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The Origins of Humankind. [CWC]

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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 09:38 PM
Heg and Jad looked at one another. They stared at each other, for a few more moments, then both started whooping in a primitive call. Before them, the mastodon lay dead, and together they had brought it down.


Heg had a cave, but no language yet. He had caught several females, and mated with them, and a few of them brought cublings, little noises to Heg, and he sniffed the newborns, and wrinkled his Cro-magnon nose. He sauntered outside.

Heg was not a family man. He dictated all the responsibilities to the woman, while he alone hunted for food. He was alone, wary, and ever vigilant. He had a single cave to protect.

It was only by chance one day that Heg spotted Jad, hidden in the brush near his own cave. He peered closely, thinking himself to be the only person alive, and saw Jad move slightly from his hiding spot, adjusting himself against the warm summer ground. It had the same form as him, yet other than a few grunts which explained his needs to his cave mates, he knew nothing to say. He watched, his thick Cro-magnon skull processing the best course of action.

Suddenly, Heg stood, and bellowed loudly, his courage fed by the fact of a new discovery. He waited.

In a few moments, his exact call was returned, yet Jad remained hidden. Heg bellowed again, and again, received the same reply.

Heg frowned.

He grabbed his cudgel, dragging it behind him, thinking to go and kill Jad. It was his way. It was how to survive.

Heg walked calmly to the spot where he thought Jad was hidden, and he was full prepared to swing the huge cudgel over his head and eliminate his foe. He braced, and started to lift, then suddenly was hit in his calves by a powerful force. Heg saw a figure moving quickly as he lost his balance, and tumbled to the jungle floor.

Heg sprang back to his feet, casting glances all around him. His enemy was near, and his blood pumped the adrenalin of a vicious fight. He saw Jad move briefly, and had to charge, roaring a hideous call. Jad eluded Heg's rage, being nimble and lightly built, and held his hands up in surrender, from a few yards away.

Heg nodded, and dropped the cudgel.

Both stood looking at each other. It was the first time two species met. They didn't know to shake hands, or any of the other current formalities that our societies drape over us, but they did pace back and forth in the small clearing they had arrived in, and finally Jad bent.

"Jad", Jad said as he bowed, and stayed there.

Heg looked at this strange being who looked like him. It didn't fight, like the great beasts outside.

Heg got a thought. He would copy it.

"Heg", Heg said, and he dropped to one knee as Jad was.

The Denisovian and the Neanderthalis have met.

Jad's cave was not far from Heg's, and as Jad gave Heg words to repeat, Heg learned the concept of language. Heg learned to talk, as Jad taught him. They became friends. Their concubines interacted, and learned to talk as well from Jad's harem, so they together started the first community, nestled gently in the Indus Valley.

There should be those to refute my story, as the Denisovians were only found in Europe. I can explain, in a moment, if you will further allow me to explain the circumstances.

Humankind never had help from the stars. Aside of a stray meteor seeding the planet with basic microbes, life as we know developed here, and is only from here. We learned to interact as Heg and Jad have, independent of some need for a special deity that may save us. Back to the story.

Jad and Heg's commune became very large. Jad told Heg of the need to expand, and Heg agreed. Jad suggested to move far away, to explore the land. Heg blocked him, being content, but it started a fight, and Heg was about to slay Jad, when he stayed, and gave Jad back, his best friend, to himself.

The scouts from their commune had gone far. Jad the Denisovian knew the need to leave Heg the Cro-Magnon. Heg could be taught no further. To Jad, it was the way.

Jad slew Heg while he slept, and then took everything with him, including his and Heg's concubines,
to travel North. His destination was an island called Eire.

In the process of his travels, Jad saw the lights in the sky. He waited on the grounds of Stonehenge, once, while the ships landed, and the "others" gave him new words to speak. Wherever he went, the ships followed. He learned as they taught him. The lights brought him new knowledge.

One day, he reached his destination. He looked up, and the lights were there. He bowed to one knee, silent.

The mothership, hovering above, rang out a vibrant alarm. White light surrounded everything, and with flash, the last Denisovian vanished.

Left alone, standing there suddenly, was the first Homo Sapien.

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Wow. What great writing! I did enjoy reading your story and love how you describe your details where it makes them easy to imagine.

Is it just me, or did anyone else think of all of the cartoons of cave men when we were younger, when the man would bonk the women on the head with a club and pull her back to his cave by her hair?
Oh how different it is these days choosing who you want to mate with compared to how it was back then. might not be that different for some..JK.
I really enjoyed your story! Star & Flag!

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 04:06 AM
Quality stuff as always mate.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 01:35 PM
Very well written and colorful. Star and Flag!

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 06:31 PM
Thanks for the flags and comments (Everyone!)

I realized after a bit of thought how I veered away from the requested first person stance as was stated in the OP. (No harm intended, masqua.)

However, boncho and Tim3lord have requested a duel of words, a boyish competition, but as males we constantly strive to best the other. Perhaps it's just human nature.

I have a return salvo, and therefore, look for the next entry, entitled, "The Cratchety Man."

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