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Exodus: California Tax Revenue Plunges by 22%

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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by brice

A plague of Republicans?

Los Angeles city Council. All but ONE of of FIFTEEN are Democrats.

"Plague of Republicans"....HAHAHAHAHA You've sure been duped.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 06:00 AM

Originally posted by PaxVeritas
I'm a business owner in Los Angeles.

I'll tell you the straight facts of what I see going on.

1) The number of receipts for business is going missing (unreported) because many here are fighting the local and Federal Government by hiding/lying about earnings altogether. The estimated "underground" economy (Illegal Immigrants) in Los Angeles County alone is staggering.

2) Other business owners are working and paying off the books. It's easy to hide and not regulated or audited.

3) High taxes, rents, overhead. Cost of 'doing business" here is unfair. yet the politicians here spend all of our money on public works and sectors.

4) Want a job here? Go PUBLIC. Work for the City, the State, the County. More and more are doing so, which means tax money for the Machine, and none to save.

5) Neighborhoods are falling apart. Which means customers with no money, downgrading in property values, and crime...all which are no good for business or ownership.

6) The Franchise Tax Board here is hostile to any business owner showing a profit. I've seen it first hand. It's like they HATE you if you succeed. The more you succeed the more they come after you until being John Q Citizen and honest at the game proves illogical. So you move out and take your innovation and skills elsewhere.

This is good info !

It sounds like they've flipped their lids over there !!

Looks too, like the petty jealousy complex has set in.

People just can't stand success, especially when it's somebody else.

There must be a mental problem taking over.

Be careful, or they will take others down with them.

Like they say ...

Misery loves company.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

Progressive Politics isn't really about jealousy or envy.. it's entirely about being disconnected from reality. You get the same situation whenever you deal with radical politics on any spectrum, outlandish ideas that make no logical sense. Progressivism however is more dangerous than other forms of radical political beliefs because there are a LOT of Progressives in city and state governments. Especially large cities. This is why in the past 20 years cities have done some insanely stupid things that have buried them in debt, expenses and overhead. During good economic times no one really had an issue with it because we could afford it. Ok you want to put in new million dollar bike lanes, suurreee. Go for it. Want to spend a few hundred thousand putting in a modern art sculpture. Why not. Want to pass school levies every year so we can build alternative learning facilities, hell ya!

But when economies are bad.. and you CAN'T afford it... Progressiveness becomes irrational, illogical, blatantly stupid. Because in bad times, people begin critiquing their governments actions, counting the pennies, cross checking their contracts, questioning their decisions. But the Progressives don't seem to think we care.. like we won't up and move away.. like investors won't just look elsewhere.

That's what happened to California. Since the dot-com crash the people with the means left.. and after 2008 the biggest portion of Cali wealth, equity, was demolished.. destroyed.. vanished over night before it could even be utilized. So now their progressive policies make no sense to us, while a few years ago it was paradise. It's not just California.. it's every major metro area, California's state Government just happens to be inundated with the plague of stupidity.

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