the 4th and last of the horsemen. Getting no media mention AT ALL he is the invisible candidate who did pretty good. His people, when calling into talk shows, had spittle coming out of the phone as the hosts called them names while foaming at the mouth. Both parties have declared his name anathema in ANY national forum! Thankfully the rigged elections gave him a low showing.

This is what the GOP leadership has been aiming for. No candidate in ascendency means that they will now be able to bring forth a compromise candidate for the GOP Presidential position. Since the Convention will be held in Florida I believe that the Chosen One will be

J.E.B. "Blood on his Hands" Bush
Our last President & first Dictator.
He will cleanse the elderly from Social Security & Medicare needs. Can you say euthanasia?
He will cleanse the streets, trailer parks & slums of those needing the largesse of the government.
He will give us wars for our youth to die in so we can all have jobs.

No matter who the "Compromise" candidate will be, he will be the Chosen One who will lift up America & lead us with Fire & Blood into a new world.

This is a solicited advertisement - remember - Vote Bush - Vote Blood)
The Book of Revelations - not just a children's bed time story.
If you don't know what dark humor or sarcasm are, don't scream in my face.
God help us everyone!

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 10:37 PM
interesting prediction! Im Canadian but am watching your politics unfold with great amazement. the S is really hitting the F right now!

Just a question, is Jeb coming back in some way for you to make this prediction or are you just a fan of the Bush family? (I mean, who isn't?!)

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 10:04 AM
This is spot on.
This gop election is manufactured for one event, a brokered convention.
Romney has a fatal flaw. He has an unaproval rating of 51%. That is an impossible stat to overcome to win in the general election and they all know it.
But how to get the paulkites behind jeb is what has me stumped.
Can he choose RP as vp? Will RP accept the second spot from a bush?
Yeah, the real fireworks is still to come, but it is most definately planned for it.


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