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Death- sketch I did for my next art piece.

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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by el1jah

Gotta run thanks for the input everyone!

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 09:22 PM

Originally posted by el1jah
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

What sort of program are you in? I spent a year in university for art it was divided into Graphic design or Traditional art, although the first year was basically the same so students had the option of switching programs the second year. ( I did graphic design- and hated it- oh Helvetica how you tormented me so! they made us draw by hand 30-40 pages of different fonts.... I left the second week of my 2nd year)

I'm in the Graphic Design Tech program for my Associates at the local community college. It's weighted pretty heavy on the physical print side and publishing but I've found electives to give me what I need for the web skills I'm missing as well. Primarily though, it's Illustrator and Indesign based...with some Digital image classes in Photoshop, if that gives a better idea of the scope of the program.

I hear you on Helvetica. My Typo(graphy) class is the bane of my existence. My mind just doesn't work this way. The first class was a video on the joys and wonder of Helvetica and how it's the greatest thing since sunshine and cold water.
I only thank my luck I'm only required to do 4 letters in a font creation exercise and not hand draw entire font sets. Oh...I'd give up too and people's last view would be my back as I ran screaming into the distance.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by goochball
Wow, that is pure crap....

J/k it is totally awesome. Well done.

I looked at the picture which was not what I expected to see. I thought it was done very well and I appreciated it. Then I read your comment and thought "What an ass!" Then I read the j/k part... so all is good, with a star.

Great pic OP. Well done. (I love stuff like this)

posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 08:21 PM
Nice sketch! I think your art is simply awesome actually. I'd make the scythe very long and angled, but that's my style, not yours. The chin looks like a chin to me, that's what it is.

"Helvetica" was a good documentary too if nobody's seen it. After almost 10 yrs in offset printing and graphic design it bothered me that we only used 1 font 99% of the time.

Keep up the great art.

posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 05:04 AM
I dont know how I feel about the head or the scythe, err flagpole, Im not sure what is going on there. lol. the head destroys it for me, its very goya-ish until you reach the head and then it becomes, futuristic, ruins it for me, but hey who am i to say what the piece is about.

posted on Jun, 29 2012 @ 01:01 PM
ive got a couple pictures i want to upload, one is of death. but i cant figure out how to upload them. i can put up a picture from a web page but not one from my computer, its frustrating me grrrrr

posted on Mar, 17 2016 @ 04:51 AM
As for me, when it turns to inspiration and project creation - everything happens in your head, without your efforts. But what if nothing happens? And you just need to present your project? In that case a controversial truth of designer's work comes up - you should work hard, think till your brain aches and don't just sit and wait for the muse to come! She won't! The only person who can do everything is you! And in order the work of a designer not to be so requiring and terrific, experienced professionals share their ideas in special places - try some 3d soft like this one daz3d and enrich your inspiration
Good luck!

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