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Highway bill is worth billions to companies owned by Soros, Pickens, Douglas

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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 03:33 PM
Highway bill is worth billions to companies owned by Soros, Pickens, Douglas

Looks like the Highway (robbery) Bill is infested with Obama cronies !!
(as usual)

Although the natural gas powered engines have some merit,
they really need to keep the corruption and bribery out of the "tank" this time.

It might work then.

03/13/2012 -- Human Events

George Soros, T. Boone Pickens, Kevin G. Douglas and companies under their control stand to reap the rewards of billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies contained in a Democratic-sponsored measure set for a vote this week.

The legislation, authored by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), would amend the much-ballyhooed highway bill to include the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions act, or NATGAS act. The act would provide subsidies for individuals, corporations and public entities that purchase natural gas vehicles or build natural gas distribution facilities.

The act would subsidize three different enterprises controlled by Soros, Pickens and Douglas, who consistently rank among the most generous political donors, according to Federal Election Commission Records.


Moreover, HUMAN EVENTS has learned that one of these companies, Fuel Systems Solutions based in Santa Ana, Calif., has and continues to conduct business, through its foreign subsidiaries, with customers in Iran, according to the company’s U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings. The company acknowledges in those filings that tougher international economic sanctions levied in light of that nation’s civilian nuclear program may adversely affect its Iranian-based revenues in 2012, as such measures have in the past.

It's a Gas !!

see the article for more tunnels and "rabbit hole" connections !!


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