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The Bible and the war against God's true and only work.

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 01:23 AM
I think, at least today's regurgitated version, feels negative. I prefer the emerald tablets. Way shorter as well, for us folks that like to get to the point. Just to let you know me not agreeing with you on something doesn't mean I think you're a bad person. Some people believe city tap water is healthy, some don't.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 06:50 AM
Some of the most interesting associations is the most sacred symbol for Egypt's Religion was the Scarab. These were generally carved from a mineral called fluorite and it was considered a shielding protective talisman of sorts. Everyone in Egypt was burried with some fluoite scarab for their protection in the afterlife.

If we look even more closely, we find this mineral that Egypt made the Scarbs from forms the octahedron shape, which is the exact shape for the top of the pyramids of Egypt. So, it appears there is forming substantial interest of Egypt in this particular mineral. Pharoes would be aware of this, as would Moses. This would become some of the special issues for Moses' Ark.

If one takes a specimen of a fluorite crystal and has one triangle face toward the eye and look across the crystal to the other triangle face on the other side one find the Shield of David as the front triangle's image overlays the rear triangle's image. So, from the most revered religion issues of Egypt, one finds something assigned as special for the Ark of Moses and for David's Shield. So special they built a special elegant temple to house the secret and its power of protection.

If one takes a tetrahedron crystal and does this same thing in the projection of the outside edges, one finds the standard hexagram shape. This crystal was indeed special because if it was burned in fire, it made a poison gas that could be very useful. Moses appears to have found another way as he discovered sulfuric acid in Midian, as told in a symbolic way via the burning bush story. So, Moses could then do something more special than the Egyptian's alchemy that needed fire to accomplish the release of the poison into the air. In the old world the octahedron is symbol for air.

It gets even more symbolic in the present day science, as the most prized examples of fluorite crystals are purple, the color for royalty. These purple fluoite crystals get that color mostly due to uranium content within the crystal. So, all the Manhattan Project types that knew this association always had a purple florite crystal souvineer.

In the issues for the Manhattan Project and Uranium, the major success was due to fluorite and sulfuric acid used to produce fluorine gas and hydrofluoric acid that was used to make uranium hexafluoride gas that was the method by which uranium was enriched to make the nuclear bomb. The Manhattan Project learned Moses big secret. The atomic symbol for the nuclear bomb, the atom, contained the shape of David's Shield symbol within. So, this same symbolism has been carried on across the ages from the protective element for the Pharos to the A-bomb protection built from fluorite's magic element.

So, as we get into the latter periods the specianess of this shape of fluorite connected with shields and even the Manhattan Project became a very special symbol for the Jewish Scientists that invented the A-Bomb and one can still see the symbolism from the ancient in the present domain symbolism. Example being the statue of Mary in Oak Ridge.

Thus, for most that know the history for the shield theme of fluorite's power from Egypt, stems the theme for David's Shield with the Ark, to the theme of Jewish shield against Hitler. To the theme of purple fluorite's affinity for uranium that makes them purple or the color for Royalty. Very interesting collections of symbolisms that all follow the allegorical methods for alchemical symbolism from the ancient sciences of Egypt.

The Alchemy of Egypt is simple today, it was highly prized by the Manhattan Project, it became the symbol for nuclear energy's atom, and the symbol for a religion based on Moses to free slaves and start a monotheistic religion based upon his notes on nature's ways and less oppressive laws for man.

It is a power that could be used for evil or good, and required a moral code to decide, and its secret had to become the most Holy of the Holy in those times. Today, what was epic Holy is so simple that vapid Christians have lost all that meaning, lost the very essence of the Essene's Jesus, and become Satan reincarnate.

What is Christian today is patent religious buffoonery designed to cover up truth and continue on the low road to Hell by keeping these essential secrets needed to unlock this old history of religion.

So, to ignore these obvious associations of Moses Shield, David's Shield, and the associations to Egyptian Shields that were at the core of their religion must take the power of Satan to accomplish, as the message has always been very clearly presented from the times of old to the times of nuclear bombs.

Christians of this day are the anti-Christ, those without the simple sense to explain that which is children's chemistry today. Christians returned to all the pagan symbolism for that of Satan's imagery.

