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Open Assembly the internet horizontally democratic open source democracy tool

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 04:23 AM
this is something much needed in these times of horizontally democratic meetings and ideas,
three things are very important,
1.everyone can participate source code and audibility of software
3.conforms to occupys idea of equal democracy and horiaontal structure

the idea goes like this,
everyone has good ideas from time to time and a process of democracy should allow all ideas to be gaged,
voted on and passed by democratic means
the software being open sourced is available to programmers to cross check for any irregularities,
the system is set up on the principal that all people can vote and bring up ideas to vote upon.

think a world wide democracy of the internet with new checks and balances to provide a system to deliver the ideas that are supported the most, being mass voted on to decide what the best ideas to drive forward are.

this does mean that you will have to pass a verification process to ensure no puppet accounts are used but a small price to pay IMHO when you consider that this will allow people from all over the world to participate.

the system can be customized to allow for groups to vote or for whole communities

i would suggest some people take a look at what democracy on the INTERNET looks like and to participate if you want your voice heard.

by the people for the people and open sourced,

the internet has opened up many abilities to the people of the world,
the newest is democracy in deciding where we will go from here

what does the membership think of this new initiative ?


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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 04:34 AM
The technical challenges would be worthy of the best minds in the fields today. No question. Fortunately, those best minds were all University students once themselves and could be interested with the right support. Who knows...

If the challenges for authentication of one account to one real person, I'd be very interested in participating and seeing how things worked out.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 10:29 PM
To effectively manage issues of governance and democratic support, things will gradually move more towards these types of systems. There are already many different polls and forums around the net and other media outlets. The main challenges will arise when confronting the status quo of established power. As such, integration will be slow and generally agile in its growth. If the UN takes charge then a more planned approach could be used, but not until there is a large percentage of internet connectivity and literacy amongst the worlds population.

To help navigate the worlds problems and issues of governance, I would first break the topics up into: local, state, national, regional and global domains. There is a vast amount of information and debate going on and establishing ways so people can quickly and easily find their issues of concern is a huge user interface problem. There are also many different organisations all involved with their own requirements and systems.

I do consider the development of these sorts of tools as an important process to help with the political stability of the planet. The current aim of Open Assembly looks to be in establishing a package that different organisations can quickly pick up to aid with their unique social collaboration issues. As for how far it gets, time will tell. If they can work through all the problems while remaining open source it will strengthen the overall integrity of the package.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 10:31 PM
Personally Im against ANYTHING "global" Hell, I hope when the SHTF, the states recede from the union. United states of texas, here i come.

I do like the idea of local voting in such a fashion tho, and think its a wonderful idea.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 10:37 PM
The more local the voting, the more likely it is to be fair.

Although personally I think the system is now irredeemable, for various other reasons. Reforms like this are the equivalent of moving deck-chairs around on the titanic.

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