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IDENTICAL! Mass Effect 3 & The Law Of One (spoilers)

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 03:15 AM

Originally posted by Dustytoad
reply to post by soulshn

I cannot tell you how much I owe you for bringing this to light for me. Is your Name Soul Shine? That's how I keep reading it. Very fitting if that's what it is.

thank you, thank you,

Thank You!

You are most welcome, it warms my heart that srsen and myself were able to help you reconnect with this knowledge!
Credit needs to go srsen though for starting this wonderful thread!

And yes, the handle is short for soulshine (it was taken) after the awesome Allman Brothers song as performed by Government Mule:

Much Love and i hope You enjoy the path!
edit on 3/19/12 by soulshn because: just because

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 04:08 AM

Originally posted by Dustytoad

I actually read this a long time ago... I don't think I understood it last time. My Soul knows what this person is talking about. This is for real. They are telling the truth. I feel it in my spine. This fits the BIG game as I call it.

i felt the exact same way when i first read this. i had come to the realization that We are One a few years earlier through some other means that need not be mentioned here
and when i read that thread it just felt right. it resonated.

In the Ra Material it is stated that all communications like this contain "distortions" as a matter of law; that the whole truth cannot be told without violating the same principles of free will. It is up to the reader to take that which feels right and resonates within them, and leave the rest.

i truly hope you can take the message of Service to Others to heart and apply it's principles to your life. i have recently re-committed myself to this task, and all that energy has come back to me in spades. i am noticing more and more people acting this way both online and IRL and i am very excited for our not so distant future together!


posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 03:38 AM
reply to post by soulshn

Its amazinghow things find there way to us! The weird path of ATS threads which led me to Hidden Hand and then Law Of One was so unlikely, it was surely meant to happen!

I do my best everyday to remember that everyone has reasons for their actions, that we are all one playing different characters, that every character has a different level of difficulty and purpose, and that unltimately we are all love. I try my hardest to genuinely think of others first, even when it puts me out - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, but eventually everything sorts its self.

The biggest thing to my life that i took from the Ra material was the re-confirmation of the fact that nothing happens for no reason. Even the darkest cloud can exist purely for its silver lining. And sometimes the greatest gifts come wrapped in the worst manner possible. Trust in the wisdom of ways and everything falls into place - its come down to faith in my belief at the end of the day.

To tie it back to Mass Effect 3 - i loved how the game pushes these principals. Making such decisions which, at first appear dire, but then reveal themselves later as a great choice - and vice versa too.

My strongest advice for people is to live each day in gratitude for prety much everything and try to see through the unfolding event (be it good or bad) to find the purpose for it. I try my hardest to send love and understanding to everyone i interact with and honestly, people feel it. They respond. Its pretty great actually!

I'm studying to be a high school teacher and i will 100% intergrate such beautiful ideas subtely into my classes, you never know where it could go

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by srsen

Awesome post!

Much Love

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