Most of the secrets for the Manhattan Project involved fluorite, as well as the bulk of the costs. The inner secret of the Manhattan Project's gas diffusion was fluorite powder sintered with nickel powder to make a special diffusion barrier for gas diffusion to work. The chemical dangers from fluorite's chemistry cost the US 25 percent of the whole project's funds trying to seal the poison gas inside because it was so dangerous to the worker's health. The Manhattan Project's mistakes burned the paint off homes and frosted half a town's glass, and killed crops and trees around many sites. This was the power of the poison Moses worshiped as a shield.

The Manhattan Project made the use of Moses special toxic fluorite most generic in chemistry. Yet, what is obvious to the Manhattan Projects to Moses is some great mystery for the vapid intelligence of the Christians of today.

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 07:39 AM

Originally posted by MagnumOpus
The blunders of religion have held the world back long enough with the dumb X symbol, so follow the Jesus upward learning symbol that intended on giving everyone the truth and also the better science for health and longevity that the Lord's Supper symbolozed. The X cross is not about Jesus, in the same sense that X-mas isn't either, these are the signs of the charletons of the anti-christ.

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So the cross symbol and therefore it's message is dumb and not about Jesus/Yehushua, the author of salvation?
Kind of silly calling it dumb, and therefore it's message, when the Holy temple's furnishings were instructed to be set up as a pattern of what's in Heaven - which turned out to be in the pattern of a cross. Thousands walked in the temple regularly, yet could not see Him when He came.

I'll choose to not view it as foolishness.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 11:32 AM
I do think everyone knows what the cross means with Herod's sacrifice altar made in shape of cross, then the temple's design as a cross. And we know that Jesus called this the Synagogue of Satan. Thus, we see clearly that which you call heaven, but isn't. You have take up the burning by fire symbols and entered into Hell. imho

What would one expect from anyone that reads one book with such a low level of understanding. I'd think the better name for this thread would be the Bible that promotes ignorance, and works against the higher knowledge.

The Essenes wanted "Heaven Upon the Earth" and all those trying to point into the sky, like Nimrod's Tower, don't follow Jesus way. Those that built their churches in the shape for a T or cross, which also built their ceilings high into that version for Heaven, also worship the Nimrod version. Neither represent Jesus' ways. Jesus forecast such temples would be distroyed and not on brick to remain standing of these that worship satan. It would appear those that read the one book failed to know Jesus.

Those that promote that all I need to know is in one book, and I need no other, promote ignorance. Speaking about Crosses many have seen these, in the Skies, from the process of what some term Chemtrails. In Revelations, it speaks to the End-Times with odd weather and not being able to tell the seasons. Yet, the issues of Freon, which was made from fluorite's chemistry alludes them. Freon dominated the cause for the Ozone Hole, and Freon is made from fluorine and chlorine, and its actions in the skies is to break down and destroy the Ozone Shield so that UV-b radiation harms the Ocean's Biota and upsets what is called the Sulfur Cycle balance and the system many call Gaia that used to regulate the Ocean's temperature via emissions of DMS that made clouds from water vapor so the heat would not deposite in the oceans.

The Ocean's heating means they can't absorb as much CO2 into their surfaces, and the UVb damages the pytoplankton which converts more CO2 than the land mass vegetations of the world. Dare we call those that read only one book and remain so ignorant of Nature's Ways and Gods ways, as any more than ignorant of God. Today, Tri-Methyl aluminum loaded rockets are fired into the atmosphere to deal with the fluorine in the upper atmosphere to combine with fluoine and pull it out of suspension and remove the Ozone Hole's poison. Those that just read one book fail to take note that Manhattan Project's Edward Teller recommended aluminum sprayed in the atmosphere to deal with global warming. Everyone that dares to read more than one book can fiind the aluminum was one of the secrets of the Manhattan Project to trap fluorine releases, and the same thing is being used right above their simpleton heads every day. Not even to notice, in their vapid romance with one book, that the very issues of Revelations is being dealt with right above their heads. One can even find the Boron technique connected with Chemtrail methods and this was what science learned from Jesus' teachings of the Lord's Supper ritual, as Grapes, Grains, and Olive Oils all concentrate Boron into their health providing textures from God.

