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a journey within

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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 11:04 PM
A journey within

There is a place like nowhere
Deep within
A place of eternity there inside
A sacred spot in a world of time
Go deeper inside it
Go deeper yet
The soul gets inside you
If wished for it
Inthrough the fear, the anger and the soft sweetness which conforms you and make you choke like a wild animal trapped within a cage, you go deeper and deeper yet... You swirl down into the abyss only to discover that the deeper you fall, the realer it gets.
The world you leave behind, seem to dissolve and loose its solidity, loose its cycle of self-explained sense which slaves you into conformity and ties you up in ropes of playing roles of the pleaser, the judge, the master the slave.
Leaving these masks, these roles behind, you dive deeper into it, you suddenly feels sparks of the true you greeting you, with the joy and love only truth presents.
You see the programming, the sadness, the dark days with suicidal ponderings fade away, fade away together with all the expectations that was never you anyway.
You start to feel alive, a sensation thought all long forgotten, a glimpse in the corner of the eye which you could really never reach, only making you even sadder, being there as an impossible thought... Now it is there, reality, truth, waking, you feel the love and you become the love, you dive even deeper and everything within and without dissolves into that love and that truth, you feel how your heart have become a gateway of connection, the Universe swirls around you, inside you, and within your heart is born again
Never alone again
You feel the warmth within that beautiful amazing heart of yours, feel it like a warm loving embrace from within, tears and laughter, sun and rain, you realize that it was always true when they said that all is connected, you are connected, you are so needed beyond words and you are so loved, also beyond words... You feel the love and the care emanating through your body, you feel a deep sense of worthiness raising from within, you feel your soul are now inside you, looks out through your hearts, sensing the world from here, connected, one with all, connected, love, pure.
You feel your spirit, guiding you, you remember, yes you remember, it all comes back, it is like it was never gone, all that you left behind are already dissolved, melted into the uncreated, all that is left is here and now, where you feel safe, where you are love, and you know.
We are here now
We are together
You are safe
You are loved so deeply that those empty words could never tell
Feel it
Be it

from 141 in denmark

thank you

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