Was 7 of 9 (Jeri Ryan) An Illuminati Sexual Sacrifice?

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 04:08 PM
but I think the whole ritualistic sex is
1. a throwback to the Sumerian Gods fertility temples and priestesses. They consummate bonds of illegitimate children this way from pure blood mistresses.
2. has been adopted to preserve the Christ lineage through descendants only sharing the blood line with other relatives.
3. a means of control. If you are important they will try and control you with sex, your secrets, and finally your life or your families. Sex manipulation is far better since it gives weight to the influence being offered and produces incriminating evidence.
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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by Dasher

Thanks for the reply!
And I do appreciate what you have said, and I agree with it in part. Each "rite" or "ritual" is definitely a growing experience, and it does manifest something within ourselves, but I don't believe it manifests anything related to hidden power, evil, or magic.

More so, to imply that jealousy is somehow unrighteous is plainly false. If someone takes what they are not bound to or is not bound to them, the one to whom it is bound to is justifiably, and also righteously, jealous.

Here, it seems you have equated "jealouy" with possessions, and/or theft or loss of those possessions. Can one ever really possess someone else? If a loved one is "taken" from us, then we don't feel jealousy we feel loss, and distrust, and tangible things! There is no shame whatsoever in feeling those things! If that loved one has willingly broken our trust, then we feel those things even more hurtfully. Those feelings are not "jealousy" in the same sense as what I intended to describe.

If a couple takes a vow or makes a promise of fidelity, then by all means that promise should be kept with the utmost of importance, because our integrity and morality is bound to our very word.

But, what I continually argue (usually unsuccessfully), is that the original promise is illogical, and we should stop trying to force people into these monogamous promises against there will. I believe most people enter these agreements reluctantly. Our biology is not designed to be monogamous, but our religious norms have created a recipe for disaster, and the divorce rates, and infidelity, and crimes of passion are indicative of the failure of these societal norms.

What if every couple entered into their relationship without any pre-conceived or religious notions, and each couple found their own norm? Each couple could be 100% certain that the other party was there simply because they wanted to be there and not because they were legally or morally bound to some norm. The need for jealousy could evaporate and the couple could learn to explore and enjoy all of their spirituality and sexuality together without fear. In this way, if the couple decided to explore alternative sexual experiences, without fear of losing the relationship, it would only enhance the relationship, not damage it.

Of course, my view on this matter is always in the minority, but I truly believe we begin our relationships completely inappropriately, and we are doomed to failure from the start. I have one failed marriage to show for it, but my current marriage was began on much more open grounds, with more honesty and less stress, and after 6 years, so far there are 2 kids and a lot of love, and almost zero heartache to show for it! Maybe I just got lucky this time around, but I truly believe the difference is the honesty before the marriage, the difference in expectations, and the openness of each partner to not let our own egos and sensitivities ruin the relationship.

For my wife, if there exists a better man than me, she is free and encouraged to explore that opportunity with no repercussions at home, so long as she is open and honest about it. Dishonesty is something else entirely. Of course, she has never felt the need to test that boundary, because where else is she going to find a man like me? No other man is going to love her as unconditionally and openly as me, and support her the way I do, and satisfy her the way I do, and deliver the brutal honesty that I can, but if there is such a man, wouldn't I be wrong to hold her back from fairy-tale happiness for my own selfishness?
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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

I agree that our biology is not monogamous. Anyone who pays any attention to high order mammals should understand that. This is emphasized by the role that testosterone driven humans play in society and by the role that estrogen driven humans play in society. However, while this does justify some conduct, alone it does not make right any particular conduct. We must look deeper before embarking on any course.

Consider, below us, high order mammal families center around a male leader which represents the Order of God. However, it is by the Charity of God being manifested in women that our society is nurtured and has "life"/"compassion." Of course men should strive to be more like women in this and women more like men in this, but these generalizations are true for animals and humans regardless of who wants to ignore how drastically different testosterone and estrogen develop our bodies. Also, above us, we see the notion of a "head" of the church having many "brides."

So above, and below, we see this pattern which is an image of our Creator (who is one) with many loves (his children/brides).

I am not at all against polygamy, but I am plainly against mating without bond. More so, I am against mating against bond. I am married to one, and if she would not allow it, I will not take another. If she would ever allow it our family would have two manifestations of Charity (or more, I suppose). Who can deny that a home with multiple estrogenic mothers manifesting charity would not be strong? But who would say that a home with two testosterone driven men manifesting order would be compassionate? I hope that you can see that this balancing act does not work both ways for high order mammals or spiritual structures.