Now the Oceans are heating, the El Nino effects warm the mid ocean currents and send more water vapor into the skies and that is the largest of the global warming gases. It also causes a redistribution of the Sun's heat into the Oceans making Climate Change effects that change the natural balances that once existed before Man's Stupidity with Freon distroyed that which God had made, using again the dangers of the fluorite chemistry. Now those who are ignorant of the Evil that Crosses represent see hundreds of crosses in the skies and airplanes criss crossed trails attempt to make the clouds that mother nature once made via natural processes. And if Revelations is true then these times of the ignorance of man's disrespect for Jesus shall be a marker for his return.

Those that carry the cross and make their churches or temples of that design are no better than Babylon's Harlots of religion, the worshipers of Satan. imho

Had those that have this one book had taken the time to read some others, they might become less ignorant of these times and notice they are not the followers of Jesus, but the corrupters of man's higher knowledge.

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Hi Magnum

You wrote,


"Phonecia put this in the land of Mt. Carmel and the home for the Essene order's high masters school and temple. Mt. Carmel taught Pythagoras all his Geometry symbolisms..."


Pythagoras of Samos (c. 575 BCE - c. 495 BCE) was said to have studied for 19 years in Egypt, but the tradition of his visiting Byblos and other Canaanite or Syro-Phoenecian towns is a little weak...and if he did visit eretz Yisro'el on his way somewhere else, it is doubtful he would have come across any worshippers or priests of YHWH the post exilic (post 450 BCE) 'single' clan god of the benei Yisro'el...he would have come across the priests of Bull El or the priestesses of Asherah or the Sidonian Milkhom or even the priests of the [orig. Mycenean] Filistine fish-god 'Dagon'---

So if you have time this month, see if you can snoop around and do some historical research into the ancient pre-Yisroelite Canaanite (which includes the Syro Phoencians !) state religions - that is before you start making bold assertions that cannot be backed up at all. Also check out Ancient Near eastern Texts by Pritchard (orig. published in 1956 but updated recently) aka ANET - it will guide you better in terms of the actual archaeology of the period on the ground and not more of your jejune Zionist fantasies !!

And the 'Ossim (Heb. for 'Doers' i.e. of the Torah, Gk: Essenoi) did not appear on the scene until much much later - i.e. c. 170 BCE in the area around the Dead Sea (Deutero-Isaiah - 'prepare a Way for YHWH in the Desert; uin the Wilderness, make a Highway for our clan-god !') , although it is very true that the Ossim (Essenoi) DID borrow and incorporate some older Pythagorean Greek 'Mystery Religion' elements, whose Greco-Egyptian ideas were imported / brought into Eretz Yisro'el after the Macedonian-Greek invasions (c. 323 BCE) which allowed Syro-Greeks to run Palestine-Israel under the Seleucids, at least until the Macabbean Revolt (c. 163 BCE) allowed for semi self rule for 100 years (2 Jubilees) before Rome invaded under Pompey (63 BCE).

So many foreign pagan non 'Yisroe'lite' elements were IMPORTED into eretz Yisro'el from far older and more sophisticated Levantine neighbours, note not the other way around. And don't forget the priests of the benei Yisro'el (who were the ones among the general population who could read and write and who could foster rebelleion and also who (incidentally !) worshipped many gods and goddesses, not just YHWH before 400 BCE !) were exiled into foreign lands such as Assyria and Babylon and Egypt where they were 'exposed' to esoteric notions which they stole (or more politely, 'adapted') to their own Weltanschauung, especially after the 'monotheistic' reforms of Ezra c. 400 BCE)

But yes, we can see that the 'Ossim/Essenoi ('Essenes') and the Pythagoreans did have several points in common, including an interest in 'prophecy' - Pythagoras himself was said to have actually studied prophecy under one of the tripod-sitting-Pythia (oracular Priestesses) at the Temple of Gaia-Apolooi at Delphi (nothing quite like breathing in so much of the giddy fumes of ethyline and methane which shot upwards for 10 days a month from the Puthos ('snakelike" i.e. the earthquake-fault /crevice' - in order to be 'intoxicated by the gods' and to spew random syllables for bystanders to 'interpret' !) which was located at the base of their Holy of Holies - and chewing laurel leaves (a halluceogenic plant) didn't hurt either !

