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RPC conspiracy partial information, may be small conspiracy not involving to many victoms.

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 03:58 PM

Its funny because i was looking for new published experiments done in hospitals and I found this, no its not new but I had simmler results.

a simmler thing worked for me prior when I was in hospitalization at the Rochester psychiatric hospital "this is a New york state run hospital".

"I told friends, I told my family, 'I can get out when I can get out. That's all. I'll be there for a couple of days and I'll get out.' Nobody knew I'd be there for

two months … The only way out was to point out that they're [the psychiatrists] correct. They had said I was insane, 'I am insane; but I am getting better.' That was

an affirmation of their view of me." — David Rosenhan in the BBC program "The Trap."[3]

I would tell them the medications are helping, this makes it so that stop making you allergic to all the meds. I also admited I had the symptoms. but in addition to

this you had to go to all the groups and listen to there propaganda while heavily drugged and feeling so sickly ill you just wanted to sleep or get shot in the head to

make the sick feeling go away, this was the only way they where going to let me out.

There was a coincpiracy happining in there and them double doesing me out of the cameras sight was clearly premeditated, as a casualy dressed stranger already

indicated that they had agreed to do these things if i did certen harmless things, prior to me being hospitalised. that same guy hypnotised me to reinforce and pop the

ideas in my head that caused me to do these certen things.

I also suspect that there where worse victims in there as things I had described to me that where likely to happen actually happened. like some naked guy getting a

dent in his for head after being punched. I never agreed to any confidentiality regarding other patients so I don't give # about realesing this and this isent very

personally identifying.

the psychologist transcribed something in relation to me believing I was a spy for the us government. I never said nore believed this, i indicated that I wanted to be a

terrorist and would never work for the us goverment, that i dident even want to be in this country. no she wasent trying to protect me or help me.

Im also suspicious that what i was informed was true and both of the new yourk state judges already decided what they where going to do before i even got my trail to

get out. and I was never allowed out by the judge. They let me out shortly after i was talking about how i was thinking of giving terrorists the idea of planting bombs

into people "im thinking this just sped the proccess up". The drugs made me have the terroist thoughts.

some interesting things
they had computers with internet in the hospital. i was to drugged to use.
The bathrooms had feacle matter smeared on the walls.
There where knee high papers with yellow goo on them in the middle of the floors.
people flooded toilets in protest, then got druged worse for something unrealeted.
they would drug people for lying on the floor, like willow brook. I think they just did this to me.
people pissed on the floor chairs etc.
They would drug people for pusshing buttons, even if it was as a fourm of protest.
Certen staff would tamper with the scales, im not sure if increase or decrease.

They gave food you werent supposed to get even if reported that you where illergic, and or had spirtual belives that forbid you from eating those foods. having been

ive been force fed before i couldn't eat allot of the foods and they made no accommodations for me, so i went hungry just like others.

food has been tampered with by patients I will never name who.
The whole place stunk with foul odors.
there was a # filled dyper under a chair for at least two days in a place hard for the janitor to find.
They made us watch the news.
They wouldn't always let us get our PRN when on there power trips.
There was a lady in there that they intentionally had doped up like a retard.
there appeared to be a black mentally retarded girl in there for some reason.

for some reason the younger more vulnerable people where bunked with older crazy frequent masturbate people, that where aggressive apposed to having there own room, I

was one of them I may have retaliated with a bleach ammonia mixture I can not confirm nor denies for medical leagal reasons.

It was possible to ferment your own alcohol.
some us us where prisoners without a trial with the possibility of life in this prison.
The female mahadas where extremely yung and hot.
They would give us the wrong meds intentionally
there was a little anon going on in the forensics side where they used fake ID badges and switched them around.
with liquids they intentionally switched the doses with other patients as well.

There also was several major security flaws in the building that i will not disclose just encase i end up in there again.

Some of the psychologists there have certen characteristics of people in cults, not as much like google or $icrosoft employe cult, and not like religious cult, but unique.

also these in a way are realeted to me and this but im to lazy to explain why. and this is a report of mine.

some of this im sure isent appart of a conspiracy but some of it obviously is.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 04:39 PM
I do hope you are no longer in their, sounds horrible.


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