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Mike Bara's dodgy arithmetic

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 10:26 AM
On Ancient Aliens Season 4 Ep 5: "The NASA Connection," Mike Bara said that Buzz Aldrin conducted a private ritual on the Moon 33 minutes after landing, and that the belt stars of Orion were on the horizon at that moment. The implication was that Aldrin's ritual was a homage to the Egyptian Gods Isis and Osiris. Well, I took a look at that and I invite y'all to do the same.

Apollo 11 landed at Mission Elapsed Time 102:45:40.
Aldrin's ritual started at 105:25:38.

See if you can make the difference come to 33 minutes. I sure can't. Those numbers can be verified by googling "Apollo 11 mission transcript."

How about Orion? Well, in Hoagland & Bara's highly inaccurate book Dark Mission (page 14) it was stated that Sirius was at 19.5° above the horizon 33 minutes after the Apollo 11 landing. Maybe both are true? I don't think so -- if Mike used his redshift software and found that Mintaka, Alnitak and Alnilam were on the horizon I bet my grandmother that's what would have been in the book. He just didn't bother to read his own book before sitting down for the AA interview.

What was the nature of Aldrin's little ceremony? It was a catholic mass -- nothing to do with Egypt.

What was the point Mike Bara was trying to make, and so badly failed? It was that NASA is ritual-minded and that the number 33 has profound significance for the ritualists in charge. He gave another example -- he said that the only launch pad at the White Sands missile range is Launch Complex 33.

Check it out, boys and girls -- it's totally easy to research this on the web. Is 33 the only pad at White Sands? For extra Brownie points, see if you can discover what date pad 33 was built, and by whom. Now ask yourself the following question: DID NASA EVEN EXIST WHEN THAT LAUNCH PAD WAS DESIGNATED 33??


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