Some later traditions even hold that Pythagoras visited Byblos (an Egyptian run city near Ugarit on the Mediterranean coast where paper was manufactured, hence, 'biblion' = 'book') and went as far as India in search of 'arcane-esoteric wisdom' - so one could imagine that he must have come across in his wide travels something approaching the shape of the mogen-david (two interlocking triangles which were emblematic of Mediaeval Judaeism after c. 400 CE) in either of those places where archaeology shows the design existed from at least the 6th century BCE...

Interestingly, perhaps, the rock-tombs and bone-boxes of the Davidds (which must at one time have housed the bones of R. Yehoshua bar Yosef the Galilean (Gk. Iesous) and/or his immeidate family..c. 200 BCE - c. 72 CE) featured a caret design ( ^ ) with a (.) underneath it carved into the rock on the lids ofthe bone boxes and on the outside doorways to identify them as Daviddic - not quite a Mogen-David (2-interloccking triangles design) but well on its way - !

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by pthena

Hi Pthena -

It would be very ironic if the mogen-David (interlocking triangle used by Jews of the middle ages) was from an older design-import into Canaan of originally Sidonian design - since the 'abominable Goddess of the Sidonians' i.e. the idols of the godddess Asherah (or Ashtoreth) their main fertility goddesses was a big thorn in the sides of the post exilic priests of YHWH after 440 BCE (i.e. the time of Ezra's reforms of the Torah) !!

[See 2 Kings 23:13 etc.]

But as you know we see the same interlocking trianlge 'alchemical' design both in India and also in China - (check out the board-design of the game of Chinese Chequers) both were quite pagan sources - far older than the culture of the benei Yisro'el (aka the Israelites ) !!!

So if it is a pagan imported emblem - why should modern-day Yisro'eli's use it on their national flag, I wonder ??

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 05:32 PM
There are many associations that the Essene, which came to form the church of Jesus as the Messiah, had many of the same as teachings and respect for the Egyptian Mystery School in common that Pythogoras held. Pythagoras teachings and general dress code shared that of the Essene around Mt. Carmel, and Mt. Carmel was considered the top of the line in Mystery School teachings.

Pythagoras had his school of learning with 7+ 3 steps that culminated in learning so much of what was considered known was wrong. Jesus made something similar via his followers that were taught on the road all the similar issues of religion that Pythagoras wanted to expose, without so much mathematics perhaps, but the Jesus Church Seal is about the teachings in going from the low to the highest or the illumination for truth on high.

The Essene Jewish followers were considered the only real application for Children of God.

From the Essene we can see that as the Phonecians got into the building for the Temple of Solomon they departed from the given directions for the house for the Ark. As Jesus predicted for the 2nd temple, due to this opulence in the temple, not one stone was left standing then either. Solomon departed from the straight and narrow and things fell apart. The 2nd temple Pharisee following Babylon's ways also fell apart, as people just don't buy Satan's need to opulence, power, and prestige. God's most pious Chosen Ones didn't need this to impress and gather a following, as they just presented the real histories for religion in simple ways of everyday life.

Those that became so dumb as to not follow the original teachings were seen as The Beasts, that were no smarter than Animals, to be herded and exploited by these methods of Satan. Like frogs in a slowly warming pot they became slowly dead in the fires of Hell and departed from Heavens Way Upon the Earth.


While "vulgar" people were not permitted access to Mount Carmel, it was a haven for holy pilgrims from various countries. In The Life of Pythagoras written in the 2nd century by Jamblichus, we learn that the great sage Pythagoras, as a young seeker, visited the Essene sanctuary atop Mount Carmel:

"In Phoenicia he [Pythagoras] conversed with the prophets who were descendants of Moses.... After gaining all he could from the Phoenician mysteries, he found that they had originated from the sacred rites of Egypt. This led him to... Egypt. Following the advice of his teacher Thales, he left... through the agency of some Egyptian sailors, and landed on the coast under Mount Carmel."

