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Being "awake" is a curse

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by k1k1to

Keeping your eyes and your heart open together make either most challenging. Either on its own is simple. You can see everything going on in the world and feel angry, bitter, unhappy. You can keep your heart open and be oblivious to what's really happening. Doing both requires more than either alone. It requires moving forward.

In other words, now that you see, what's next?

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by zeitgeistonwheels
My reply to this is YES, it is worth being awake.

It is just a first step, and there are many more to take before you may find satisfaction, but now that you are walking, keep following the path. Part of losing interest in the scene at the mall, and what happened at the party is the ego disillusionment. Let it go. As a participants in a capitalist society, our egos are relentlessly engorged, but to wake up is to let this go.

99% of us are infants when it comes to knowing the landscape of our world within. If you were to close your eyes and focus on nothing except your breath across your upper lip as you breathe through your nose, how long can you remain focused without your brain flooding you with other thoughts?

Thirty seconds would be an achievement, even three breath cycles. Most of us can not do even this, instead we are victims of the meanderings of our minds and egos, very much the way Freud suggested.

The focus on the breath is called Anapana meditation, and in my own experience I have found Vipassana meditation really effective, especially if you can take 10 days away to sit at a meditation center.

Not to push it, but it is something that really worked for me. In any case I would say that the next thing to seek is inner balance.

You pretty much nailed it!

I know exactly how the OP is feeling and going through right now...I think a lot of us can relate because it does tend to be a process.

Once the ego starts losing it's's like your whole core is shattered and you are lost to a degree. You haven't quite figured out the new existence yet and you don't belong in the old anymore either. What do ya do?

Meditation was key for me..spending more time outside..not worrying about the past or future. Just existing in the moment, completely aware of the power of my thoughts and focusing them accordingly.

Great reply! Star for you.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 06:26 PM

Originally posted by threewhiteeyes
Flag for my agreement, star for that ADORABLE cat!!!

I started a similar thread: 'maybe ignorance IS bliss', and people here responded very rudely. Expect some piss in your cheerios; some people exhibit superhuman zeal for their 'elenins and chemtrails'.

It's like this. "Truthers" will prance about, ridiculing the 'sheep' for not seeing the 'truth', and here's why:

Most truthers are MISERABLE and unhealthy when they find themselves in a rabbit hole, so they insult sane people for being 'blind', secretly hoping to share their misery with someone.

Like that 'friend' that keeps begging you to get drunk with them: they want to drag you down with them, so they don't look/feel as bad/alone. It's terrible.

After opening my third eye (yeeees, it's real), life REALLY started to suck. I thought I really was going crazy. I got a handle on things now (obviously, I'm on A.T.S.
), and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

E.T.A.: Please tell me your cat's name is 'Mr.' something. Like 'Mr. Litter, or 'Mr. Mustache, or something. He looks important, like C.E.O. of Whiskas, or President of the United Furbal Association (PUFA). Chairman of the scratching post? I know!: Captain of the Elite Window Staring Corp. Nooo... The Duke of Yarn. YES!
edit on 19-3-2012 by threewhiteeyes because: mew! ruff?growwwwll... hiss! bark! swipe„ yipe yipe yipe!

the last part of your post made me seriously LOL, thank you for the compliment,

and you put in writing most of my thoughts, especially about the part, where they just try to drag you down to their own misery... you really hit it on the nail with that one...

however i do understand why most people would try to "drag" you down with them... being awake is kinda lonely.. not many people to share your thoughts with without being labeled "crazy" i guess most of us just want someone who can understand us, someone we can relate to... just another basic human have company deep down...

however i wouldnt put this burden on my worst enemy, especially since im raising 2 young daughters...... i know im probably doing the 'wrong" thing in many peoples eyes...but i want them to grow up with a happy childhood... you know..disney, cartoons, toys, etc...

i cant tell my 2 year old daughter "hey baby girl listen up, there is this secret government in charge of the one in place, and their agenda is to brainwash people, and control them, and everything that you will be experiencing from now on, starting with all a LIE"

by the way the cats name is butterbean.... lol not what you were expecting

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 06:38 PM

Originally posted by wildapache
reply to post by k1k1to

Lord I couldnt wait for the page to load so I can press reply.Yes its a curse I know it first hand.I was happier,had a lot of friends,could talk about things and nothing,could make a whole crowd laugh at every sentence.Now,i barely socialize,when I open my mouth its like HUEY FREEMAN in THE BOONDOCKS,and the isht is that now that I think I figured out everything,at least the human part,i dont freaking know how to deal with it.
Born and raised in a catholic family,awake I think since I was 13,because something wasnt right.How can my almighty God create me imperfect,then plant a tree in the middle of my house,wit a tempting talking snake,and even being All knowing,dont expect me to eat the fruit of the tree.Put it in any metaphore possible,it didnt make sense back the to me,still make absolute no sense to me now.
But now I walk,half the person I use to be,seeing everything unfold as it should,like watching a movie you already watched,seeing the mass being led to the slaughter house,but HAPPY WITH THE SIMPLE STUFF.Not wondering half the stuff that are facts out there,that I worry about.


exactly! it really does feel like a movie right? and the worst part is that now we have some sort of knowledge of how this "movie" will end and no matter how much we try to tell people they wont listen....

it sucks knowing how bad sh** is messed up around us, and the fact that there is NOTHING we can do about it...

look at the OWS movement... no offense its not like i really agreed with it, but seriously what did OWS accomplish? realistically nothing... young kids are still being brainwashed by the media, and all they care about is nicki minaj, drake, lil wayne and justin beiber... people are still clueless about whats really going on behind the scenes... and you know what?...

at the end of the day "us" and "them" (the sheep) we all share the same fate... dont you think? at least the "sheep" will go down partying, drinking, and having sex...while we "the awaken ones" go down miserable, paranoid, and lonely...

think about that

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