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(We, the People!) Dream of significance? I believe so.

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 11:19 AM
Wanted to share this dream I had the other night .
I can only report some of this dream though: I cannot for the life of me remember all of this dream but wish I could! I got a lot out of it regardless . It seemed to give me some hope and I certainly hope this clicks with you as well.

The parts I recall:
I was inside of an unfamiliar home. There were a lot of people gathered there. I cannot remember why I was there nor all of the other folks' reasons. When all of a sudden bullets started flying into the home. Like someone had let loose with an automatic. Everyone was ducking and covered.

Some dude in the living room came in and was trying to peer out to see what was going on, as the bullets were flying, I noticed that he was an open target. I was like ''dude, wth?", you are asking to be shot so I jumped on him bringing him down to miss the line of fire -protecting him. The next I remember is that everyone was running, escaping the house for cover.

As I was running, trudging up this steep inclined hill *man the calves of my legs hurt and were tired*, I heard police sirens, thinking, ''Oh good, someone has called the police to come help us. Well , I unbeknownst to me, I got to the top of the hill and came out beside and onto a highway. The police car was traveling this highway and had just gotten there when all of a sudden , people came out from their hiding places into the road, from the woods, etc. All were holding protest signs. They blocked the police car from advancing further. I and then other folks were on the back side of this official's car : We had them surrounded!

I kind of liked this dream, especially the interpretation I have of it.

Bullets may fly, we may have to duck and cover, etc for a while but the people *my interpretation* are fighting back and WILL get the govt back to where they want them to be. Surrounded! And we, the people, will gain our power and freedoms back! Hold on tight, I feel it is a matter of time!

I have had prophetic type dreams before...
Hoping this is one of them!

Thanks for listening.
Would love to hear your thoughts. I know dreams are just dreams sometimes. But some have meaning. Even Daniel had to interpret dreams for kings, and there was significance in them, right?
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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 10:48 AM
Not sure if my op (dream interpretation) is correct now or not but am still hoping-praying our people get some control back - world's gone crazy, imo! The reason I say this may not be what I once thought, is because after I posted bits of my dream, a few days later, the electric company came wanting to install the smart meter.

I refused this dangerous intrusion. Started a rant thread on it.... and am now PROTESTING this thing.
Maybe this dream was sort of a premonition that was upcoming for me. Saying I would have a battle?
Have petitioned several ... even called our city hall to get them to understand the need to ban these things.

Just thought I would mention this... strange coincidence.

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