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Video game that you might be interested in, Mentions NASA, OUTBREAK, GOVERNMENT

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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 09:26 AM

Okay, so I downloaded this to check it out, it's called,"Small Town Terrors [Livingston] from bigfishgames. Yeah, I downloaded the kiddie games.

Anyways, In the game and I tried to get a screenshot because it was funny and it reminded me of ATS.

In the note it says:

"NASA did this, they brought the infected Aliens to our town. And the Outbreak has taken over. Do not trust our government!. "

I might have to get this game now, to see what the rest of video game is like.

If anyone plays the rest of the game let me know. Got a lot to do today.

I thought it was cute with all the hoopla of Aliens, NASA, and the Government.

Looks like they must be getting ready for doom and gloom too.

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