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Reflections on Bioengineering of the Human Body

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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 09:45 PM
(An imagined conversation overheard)
Location and identity of conversants to be revealed sometime later this year....

a) I can't believe I finally made it here!
b) You did so on your own power. We prodded and poked you, but you took every step. You made every choice to continue. You've known this day would come for some time. How's the view?
a) - speechless - Don't you already know?
b) I want to hear it from you.
a) This place is incredible!!
b) This is just the beginning, or rather a new beginning. Let's see who else comes aboard. There is so much more to see, but you already know that. It will take awhile before someone else comes, but you already know that too.
a) Yes, that is clear.
b) What do you want to do now?
a) What can I do ?
b) Anything you want. You are one of US now and yet better. But I think you see that.
a) Of course I want to learn & see more - up here. But I think you know what I'm going to do next.
b) And what is that?
a) It must be dark & bleak down there - I think I should help some of my brothers & sisters first.
So much to see down there too from this new perspective. I've been sitting alone for quite a while now.
b) If that is what you choose.
a) When I need a break I'll come back up here to explore.
b) Some things are better learned together.
a) Right, I traveled enough on my own during my life.
b) Who are you going to show & what powers are you going to reveal first?
a) Good question....I'm going to go somewhere cold first. Show them our abilities with TEMPERATURE REGULATION.
b) What then?
a) I don't know, I'll make it up as I go along, I've planned too many details in my life.
b) To Infiinty & Beyond!
a) To Infiinty & Beyond!!! Here I go....WHEEEEEEE!

BBC: 1st to Last - Iceman takes a swim

Discovery Channel - Real Superhumans - Iceman

Guinness World Record - underwater swim

BBC - Tibetan Buddhist Monks - Tummo

Iceman Wim Hof on Kilimanjaro - YouTube


TO BE Continued....

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