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Mike Bara got this wrong too

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 04:59 PM
At 05:10 in Ancient Aliens 4/5: The NASA Connection, Mike Bara said this:

The way they picked the landing sites was that they first chose a specific date, a specific latitude and longitude, the specific time that they would land. And then you have to work your way back from that to create what's called the launch window. The person who picked all of the Apollo landing dates and landing times, including the mission for Apollo 11, was a man named Farouk El-Baz. His father just happened to be an expert on the ancient Egyptian stellar religion.

FACT: Dr Farouk El-Baz was the Secretary of the Apollo Landing Site Selection Committee. As such, he was very influential over the actual landing sites, but not the dates and times. Those were dictated by technical factors such as lighting conditions at the landing site.

Speaking at the so-called Alien Event in November 2009, Mike Bara said "NASA always seems to want to land or launch when the stars are in favorable positions." He wrote in Dark Mission (p. 14) "only five stellar objects ... have any significance ...: the three belt stars of Orion, ...Sirius, ... and Regulus. And only five narrow bands of stellar altitude (19.5° above and below the horizon, 33° above and below the horizon, and the horizon itself) have any significance."

OK, so Mike Bara is alleging that Dr El-Baz picked landing sites and times when any of five specific stars were at any of five specific elevations. There were six Apollo landing sites -- guess how many conformed to Mike Bara's astrological conditions? ONE, that's how many (Alnilam at +19.5° at landing of Apollo 12.) How many Apollo launch times conform? I believe the answer is NONE. Mike Bara has a strange interpretation of the word "always."

In any case, any sinister Egyptian God-worshiper in Apollo mission planning would have been thwarted by the unsurprising fact that landings were not exactly as scheduled. Here are the landing times for the six missions, in HH:MM Mission Elapsed Time (i.e. total time since launch):

      Nominal | Actual | Divergence
11 | 102:47 | 102:46 | -00:01
12 | 110:39 | 110:33 | -00:06
14 | 108:53 | 108:15 | -00:38
15 | 104:41 | 104:42 | +00:01
16 |   98:46 | 104:30 | +05:43
17 | 113:01 | 110:22 | -02:39
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