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Humans before and after the Reptilian Genesis.

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 11:00 AM
Based on the works of Credo Mutwa, The Ringing Cedar Series, African History, and the Law of One, I am trying to develop a more in-depth story of the reptilian influence from the beginning. I need the collective mind to put this story together. This is a rough draft of what I feel happened to our humanity. Try to make the post as informational as possible and less emotional. After the thread is packed of info, I will revise the story and post it for all to see and analyze again. Then I want to make a youtube video, potentially develop a team to do this. I know there will be a lot of things in my story that cannot be proven. My intention is to make it as realistic as possible based on current emerging 'new age' metaphysics and so on. Please enjoy the story regardless! With love. I'm sorry if it's a choppy and confusing read. It's so hard to piece it together coherently.

Before written history, the first humans were dark black and were able to evolve beyond where we are today, but they weren't really human as we see ourselves today. These Africans could do basically everything without technology but with using the power of thought. They could travel anywhere on the planet with thought, they could see anyone on the planet at any time with their thought, they can teleport their body to any location on the planet, but their numbers were very few, maybe a couple hundred, these beings were not male or female and did not have sexual organs, but they did have all the other organs, they would reproduce collectively using thought to manifest a body, this would take days of concentration by many people and was not done often), but this was rare and a cherished experience since they most likely lived for thousands of years.

They were peaceful and happy, but a true culture did emerge, natures 'perfectly evolving' human being. But we weren't masters yet of this stage of evolution, these humans had no access to any universal information and did not have the mental capacity yet to remote-view other planets let alone travel to them physically with the mind - that's later on in their evolution. So, they had no knowledge of evil, because human beings are not naturally capable of doing evil within a natural balanced evolution.

The truth is, we used to be these human beings. But we were never able to teleport our bodies to other friendly like-planets to see our brothers and sisters we know were out there because something terrible happened - we encountered another race that came down from the sky in very very large flying golden objects. The beings that came out demanded the Africans attention and they were eager to listen because they came from the sky in huge golden objects! They must be able to travel to other planets! "they thought' - was their immediate reaction! They cursed the Africans saying that they created the them and that they are their masters and Gods, even though 'these' malicious reptilians were stuck forever as male and female, because they were avoiding evolution on purpose, they wanted to remain evil.

And then they said, "We will turn you into gods like us, so you can fly in the sky and visit your brothers and sisters". But what the beings were about to give them was the gift of the python (a trick), and this gift always has negative consequences! The Africans readily agreed… So the population of only a couple hundred stepped inside gigantic gold object and witnessed two large entrances that were glowing green and one red. They were told to choose what color light (red-male, green-female "christmas colors"). So they walked through and into a chamber of light beams that altered their genetic code instantaneously and as they all came out on the other side shocked..

They had been split into two different looking beings and realized they lost their power of thought and began to act frantically because they could not communicate with one another, they had to wait for the reptilians to teach them language. They were now male and female as they had been long before in their evolutionary process and lost all of their power of thought. The Gods thought this was a big joke and began to demonstrate their evil unto the Africans. To show them who is boss, they chose an african sacrifice and then brutally poked a hole in the skull of one of the helpless Africans and drank from it their blood. Thus African/humans first witnessed the merciless wrath of god and EVIL.

What they walked through was a light-dna genetic modification ray that can alter DNA and transform the body instantly and still remember who you are, but your consciousness is severely limited to the point where it caused great trauma upon the original African people. The evil race thought that this was very funny and were entertained from their hopelessness. The race then enslaved the Africans and put them to work mining gold for them.. The race then left them but to return throughout history in order to control their development.

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by 369habitat

Before written history, the first humans were dark black and were able to evolve beyond where we are today, but they weren't really human as we see ourselves today.

never heard of them. shouldn't there be found bones or artefacts ?

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by 369habitat

i like it.. Sort of.. But it sounds like scientology.. And your forgetting it was a revolution then would have caused the "evil gods" to retreat. We had a revolt and fought back.. Destroying there large structures.. You know the ones.. ...

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by icepack

I just think that at one point on this planet, human evolution went beyond where it is today without the technological influence, so we developed the mind tremendously enough so to be able to communicate telepathically, space-travel, etc... I think the big conspiracy is that we are trained to believe that we can only do this with technology. Would you rather do it with your mind? Or do it with technology? I think human DNA has been tampered with and all technology is, is the attempt for us to make-up for our lost abilities. You can't find the bones of the original intelligent human species because their were only few of them, and they were turned into to modern homo sapiens, thats how we came into the world, we used to be from a long lineage of natural evolution, but we were essentially devolved and dumbed down as well. Imagine evolving with 100% brain function. None of this bull# would have ever happened on the planet. I think we got ravaged by a bunch of PTSD reptilians because their high king kicked them out of their solar system. So they came back to earth, their home planet. And took their anger out on us then used us to mine minerals for them. We are all slaves to these beings now, and the people with all the hidden gold reserves, work for them.
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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 12:44 PM
Chitauri Galactic Empire prepares to move against human kind and Jesus's secret army

Friends, not long left now until the sky is filled with the black and grey assault ships of the Chitauri reptilian invasion force

New blog posts for you to see

Watch the skies


posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 12:45 PM
Well well well....what do you know....

Another ATS thread authored by the author of all deceptive lies.

Good luck on this one.


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