Pythagoras then climbed Mount Carmel where he evidently received powerful teachings from the Essene Nazarenes; for when he returned to the ship, the sailors, who had hatched a secret plan to sell young Pythagoras into slavery, were mesmerized by his spiritual luminosity and unable to harm him. Whatever teachings Pythagoras had studied and practiced during his stay with the Essenes atop Carmel, they had obviously served to transform him!

HE HAD CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN AS AN ADVANCED SEEKER; HE DESCENDED THE MOUNTAIN A MASTER. The sailors, reports Jamblichus, believed Pythagoras had become "supernatural". We know that Pythagoras went on to become a chief exponent of vegetarianism, reincarnation, fasting and sacred geometry -- all Essene teachings -- and that he and his followers wore only white linen garments, in the fashion of the Essenes of Mount Carmel.


We know from ancient documents that both Essenes and Pythagoreans shared many things in common. Both were vegetarian, both wore white, and both were deeply immersed in Qabbalistic studies. Pythagoras was nicknamed "the long haired one" which further links him with the northern Nazarean Essenes who were all Nazarites (long hairs). History has preserved for us a link between Pythagoras and the Mt. Carmel Essenes:

"In Phoenicia he (Pythagoras) conversed with the prophets who were the descendants of Moses the physiologist, and with many others, as well as the local heirophants . . . . After gaining all he could from the Phoenician Mysteries, he found that they had originated from the sacred rites of Egypt, forming as it were an Egyptian colony. . . . On the Phoenician coast under Mt. Carmel, where, in the Temple on the peak, Pythagoras for the most part had dwelt in solitude . . . Mount Carmel, which they knew to be more sacred than other mountains, and quite inaccessible to the vulgar..."(Life of Pythagoras by Iamblichus)



Sometime during his life, Iamblichus compiled a biography of the philospher, Pythagoras, who had lived eight-hundred years earlier, between 570-495 BC. In this biography, he writes about the twenty-two year study Pythagoras undertook in the temples of Egypt, and about his initiation into the Egyptian and Babylonian mysteries.

He also writes about one particular trip Pythagoras made to Egypt during which he landed on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There, he separated himself from society, and lived and studied with a secret fraternity, in a temple beneath Mount Carmel.


The larger Nazorean branch lived as families of both men and women, on and around Mount Carmel.

They maintained a tent tabernacle, which was con-structed according to the original directions that had been given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.” Hebrews 8:5

The sole purpose of the Nazorean Essenes was to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah into the world. They were the B’nai-Amen – the Children of God. And so it was within this sect that Jesus began his studies.

These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation. Revelations 3:14

========== &hl=en&sa=X&ei=WVZmT7fvNqrr0gGR8ZDICA&ved=0CE8Q6AEwBw

According to Higgins, Pythagoras was an Essene, having been initiated into the order on Mt. Carmel during his residence among the Nazarite members of the ...


In the fourth century B.C. the neo-Platonic philosopher Iamblicus, in his life of Pythagoras, speaks of Mt. Carmel as "sacred above all mountains and forbidden of access to the vulgar".


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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by Sigismundus

Interestingly, perhaps, the rock-tombs and bone-boxes of the Davidds (which must at one time have housed the bones of R. Yehoshua bar Yosef the Galilean (Gk. Iesous) and/or his immeidate family..c. 200 BCE - c. 72 CE) featured a caret design ( ^ ) with a (.) underneath it carved into the rock on the lids ofthe bone boxes and on the outside doorways to identify them as Daviddic - not quite a Mogen-David (2-interloccking triangles design) but well on its way - !

Most interesting. I'll look for this. Seems to suggest those higher than the Sun worshipping.

I suppose that part of the connections with the Shield of David associates with the Phonecians, as they offered to David to Build an opulent temple with the Ark, but it didn't happen until Solomon's times. The Phonecians were into these opulent temple methods, but they didn't follow the message from Moses. The Phonecians had more impressive temples than Solomons.

The Phonecians traded with the Egyptians and also got along with David's area. Egypt's symbolism would be a triangle (often a sign for intelligence) and since much of Moses theme came out of Egypt, we get a dichotomy for right and wrong using two triangle signs, one up and one down. So, the Phonecians likely came to suggest the symbol of how one religion came over the other, in power and morality. They both held the same alchemical tricks, which is the original triangle theme of octagon of nature.