I applaud your honesty, but a false ritual performed in honesty is no better than a true ritual performed in ignorance. Instead of contrasting a bound relationship with an unbound relationship, look to more reference points above and below. I am sure that you will see that the unction of the males of our species is more centered around a plurality of bonds rather than the lack of bonds. The lack of bonds is a confusion regarding this matter, not a rectification (unless a person is a eunuch).

Also consider, women are easily lied to regarding promises of love. This is rational as Charity seeks communion with Order. And consider, men are easily upset regarding disruption of his family. This is rational as Order seeks communion with Charity.

The dance we dance is a particular dance and it makes a certain aroma. Other dances are certainly possible, but we should be less concerned with what is possible, and more concerned with what is profitable (primarily spiritually, obviously).

As to whether you would be wrong for limiting your wife... this certainly depends on your circumstance. If you are attempting to honor Life by your daily ceremony, then no, it is not wrong to expect that a family serves itself. However, if you goal is simply each person's self-gratification, then yes, it is wrong to restrain her.

If I was to pursue another woman besides my wife, it would only be within the boundaries that it is understood that the newest wife is married to all in the family, not just the husband. If the current wife/wives are not pleased, then it is a no go. More so, if a wife or wives were to request another to aid their service to the family, I would be very interested to see who would have her/their admiration to have been considered for communion with our family.

Regarding the request for an additional male, while I do accept that there could be circumstances which could warrant such a decision, I am certain that most men are like rams and will simply headbutt until a lack of consciousness occurs in some form. I think I touched on this above clearly. However, to emphasize this unction further, we see that it is more readily acceptable for girls to sexually service other girls than it is for guys to service other guys. While it certainly exposes a serious confusion regarding our conduct, it displays that it is easier to conceive of two "charities" together in one communion than it is to conceive of two "orders." The whole notion of Order declares a certain distinction from Charity, and a family is best served by one Order and one or more Charities.

While my words preclude homosexual conduct from being an image of godliness, that is not to say that homosexuals are void of declaring these things. This is why you might find a more masculine and more feminine partner in homosexual relationships. Regardless, I do hold to "to each their own," so don't take me to be tearing anyone down. My only concern is to spiritually build up.
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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 06:39 PM
In the spirit of contributing to the subject matter at hand and since four of 5 key words were used that got my attention, I thought I would add the 5th word, needed with the other four items to help others who can see what I feel is a very special piece of that much bigger NWO puzzle.

While I will only add that which contributes to this threads subject matter, I will state, that from the start, as part of my own research efforts, last December 2011 and into January 2012, I learned through discovery, a small piece of the puzzle. It led to my creating and uploading a video that explains how 7 of 9 was indeed an Illuminati created program, with many mind control aspects associated with the 7 of 9 TV programming.

Such an overt mind control effort used constant sexual imagery which Jeri Ryan provided with much professional abundance in every episode. Anyway, this program was an in your face, a "Eyes Wide Shut", Stanley Kubrick intention, because who would ever think that the NWO elites would show their hidden numerological ritual coding to the masses, over and over, as if the NWO knew, no one would get it.

Well, I got it and I dont mind sharing the 7 of 9 , Jeri Ryan, Illuminati sacrifice secret , because I know some will get it and some wont. While there is also that category of I dont care to know, but my comments are for those that care to know just a bit more.

My part is as follows:

Beginning 03-11-11 the date of the Japan Fukushima disaster occurred, a long running and historical NWO ritual was being moved along into its next ritual phase. By keeping up with the specific NWO events we were seeing and experiencing and by looking backwards, I was able to find their ritual transition dates and codes.

Japan Fukushima began this new segment of the ritual. I only found it by looking backwards at the date 03-11-11 and when I turned the numbers backwards, it eventually allowed me to see that the end date of this mega ritual is timed to the Mayan end date of 12-21-12.

Since so many events are set to occur on such a date, the research led me to a finding that the number 7 was the ending ritual number that ends on 12-21-12.

This same study earlier had allowed me to find the beginning of the 13 portion of the ritual phase which we are still in, but on August 12, 2-12, at 7 minutes after sunset during the closing ceremony of the London Summer Olympics, the NWO mega ritual will close the 13 portion and move into the 7 and final portion of the NWO ritual that ends on December 21, 2012.

