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Anarchy conspiracy theory im working on

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 03:46 AM
Hi this is my poor attempt to create a conspiracy theory. Im still working on this I was just woundering what peoples opinions are on it.

Anarchist conspiracy theory

By gathering information on the goverments close realations such as there close by genetic relations and There personal less geneticaly same relations. Acummulatiang

and redistributing this information useing the systems already in place such as organised crime, organistions, internet, postal and other systems. I belive that you

can give more power to minoritys to influnce the goverment. this will cuase members of goverments to be more vulnerable and make them more easly influenced to give

these groups what they want. It would However include the possibilty of making the goverment more suseptable to criminal enterprize and could negativaly effect our

soicitys as a whole. I also belive if this is done that it will make it easyer for other members of congress to put death contracts on each others familys as with this

kind of information being available it would be less easy to pinpoint who was likely to have been behind the murder.

The only way that this will make them more likely to be influnced by crimnal enterprice and to couase negative effects in there favor would be if all the capable

groups agreed. If this kind of information was distributed togather it would possibly make our politics more suseptable to people under forien goverments as well. I

belive that as far as the us goverment goes theres no affective way for them to give an affective amount of protection to these people thus leaving them open to


Do to the information being present there family and freinds lives would be more vulnerable and this would make it more likely to hold influence over these goverments

for them to not stay or become tyranical, with the assumption that people will attack these people. Also do to this being done political influence from there familys

can be more mnipulateble threw the use of pycholodgy and soicialodgy. Also there familys opionions could be more easly altered by people who are close to them and they

could be more pressured to influence the politions in there family. This ultimately will force the usa goverment to keep more in tune to the problems on the lower

levels, and the people stuck there.


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