According to legend, the David Shield sign came to be a symbol for his armies, and that would be well after the times of the Goliath issue. No one has found any substantial proof for that, but it is plausible considering the symbols, this Phonecian coin, and the Phonecians friendship with David.

So, I don't think the Shield theme links back to any star in their original intentions, but it has connections with their religion, their alchemy signs, and each involves a shield of defense.

As people miss these essential elements of religion, they come into the realm of the beast or those not of intelligence, those that are easily misled, those that follow so easily the ways of Babylon, those so going the wrong way they are called the Beast or dumb animals.

Most of the Beasts of Armageddon are the so called Followers of Christ going to these fancy churches that follow the opulant old temple ways to impress and not to teach the correct pious message. The Vatican is considered a huge horn of the beast due to its wrong directions. Most of the so called Christians are the Beast's elements, the anti-christs, the followers of Satan's ways.

It appears some of the numerical sign methods of Pythagoras get into these signs with numbers:



In these times, those that read one book, come into being via the Constantine Sun Worship and needs for empire, and these designs for temples of opulence as Christian churches regard to Babylon more than Moses and Essene religion temple design. appear to be the Beast.

From the sign for the Mason's with the G in the middle composed of a square and compass, some may extract the same theme as above. The downward triangle are those that seek to constuct the huge opulent temples, as per Solomon, and the higher design comes from the compass and higher knowledge of Geometry of symbols that show one the light of God---the orders of the higher truths from nature to which the Essene were reverent.

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 01:31 AM

Originally posted by MarlboroRedCowgirl

Originally posted by Badgered1
I'll live quite happily for eternity without your god.

Bonnobo's and dogs committing rape? Really? That seems like quite a stretch to me. Never seen a monkey or a dog brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead. But I guess if you equate that to humping your leg for a few minutes, you have a point.

Regarding the above statement, best of luck with that bud.

Funny thing, though, I've never seen your god put an end to such horrible acts. He/she/it/3.14 could - being all powerful - but doesn't. Probably prefers all the violence, hatred, and killing.
How many people did your god kill in the bible? Couple million?
Devil? About seven.
Which one is the all-loving creator?
Which one seems to have his killing urge more under control?
I don't believe in the devil either (he's a Christian problem - yep, even Satanists are just another Christian cult), but he seems to have less of a grudge against us. Your god loves us. We suffer a lot, but that's all part of the plan. Your god enjoys misery.

BTW: Nobody has seemed to be able to take me up on why bats have feathers and insects have four legs.
Perhaps the bible know...wrong. Must be correct. All the scientists studying insects and mammals must have missed something.

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by Badgered1

What are you asking about bats and insects?

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 07:27 AM
The war against Jesus values stems from the Christians.

One of the interesting issues from the times for David and Solmon is their connections with King Hiram and the Phonicians. The Jewish didn't know how to do fine building construction and such, but King Hiram convinced David and Solomon they needed these impressive buildings to rule. So, one was built on the pattern of Phonician designs.

In the times of Solomon he received some 666 talents of Gold for his salary. And it was this huge sum of money that is associated with the Beast. What that allowed Solomon to do was not only depart from Moses ways for the Ark's Tabernackle, but to make other religion's temples that departed from Moses teachings. The Phonecians built temples to Moloch and so did Solomon, which was pure pagan and violated the one god theme.

While the Moloch symbol is a hexagon, the shield of David was overlaping triangles with different meanings. One is pagaism and the other links to the inner secret for Moses Ark. The triangle theme of the Ark has links back to the Philosipher's Stone, which is the prime alchemical mystery. Egypt's greatest symbol was the triangle and their greatest alchemy was also associated with that geometry.

The Magic Stone was fluorite, which formed, in the pure state, as an octahedron that was the shape for the pyramids. This stone was their power of defence against others, their untimate alchemical poison that worked in mysterious ways to fell their enemies.


That is, two interlocked equilateral triangles having a common centre that form the Seal of Solomon that contains the formula that is known as the "Gem of Alchemy." This is an allusion to the famed "Philosophers' Stone," the enigmatic "Holy Grail" of the Alchemist.