While I have openly stated that I fear a major ritual sacrifice on August 12, 2012, this subject is better suited for another thread.

When I gave serious thought to what happens "After" 12-21-12 from a ritual design aspect, was when I discovered my own 7 of 9. In the process of wanting to know if use of such a term was in the public domain, was when a search, turned up the TV program, 7 of 9.

Having discovered that a TV program 7 of 9 had been created staring Jeri Ryan named the same thing, 7 of 9, drew my interest and confirmed for me that my ritual findings were indeed spot on because I could easily see the mind control aspects of such a TV program that used blatant sexual imagery to induce and keep mostly male viewers hypnotized to the TV watching and fantasizing about Jeri Ryan.

When I became aware of 7 of 9, I knew that this naming of the TV program was an Illuminati intentional flaunt of their way of having fun in the face of the public who they seriously think no one sees with any clarity what they do and or why they do it.

While I did not pursue any in-depth analysis as to why such a program would be named, the fact that they did so was good enough for me. While I suspect MK-Ultra mind control programming, I know that the TV show would not have been named as it was if it was not contributing to some NWO agenda or goals.

Anyway, 7 of 9 confirmed my own finding of 7 of 9. Such a finding allowed me to create a visual graphic chart that I think will help you to better understand what I am trying to discuss. First I will say that I found my 9 by first subtracting 7 from 13 and got a 6. In mirror image 6 becomes 9. Such a use of mirrored numbers denotes a turning point or the opposite of what we now have. By finding my 9 from the numbers, I was able to see the 7 of 9 relationship that allowed me to see the "After" 12-21-12 design of the ongoing mega NWO ritual.

Take a look and understand that I am not attempting to do anything but share what I have found with those that might be able to see what I see, within the mountain of evidence the NWO throws in our faces.

It's real, it's evil and it's not going away anytime soon.

That's what I wanted to add, I hope the chart helps to better visualize the matters I discussed, because when you add my final word, "Ritual", only then does 7 of 9, Jeri Ryan, Illuminati, "Ritual" sacrifice, make any sense.

Thanks for the thread.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 07:35 PM
I will have to look out for any illuminati operatives next time I go to Diabolique or the Libertine Ball. They are usually packed with white collar types and who knows what sinister doings may be stirring behind those VIP rooms where the assless chaps and steel boned corsets abound. Seriously though..as someone who has been into "the scene" since I was about 16 and since Sex Magick also became a fascination of mine some time ago, I can say that things often look very different from the outside. Are there some rich people having sex in a circle somewhere while someone in a giant Owl's head watching? Probably. Just like there are probably a bunch of mascots dancing to techno with holes cut out around the genital areas of the costume. Are whips chains and cages..or even alters and candles signs of sinister goings on? Not always. Hell...not usually. There are so many facets to our sexuality as humans and often times if you do enough research...chances are you will run across groups who have pushed the envelope beyond traditional/comfortable boundaries. And as other posters have stated...there is enormous power in sex...especially for women. Perhaps she might have been happier had she taken a stand and chosen her kink rather than having it chosen for her.

Oh and Rihanna...cracks me up. Here you have an unstable masochist with a combative streak who is in love with a narcissist with childhood trauma and who plays at being a domina because she thinks it makes her look like an empowered woman after getting her ass kicked. Oh... And because it makes for good marketing when Lolita types get naughty. tsk...tsk...tsk...such paths are not taken lightly or on a whim. If this is what the so called "elite" women are made of....they might wanna find some more ballsy types. Some of my former sisters of the quirt would show em what for.

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 08:19 PM
reply to post by irsuccubus

because she thinks it makes her look like an empowered woman after getting her ass kicked.

That was the first thought I had when the story broke!! In my mind, I saw Rihanna, in all those warrior outfits, and I remembered the early rumors that she was actually a man, and I thought of her empowered persona, and then I thought of Chris Brown, who seems 2/3rds gay, and it puzzled me. Chris Brown beating up Rihanna just didn't make sense? I thought maybe she could take him!

But then I saw the photos of Rihanna and it wasn't funny anymore. That was a lot more than a slap or some rough-housing that got out of hand...., that was a real beating. That was a beating that a grown man should not be mentally capable of unleashing on a weaker woman or child. No excuse for it, and I hope someday he gets to receive a similar beating from a similarly overmatched man! I'd be happy to oblige! Maybe we can arrange a UFC fight for charity! GetReadyAlready vs. Chris Brown with the proceeds to benefit a Women's shelter! It wouldn't be enough to just beat him though, I would want him to gravel and feel entirely powerless and helpless just like she probably felt.

