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If YOU were President of the United States...

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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 06:36 AM
jail every single zionist, destroy palestine so no one gets it. take all the wealth from the criminal familys and redistribute it amonsts the poorest people

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by mamabeth

and still no one would care nor remember you. How many times a day do you walk around thinking about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. You don't, no one does. Waste of your time on earth with this position called president.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by TWISTEDWORDS

I think of George Washington every time I look in my wallet and think of Lincoln when I'm trying to pinch pennies.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 12:52 PM
Bring our troops home and keep them here controlling our borders, Drill for Gas/Oil for our country, get rid of Obummercare, Tax China and other trading countries heavily, come up with some kind of fair tax system, and let the rest of the world war amongst themselves.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 01:28 PM
* End the Federal Reserve - The modern Federal Reserve Note is NOT a “dollar”. A constitutional “dollar” is a silver coin containing 371 1/4 grains (troy) of fine metal. the Federal Reserve act is at the very heart of the problem. Sound Silver backed banks in every State.

* Restore The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment To The Constitution For The United States

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

* Get rid of the 16th amendment With sound Money & No Fractional Reserve Banking SCAM who needs the IRS to collect the Interest charges by a PRIVATE BANK charging the very Government which gave it it’s power to create money out of thin air while not creating the currency to pay said interest thereby setting off a “rob Peter to pay Paul” inflationary wealth confiscation scheme ? not America that’s who. That being said it is not as if the will be no taxes as the Constitution clearly has 4 distinct definitions that describe who & what can be taxed. The average Americans “Labor” NOT being one of them.

* End Presidential Executive Orders Return to the Constitutional Structure for Limited and Balanced Government. This process totally by-passes Congressional legislative authority and places in the hands of the President almost unilateral power.

* Legalize Marijuana/Hemp this one is obvious. With more than a million prescription drugs available on every corner of every city, why is a plant illegal than is seriously less harmful and definitely all around better for society in many many ways be it industrial, medical, or recreational? At one point in time you could pay your Taxes in Hemp!.

* Benefits for being on a Jury When did participating in one of America’s greatest Rights become a joke or something to weasel out of? and while I’m on the subject.. Why are Lawyers allow to stack the deck? Someone neutral should make sure they meet the requirements. Whats with that Martial Law Flag in the Court room? Another Pres Exec Order. Any courtroom that displays these flags behind the Judge is a military courtroom. We Need a return to a TRUE Court in this Country, not a group of UCC enforcement thugs masquerading as Rule of Law, but that would be taking care of with the original 13th amendment in place. The Magna Carta is very powerful. Time for Americans to Understand Jurisdiction.

* Enact Tariffs This would reduce unemployment, and encourage a rebuilding of the Industrial Infrastructure lost in America. It is also one of the few constitutional sources of revenue.

* Paper Elections Live PBS full coverage nonstop televised checked & double checked good Ol’Fashioned paper trail. No More Voting Machines!

* “Energy” Commission and I mean a Real one.. if everything is run on Nikola Tesla’s inventions to this day.. get some high paid creative intellectual type’s brain storming on just what the heck Mr Tesla was talking about when he moved on from AC current.. and seriously figure this out. If no one could follow what he was doing and it works today.. lets find out what we still do not understand that this great American was referring too.. He had an electric Car that was proven. He had the Electric Submarine. In 1898 Tesla patented the Teleautomaton Boat, (#613,809) an electrically powered submarine. This submarine would pick-up electricity that was being broadcast to it by a receiver… really people .. when he took it to the next level, along with his track record and devices you were born using and still to this day we are being fools not to pursue this mans train of thought. Time for America to get on board.

I could go on… but I fear I would be magically Dead with an intact bullet simply getting starting through this list…. fun dreaming though.. would be truly a shining beacon of Freedom once again…

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 03:11 PM
From Chicken Soup For The Preteen Soul by Jack Canfield, mark Victor hansen, patty hansen and irene Dunlap. Published by Health Communications, inc. Deerfield Beach, FL. Bought through Barnes & Noble.

Page 1

If it were all up to me
The poor would have riches
And the blind man would see
The hungry would eat
And the weak would be strong
And the people with hatred would all get along
The ones who are greedy would start to share
And unfriendly people would start to care
The thirsty would drink
And the deaf person hear
And sorrow and sadness would all disappear
And that is how the world would be
If it were all up to me.

Sara Alfano, eleven

Couldn't have said it better myself................wise and kind little girl.

Maybe we should write her name on the ballot as our next POTUS.
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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Domestically, our number one priority would be directed towards helping to facilitate growth through human progress, by recognizing that our number one resource as a nation, is our human resource. Human Intellectual Capital Development, that would be the name of the game. In the face of these powerful forces of globalization and technological advanceas what might have become a crisis, then becomes an opportunity, by unleasing the latent genius, creativity, hard work and sheer perserverence that when combined stack up to the best educated, an best trained and most highly skilled workforce in the world - leaders in innovative solutions and the creation of new goods and services and whole new industries (some as yet unimagined).