This was the biggest magic of the Egyptian's Alchemy, but it also became a part of the Moses power of the Ark of the Covenant that kept a similar secret for this special shield delivered from god to Moses to set his people free. Moses method was even more mysterious as it was even more difficult to detect. With Moses Ark, only gold resisted its chemial damage, and the Ark was coated with gold to protect the wood.

Moses' Ark had some potent power, one so dangerous that people were not even allowed to touch the Ark and they had to carry it only very carefully and only using poles so as to not touch it. It sure sounds like a big alchemical poison due to those restrictions. The really big restriction was nobody was allowed to look inside, else they were killed. So dangerous was the secret for the Ark, they'd kill people to keep the secret.

As one moves on down into the more recent times one finds the First Philosopher as Pythagoras. He gives folks a glimpse on what was taught at the Mystery Schools from Babylon and Egypt and the level of knowledge. He has associations with the Mystery School of the Essene at Mt. Carmel. The Mt. Carmel folks find these problems of religions departure from Moses ideals. The Mt. Carmel people saw such perversion of the religion that they want a Messiah to reset the values of religion back the pious ways.

Unfortunately, the corruption that started with Solomon became worse with the Babylon Captivity and the design for the Second Temple. The values so eroded in religion that it was called a Den of Snakes, Synagogue of Satain, the Harlot's Temple, and other terms that recognized the evil associations with Babylon's Nimrod and Tammuz.

So, while the warnings are clear for what is the Christ values and the anti-Christ values are, as well as greed for money to depart from the values, the Christians and the Christian churches depart from these values with total disregard. They are so dumb as to be called the Beast that are incapable of high thought and the reason to see their violations against the Christ theme. It is so bad they certainly cannot be called Christians, as they more worship Satan. This so called war against the Bible is the Bible thumpers own igronance to be so herded around in total ignorance.

At this point, the world would be better off without Christian's upside down religious values. Corruption abounds in the Christian Churches and the Vatican is called out as one of the Horns of the Beast. What does the world do with such stupid people, perhaps to explain how bad they are as George Carlin did. Such wrong directions provoke wars and those on the wrong side of right are most of the Beast minded Christians. Perhaps in the War of Armageddon, Revelations tells what will become their reward. Obviously, nothing worth picking up when Armageddon is done.

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by Badgered1

Your god loves us. We suffer a lot, but that's all part of the plan. Your god enjoys misery.

No, God doesn't minimize pain and maximize pleasure. Look elsewhere for that. Perhaps "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law? There's a god you're looking for.

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 10:40 AM
I do believe we have clearly demonstrated that there is no God, due the absolute depravity of the Christians to follow Jesus's ideas.

God was a concept in the minds of men. The God concept for Moses was one for shaping moral character and some simple rules to live by, and Jesus theme much the same. Other Concepts for god were nothing more that about killing, gaining wealth, gaining power, and using the illitaracy and superstitions of primitive man, these the evil concepts. The simple gods that were just symbols of nature, are more pure of intent than Christians evil intent.

Christians exhibit no sign of intelligence gained from a higher being, NONE.! Else, their corruption is so extreme that any alledged God has totally washed his hands of their salvation. The Christians adopted Satan, and they work for wars, power, control to enslave the planet economically.

Athiests, at this point, are more pious than Christians or their counterparts in Judaism that follow Babylon's game for power and riches. imho

Christians have become the hunters of men, and the rebirth of Nimrod tyranny over the planet.

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So I have come to the conclusion that you are simply trolling this forum. I'm not going to continue a dialogue based strictly on opinion . This forum is about "opinion" based in religious/scriptural references, of which you have none. I would rather discuss issues with someone who has a genuine questions and will listen to responses they don't want to hear. I am willing to do the same.

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Interestingly, perhaps, the rock-tombs and bone-boxes of the Davidds (which must at one time have housed the bones of R. Yehoshua bar Yosef the Galilean (Gk. Iesous) and/or his immeidate family..c. 200 BCE - c. 72 CE) featured a caret design ( ^ ) with a (.) underneath it carved into the rock on the lids ofthe bone boxes and on the outside doorways to identify them as Daviddic - not quite a Mogen-David (2-interloccking triangles design) but well on its way - !

