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My thought inside a thought.. How things may work?

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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 09:47 PM
Disclaimer: I randomly came across a post by someone on a forum and some of their ideas resonated with my conscience. I wish I still had the link so I could post the original, but I have mentally paraphrased some of what he stated but contributed more of my ideas on how I perceive things. Credit goes to OP where it's due. Enjoy.

Have you ever allowed yourself to wonder, what Knowledge truly is? Where it originated? How it manifests? Do you really believe that knowledge can be implemented through rigorous learning exercises? If so, then how was the initial Knowledge taught or supplied to the first intelligent beings? Do you blindly accept that going to school, reading numerous books in monotony counts as knowledge? If it were up to me I'd have to say nope!

With that definition of knowledge in mind, I believe, that it simply means you have an immaculate ability to regurgitate acquired information. To our understanding, Memory is only the ability we Humans posses to retain information, however, is it Knowledge itself? In reality, the information provided to us is naturally just a probability to be true or wrong. So if you mistake retention of information for knowledge, you then create two different versions of Knowledge. The first is the version you have been led to believe; then you enforce yourself to believe that to be the absolute truth or your reality. Then you have the actual “real” version, whatever that may be.

So if and when someone crosses your path, who may know the "real" version, tries to imply that you may be misconstrued, you are unwilling to accept their version. Only because you had previously“learned” your specific version and simultaneously created a belief system for it’s implementation in your individual reality. This is the origin of confusion, arguments, and debates. This is why there are a buffet of religions, ethics, moralities, scientific theory, mathematics, physics and so on. Agree?

We all have come to realize that our observable reality is dominated by dualities. Whether it’s good v. bad, rich v. poor, ugly v. beautiful, black v. white, day v. night, male v. female, etc etc; but one stands it’s own ground in particular; Religion v. Science. Religion and Science are literally the two different sides of the same coin; hell I’d even go far enough to say that they’re the two faces of a double headed coin. Neither one of them can actually prove anything. Even though they are accepted with a dualistic understanding, Science is constantly evolving. It’s trying to understand and adapt, which means is it ALWAYS changing its views towards said “knowledge.”

But since when can true Knowledge itself be changed? If you have the ability to change knowledge, then would it be true to even begin with? On the contrary, Religion, rather than explaining why things work the way they do like science attemps, does just the exact opposite. This is why I say they’re the opposite yet the same face of the coin. Religion enables us to come to terms with the notion that something is out of Human control; anything that is unexplainable, God did it! Which in turn implies that there is really no reason to investigate any anomalies we experience because there is an all knowing all seeing highly conscience and intelligent being acting as our chauffeur.

This is the reason has allowed religion to thrive on the basis of faith. However, like science, religion also evolves linearly with time. We have come to accept that belief systems eventually do change. For example, Religion once thought our planetary system/universe was Geocentric, and even though the Church executed numerous brilliant minds to suppress the truth, in the end, a new more absolute belief system was implemented. Therefore, I would say that religion is not absolute knowledge either. It is merely a version, an interpretation, like science, but in the end still just a version. Agree?

This is the basis of why science and religion have been at war since the beginning of the intelligent self-aware Human Psyche. Nonetheless, both of them, with time and through mutation, evolve. That is something Knowledge cannot do. Knowledge simply is. It doesn’t change; it doesn’t evolve.

For example, have a good look at nature. It is a system that works flawlessly. It is deeply intertwined to such levels our conscience or intellect can’t even begin to coagulate the initial thoughts for comprehension. Each and every part of nature acts proportionally to it's “Knowledge” of the rest; if not, then it jeopardize the failure of another mechanisms functionality. If trees stopped growing, everything on the planet would die. If it stopped raining, everything on the planet would die. If one species goes extinct, another will follow to fill the void left by its predecessor to re-establish the working status-quo.

The food chain must be maintained naturally. Among them there is no greed, or gluttony. Because if there was; animals would be out of control! just like us Humans! But the truth of the matter is that they aren’t! How many occurrences have you personally encountered with implications of such a scenario? You don’t typically see animals destroying our planet; they are simply a part of the natural system. Each and every animal has the knowledge/awareness of what it is, how to live, and how to act on instinct rather than ego.

Nature IS Knowledge and life may be the ability provided to experience that Knowledge in its simplest and most profound form.It is a colossal family tree. You have labeled your mother, father, sister, and brother as such because scientifically speaking, you are the product of the same gene pool correct? So what about the Human Race in it’s entirety? We are ALL derived from over 90% of the same gene pool! That is why we all have so many similar humanoid similarities phenotypically! The minute we try to manipulate the variables to understand nature, we raise the chance of destroying Knowledge. It is not something that can be understood. Rather, it is something that is meant to be experienced in harmony.

You cannot live in harmony with something you are trying to judge, to question, and ultimately to change. If you live in harmony with nature, you come to derive that Knowledge encompasses everyliving species on this planet. You will learn how to live, to experience, to love, to be one with it, to exist! All of the Knowledge already existed before any of us came into existence. It is available for each and every one of us to experience. We just have to stop analyzing it. Stop thinking, and simply BE. We are human Beings, NOT Human DOings.

"Whether we are material or consciousness or both; we know the universe reflects back to us the truths within ourselves. We are made of it, thus we reflect it, or we make it, and thus it reflects us."

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 09:48 PM
Knowledge is everywhere, Knowledge is the universe. We are all a part of it, not separate. Realize that you are a part of it, and you will find Knowledge. No speculation, no theories, no beliefs. Purely untaught, knowledge.

Simply BE because Simplicity really IS Beauty. There's absolutely no good reason to make things or situations complex or add ulterior motives.. Just be good hearted and life will reward you in it's own way; Cause in the end, even if you have "insecurities" just know that for a FACT, you are literally 1 in 7 BILLION! And that's even more scarce than winning the lottery! So in the end maybe your flaws are what accentuate your existence; because if everyone was perfect, the world would be so boring!

Thanks for reading! I hope you take something away from this that makes your life a little easier and much happier. If you have thoughts/questions feel free to contribute and I will try my best to answer or help out.
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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:10 PM

Originally posted by sirissacnewtone
Knowledge is everywhere, Knowledge is the universe. We are all a part of it, not separate. Realize that you are a part of it, and you will find Knowledge. No speculation, no theories, no beliefs. Purely untaught, knowledge.

Simply BE because Simplicity really IS Beauty.

Pee On!


posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:53 PM
Knowledge is not memory. Knowledge is understanding memory.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by Acronychal

i sense we mean the exact same thing so the argument that will arise will only come to be a vicious circle. thanks for reading friend.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by sirissacnewtone

Oh ok yea I wasnt arguing I was agreeing haha sorry if it sounded like that
and yes, very interesting post op I hope more people contribute and share their thoughts.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by Acronychal

thanks brother. maybe the people who were suppose to see it already have, and the ones that need to will when it is necessary for them. hope it helps strum a few strings in the conscious reality of yours. have a happy week/month/year/life fellow traveler.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 05:04 PM
sorry i didnt read it all bc it is late so tired, but i mean to react to knowledge fact u explain

wat u miss to recognize is why it is easy to know

absolute is the only fact therefore reason of knowledge, then knowing is just about pointing relations between different absolute facts as they are clearly seen, while also offers the possibility to enjoy knowing being free since all is absolutely clear

so knowledge is nothing, anything know and even most powerful knowledge can never be a source, when absolute is always its source

which rise the exlusive issue being absolute respect, wether as the fact source or the value that respect it as the reason that brings it to becoming objective absolutely

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