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US warns North Korea satellite launch could scrap nuclear, food deals

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 04:58 PM
By Reuters
The United States warned North Korea on Friday its plan to launch a satellite with a long-range rocket could violate its February agreement on a nuclear moratorium and scuttle U.S. plans to resume food aid.

North Korean Missile Launch

The launch of the North Korean Missile is not the real problem as is the launching of any North Korean Missile for that matter.

We know that North Korea is hostile to pretty much everyone so launching a military grade missile at anything would be the most insane move made by North Korea because the response from South Korea, Japan, etc. would be instant and exacting.......

However there is a concern the if North Korea launches a "working" satellite that the mission could actually be purposely sabotauged so that during the flight the missile malfunctioned causing the missile to impact Non-Communist countries possibly killing a dozen people where the missile landed at.

Remember the Scud's used during Dessert Storm? Most of them were nothing more than missile shells that were launched indiscriminantly into an area where the Scuds shear weight would and impact velocity would cause death to occur at the point of impact but nothing beyond the point of impact.

Jim Ung's goal in the launch of the "working" satellite could be to make the mission seem non-military in nature but at a prescribed time the "missile" would malfunction and fall into a populated area somewhere along the trajectory into space.

Although there is no explosives aboard the "missile" there are systems aboard the missile that can and will cause explosions when they come into contact with the fuel. If the fuel tanks rupture and spread fuel over an area after impact and the high flammable fuel is somehow ignited then destructive damage would be caused as homes burnt and people died due to the impact and debris being scattered around the impact area.

We have to remember that North Korean leadership is always based on secretive and stealthy methods of getting the job done.

So what better way than to attack an enemy or randomly cause death if not to use a launch vehicle system meant to carry a satellite into orbit that is actually designed to malfunction and cause damage?

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