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 08:34 PM
Or... the nobler side of it. Example: Walk away with his woman and make her your own.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by OldCorp

So bondage sex can't be loving sex?

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 07:58 AM

Originally posted by RealSpoke
reply to post by OldCorp

So bondage sex can't be loving sex?

Never tried it. I have a hard time believing it would. "Here honey, let me tie you up and abuse you. You like to be slapped, humiliated, and fake raped right?"

Sorry, I see nothing loving about that.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 09:06 AM

Originally posted by OldCorp

Originally posted by nightbringr

Originally posted by OldCorp

Originally posted by nightbringr
Not entirely sure why an emphasis is being placed on satanism here.

Because it's being used by Devil-worshipping Illuminists?

Fair enough.

I dont really believe in satanic Illuminati, i dont believe ive seen convincing evidence they exist, but if thats the point your making i understand.

I'm having a hard time accepting it too. You have to remember, I am (was) a regular reporter. Investigating conspiracies was never something I intended to do nor had any interest in doing. You could say that ATS had a bad influence on me.

But the more I research the idea of secret societies, ruling elite families, and Illuminati factions, the more factual evidence I'm finding that proves they do exist and that they do have an agenda. My father was a 32nd degree Mason, but I know he loved the Lord and I have a hard time believing that he could have participated in something like this.

I'm thinking that lower level Masons don't know the importance of the rituals that they do perform to the higher ups. It's like a "power pyramid" if you will (my new term, like it?) where the one "hidden" block at the top, the capstone, is supported by the blocks underneath. The rituals performed by lower level Masons, while probably seeming harmless to them, give power to those few at the top who do the real work.

That's just a theory BTW, and not anything of which I have any evidence.
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Pretty much this ^ the more i hear and see this stuff i agree where there's smoke there's fire, i mean we already know the powerful elite do some types of occult practices such as the cremation of care ceremony at Bohemian Grove and then you here stuff like this and it becomes as simple as connecting the dots and boom you have your eyes wide shut scenarios, to me it's as simple as that...

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 09:15 AM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
...I thought of Chris Brown, who seems 2/3rds gay...

Maybe we can arrange a UFC fight for charity! GetReadyAlready vs. Chris Brown...

Oooooooooh. Maybe we get you two to roll around in some Jello while you duke it out. Pay per view here I come, toodles.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by AugustusMasonicus

Originally posted by getreadyalready
...I thought of Chris Brown, who seems 2/3rds gay...

Maybe we can arrange a UFC fight for charity! GetReadyAlready vs. Chris Brown...

Oooooooooh. Maybe we get you two to roll around in some Jello while you duke it out. Pay per view here I come, toodles.

The only place I can imagine ever being afraid of that little punk...... is in jello!

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 03:49 PM
If Ms. Ryan is still alive she was a sex slave.

if my understanding is correct, a Sexual Sacrifice is a person ritually killed...........dead.

JonBenét Ramsey comes to mind.
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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

The act of binding ones partner is the ultimate act of trust. You trust this person not to go overboard and they trust you to let them know when you have had enough. Thats why "safe words" are a part of any responsible session. This isnt like what you see on tv...on dumb talk shows...in Anne Rice books....even Real Sex has gotten a bit of it wrong...or at least lead people down the path of thinking that just because you are part of the leather set then you must be some kind of weirdo or oversexed hipster.

Hell...its the so called Vanilla ones who are running around washington right now trying to enslave the vaheena, making the leather mask sporting doms look tame by comparison. The ones advocating "good clean loving" are the ones that scare me because the best lovin is rarely ever clean. Its dirty...and messy and full of things that will make your hair curl. Something to be enjoyed and not treated like a shameful secret. And the fact that many think that BDSM is just tying someone up and beating on them to get your jollies shows that very little actual research into the subject has been done. Hardly in the spirit of denying ignorance. Many of the events held in my city are often for charity and the attendees are people from all walks...doctors, lawyers, police, musicians, teachers, librarians...and everyone is really nice, really friendly and no one does anything without permission. Thats how you distinguish true devotees from those who get into it just so they can bully women or work out their issues with men.
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I think I read that you DJ...man...some of the best industrial, trance, trip hop, house and electronic is played at these shows. I never would have known Lords of Acid were it not for attending Rubberlution
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