Such a lofty goal would of course require the re-building and re-creation of the national educaton system, from the ground up, from grade school to graduate and post graduate studies or communitiy colleges, a new education system for the 21st century capable of harnessing all the very latest in information technologies and computer netoworking infrastructure, something already in place, needing only to be exploited in service to the entire learning process. To this end, we'd run super high bandwidth fibre optic cable to every school, college and university in the country, with every student's desk in the country imbedded with an interactive screen, and then design an education system that is responsive to the needs of each individual student, who may then, for those who are able, move into the entire learning process, and to higher grades at an accelerated pace, an system responsive to the unique gifts and abilities of each person, while making the teacher's life easier, instead of increasingly more difficult.

This, a new education system for the 21st century, that woudd be the crown jewel, the keystone and the lasting legacy - what an awesome policy, and it's DOABLE with computer and information technology and infratructure, now readily available, and heck the internet itself, as a minstream tool is really only about 15 years old, who knows what the next fifteen years will bring about in terms of computing technology and networkng, but to put America at it's leading edge, that's a "no brainer" isn't it?

The "smartening up" instead of the "dumbing down" of America, for all future generations, to lead the way, and enjoy a happier, freer and more prosperous life, filled with higher eduction, awareness, understanding and the power of choice, and of increasing choice and possibility, that's the American dream, resurrected!

So many awesome ideas and proposals put forth by everyone, keep it coming, hey ya never know, maybe we migh help set some policy guidlines down.

And btw, I too would take an audit of Executive powers, activated under all these different emergency pretenses, and I would dismantle large swaths of those laws, so as to create a better balance of power in accordance with the constitution, and the whole notion of authentiuc human progress, so that what always made the US great in the past, could be made great again, a type of freedom you can almost smell and inhale from the air we breathe, that quintessential something that was lost - it could easily be restored again once the cynicsm and selfishness is removed from Washington, amid a rising tide of Civil Conscious Awareness, right across the nation.. It would be like a wind blowing.. I would seek that out - that special balance of power, and rework the laws to set that down in stone, to prevent any future would be dictator wannabe, from turning the Republic into a Tyrannical Monster who sucks the very life out of the nation, while seeking wherever possible to pull the wool over the sheeples eyes ie dumb them down as much as possible, and leaving them without access to the knowledge of power, even their own as the power to choose - its absurd, and ridiculous and it must go, all the nonsense, by calling it out for what it is, which is a joke, even a humorous one, and a whole series of them (there is a lot of material there!).

But it would be easy enough as POTUS, to rewrite and re-sign those laws, first day in office - bingo bango a new USA, or at least something resembling what the USA ought to be, internally, from the citizen to Washington and back again, a government by the poeple and for the people, and in service to nothing more or less than our collectively shared Human Progress, together, working together, for a common purpose and under a banner of an enlightened mutual best interest. Of course, contingency planning for real emergences would remain in place, just no room for any future false flag black ops, never again, never again.

I would reset the clock, and suggest that we need to start again, as a revitalized nation and people, hopeful, optimistic, even proud, and that we cannot do this unless we are at the leading edge of what cannot be avoided anyway, and that we can face this challenge, rise to the occassion and turn what would have otherwise become an impending grievous crisis (which it is), into the opportunity of a lifetime, and of the 21st century for one and all!

I would try to return history itself to the people themseves, as the active historical participants and free will causal agents of progressive change for the better that they really or, or can be. Its a bottom up process, not top down, a continuous grass roots movement - thats Obamas mistake really, letting that go, once in office, shows duplicity, and a type of elitism, not a good thing, although he did inherit a hell of a crisis, but something shifted, when he started lifting his head as if to pose for a potential bust on a pedestal!

Best Regards,


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posted on Mar, 21 2012 @ 05:22 PM
Real and authentic human progress can only occur in the space of FREEDOM. Therefore, I would also audit the Federal Government to ensure that anything of a creeping "Orwellian" nature be removed, so that the government works for the people, and not against them. Basically, I would try to cut off the "left arm" of the dark shadow government, and root out any and all programs which are at odds with the Constitution and Bill of RIghts and Freedoms. The last thing the American people need is a government that sees them as potential enemies. There is plenty of security and policing "infrastructure" for dealing with criminals or home grown terrorist threats, which in the grand scheme of things are not really a threat at all, certainly not as much as are the instruments of power which usurp invidual rights and freedoms, and in striking the balance between security and Liberty, we would weigh in favor of Liberty, without which the nation is nothing but an emerging fascist state. We must bear in mind that psychos gravitate to power, and there little to prevent a future POTUS from grabbing all these levers and turning them against the American people at some future date. History, after all, has a tendency of repeating itself...

Therefore, restoration of the Spirit of the Republic, founded on the principal of Liberty - would be number one priority.

When that job's done, provided I wasn't assassinated in the process.. I would then replace the Liberty Bell with one that isn't cracked (putting the old one behind glass in a museum) in the City of Brotherly Love, and personally be the first to ring it loud and clear!

