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New Frog Species Discovered In New York and New Jersey

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 07:01 AM

So much for the notion that new species are never found in America. Now that is a myth well worth debunking.

A new frog species has been discovered in the USA.

The yet unnamed amphibian is believed to have lived among us for a century without being recognized

In New York City – in the midst of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers – and within view of the Statue of Liberty, scientists have found a new frog species.

While discovering new species in remote rainforests is common, finding this one in the ponds and marshes of Staten Island, mainland New York, and New Jersey was a big surprise to the scientists from Rutgers University, UCLA, UC Davis, and the University of Alabama who worked together to make the discovery .

The yet unnamed frog – which biologists historically mistook for a more widespread variety of the leopard frog — may even extend into parts of Connecticut and extreme northeastern Pennsylvania. Researchers believe that these are likely the same leopard frogs that completely disappeared from Long Island and other parts of the area over the last few decades.

A yet, unnamed frog species that for the last century scientists thought was a more common leopard frog. Photo Credit: Brian Curry, Rutgers University.

There is much more included in the article

I love hearing about new animals like this.
It goes to show if animals like this cannot be found who know's what is out there.


posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 07:07 AM
There is an existing thread on this topic:

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