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Its Coming and there is nothing they can do about it

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 09:42 AM
This is an observation and is strictly my own opinion. I feel like with all of new "anti-piracy" laws and the obvious censorship of the news media regarding the truth that we are being blinded by TPTB. With that being said, I feel more and more each day that something is gonna happen globally, soon. Late Summer, early Fall. It just seems like there is an information overload right now regarding global events. And that more and more events are to begin as the year passes. Olympics, elections, unrest in the middle East, global economy, and weather changes to name a few. With so much going on, how can we pinpoint what is really going on. Its like we are watching a Las Vegas magician work us with light and pyrotechnics so much that we miss the obvious. I want to see past the smoke and mirrors and see what is really going on. If we are living in end times, let us know. I know that there are some who wish to remain ignorant to what is going on because its just easier. But give us a choice. I cant shake this feeling. Ive pickep up books, learned guitar and started going to the gym just to try and take my mind off everything so that maybe it either fade away or that maybe just maybe I see past the illusion and understand what is going on.

If this is in the wrong area please move.

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