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 07:24 PM
Just imagine what such a high tech infrastructure and re-designed Education system could do for the whole of society and Western Civilization..! It would unlease a wave of inginuity and creativity not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

In addition to creating an Education system responsive to the needs of each student and capable of tapping into the latent genius of the average person, allowing them to pursue (over and above obtaining all the basics) lines of interest unto ever higher grades on an accelerated basis, enabling some people to get three degrees by the time they finish University, or learning multiple languages, etc. I would include a new course for life skills training and development, which would run through the whole curriculum from grade one through high school, which could include everything from saving money, to conflict resolution to effective parenting.

It would mark the beginning of a whole new era for the brightening of of the average Joe citizen, instead of the dumbing down process we've been getting, and this increase in knowledge and education among the populace would infuse the entire system with bright new possibility, from the bottom up, and from the top down.

So much possibility, and at present, as things sit - so much tragic waste..

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Yea, stagnation is hell. I'm bored of it. - Progressive utilization theory

Prout is a system that places the value of life before the value of objects or money. Sarkar designed Prout to stimulate the poor to take responsibility for their own advancement, while ensuring everyone's ongoing success via democratic representation and by placing limits on how much wealth could be accumulated. Sarkar included sustainability and maximum usage with minimum quantity at the core of Proutist philosophy.

The phrase Progressive Utilization Theory summarizes a great deal of its plans. "Progressive" implies that Proutist plans must flexibly change to the specific time, location, and situation so as to best meet the needs of all sides of society and environment. "Utilization" implies maximum utilization of available resources, and 100% employment of people able to work. This does not mean extracting the maximum amount of natural resources, but rather using and re-using materials which are already being cycled through the system of consumption. Similarly, full employment would utilize those from within a given area rather than outsourcing work to other regions.

Rational distribution is another core aspect to Prout, referring to distributing the materials and products of the land and market in a manner that helps the largest number of people develop to their personal and community potential. This also represents the flexible thinking of Prout in the ways that it recommends necessary materials to be distributed in ways that would facilitate accomplishing the goals of a day's work.

In bold are major problems with the American economy and what is basically driving this country into the ground, these are the issues that PROUT theory attempts to fix. PROUT theory could be considered as a rational hybridization of capitalism and communism.
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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 10:54 PM
IF i was president. I would call a special UN meeting of all the nations of the worlds leaders,except our allies. Then when the meeting is underway and they ask why i brought them there id have the police bar the doors so no one walks out. Then proceed to tell them all what i think of them personally. Id tell the saudis you can trade us even for Food and water in equal trade of oil. If they did not they would be cut off and be blockaded to starve to death. The Iranians. They would not be allowed to leave because id jail them for terrorism. Then after the rest of my rant I would remove the UN from the Country and use imminent domain to do it. Then give them all 5 mins to clear the building because i scheduled it for demolishment with or without them still inside.

The second thing i would do. Cut the fed reserve off. Immediatly go to the silver standard because at least its worth more than the paper we have now.

Third. Bring all troops back to america and immediatly shut the southern border. Then declare war on the drug cartels as terrorist orginazations and invade mexico to liberate them.Oh and all gangs in the US would be terrorist too. Crpts bloods,ms-13,mobs. All with shoot to kill orders mind you since terrorist have no rights.

Last thing id do it cut taxes to 1 percent across the board. Make goverment service volunteer again and give the army 75 percent raises below officer ranks.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 12:08 AM
1. An executive order canceling all previous executive orders, and precluding any subsequent executive orders, however styled.

2. Insist that Congress pass a constitutional amendment that Congress CANNOT delegate is responsibilities to another institution; i.e, the Federal Reserve printing money for the government. This also restores the department of the treasury to the legislative, rather than executive branch of government. Federal Reserve notes would no longer be legal tender. (The US hasn’t actually printed US dollars since 1962!!!)

3. A physical border fence erected on our southern border. Illegal immigrants to be jailed until found guilty and sentenced, serving their entire terms before being repatriated. Start working on a virtual border on the north when the southern one is complete.

4. Businesses that consistently employee illegal aliens charged under RICO (which currently provides for such action!)

5. Create a plan for conventional military victory in Afghanistan, and continue until Taliban and local warlords surrender. Evacuate the rural population to city areas until rural districts can be pacified. Apply a chokehold to enemy combatant organizations, depriving them of food, water, and recruits until they cease to exist. Install a provisional government until the coalition can hold local elections. Accept the new government, whether it is pro-western or not. Then withdraw.

6. Insist that Congress repeal the Dodd-Frank Act, and re-institute the Glass-Steagall Act. (forbids banks to be brokers and vice versa; it ended up being enforced by the Federal Reserve instead of the SEC, shortly before it was dissolved almost completely).

7. Create a road-map to get the USA to a flat tax within my term.

8. Create a road-map to get the USA to a balanced budget within my term.

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