The only reference that I know of regarding that tomb:

from the 2007 Discovery Channel documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" which I watched after it first came out.
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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 02:38 PM

Originally posted by MarlboroRedCowgirl
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This forum is about "opinion" based in religious/scriptural references, of which you have none.

I would hope we could throw some common sense in there too but...

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by MarlboroRedCowgirl
reply to post by Badgered1

So I have come to the conclusion that you are simply trolling this forum. I'm not going to continue a dialogue based strictly on opinion . This forum is about "opinion" based in religious/scriptural references, of which you have none. I would rather discuss issues with someone who has a genuine questions and will listen to responses they don't want to hear. I am willing to do the same.

Not a bit of it. The subject of the thread is that the bible is your gods "true and only work."
If there are errors in the bible, and I point them out, how am I trolling?
If it's a true work, and your god is infallible, then there should be no error. There should be nothing open to interpretation (especially amongst the "laws").
If the bible describes a bat as a 'fowl', it should have feathers. If insects crawl on all fours, what are the other two legs for?
If the Nephilim/giants were an abomination, and the great flood was to wipe everything bad out, why were there "giants in those days and after"? Were they on the boat? Or were the invincible against your god's wrath?
Oh, I used biblical references... You might have one around you could check my work against. Then again, you might not.

God exists because he wrote about himself in a book? At a time when very few could read. Not really the way to universal acceptance (unless you throw in forced adoption by his chosen few). Historical markers are in the wrong place. Geographical/astronomical markers are in the wrong place. There are multiple contradictions.
There are many coincidental references to events/stories pre-christian mythology.

Perhaps you should read the bible. There you will find many errors. This indicates that it was likely written by poorly educated people, far away from the source, many years later, and with little care for facts.
An all-knowing, all-powerful, Alpha-Omega wouldn't make errors. That proves fallibility.

To believe that the bible was written by a deity, and to accept everything in it as truth, says more about Christians than I could ever 'troll' with.
Much was lost in translation from earlier texts. Much was misunderstood. Much was simply made up.
It's all in there. All you have to do is read it without blindly accepting it as 'truth.'

So please don't accuse me of trolling. I am simply arguing that the "true and only work" is neither true, nor original, nor is it written by a deity. I'm sticking to the thread.

It's not a 'War' either. It's critical observation of a publication that contains flaws.

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Originally posted by pthena
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The only reference that I know of regarding that tomb:

from the 2007 Discovery Channel documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" which I watched after it first came out.
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That sure looks like the correct language and Essene type credits as Mary was an Essene Master and the Mother of Jesus


In addition to the "Judah son of Jesus" inscription, which is written in Aramaic on one of the ossuaries, another limestone burial box is labeled in Aramaic with "Jesus Son of Joseph." Another bears the Hebrew inscription "Maria," a Latin version of "Miriam," or, in English, "Mary." Yet another ossuary inscription, written in Hebrew, reads "Matia," the original Hebrew word for "Matthew." Only one of the inscriptions is written in Greek. It reads, "Mariamene e Mara," which can be translated as, "Mary known as the master."


In terms of the Essene's School at Mt. Carmel there is little doubt that Mary known as Master would belong to many other women, as the Essenes were not that large a group. Most of the Essenes were male, in Jerusalem and Qumran, only the Mt. Carmel did the family life and they were few in numbers.

Jewish Temple only allowed Male Rabbis, and women were not part of the Rabbis. All the Non-Essene used the women for servants. Only the Essene allowed women high places in their temple's leadership and used the term Master. In Jerusalem the way to find the Essene there was to look for the males at the well gathering the water, as all others were females and not of the Essene Quarter in Jerusalem.

I'd say that makes it about 99.999 percent certainty.

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Looking like a bit more geometry is inside the tomb on bone boxes.

It is starting to look like these Christians are falling all over themselves to avoid telling about this Tomb and these interesting symbols showing up. Plus, that Master Term that only applies to the Essene.

Add to this that nearby Tomb with the Jonah Whale sign, and the pieces sure support each other.


Photo 23 looks mighty interesting as the outside symbol is on the ceiling too.

It is beginning to look like the Christians have achieved a special Egyptian State called deNile aka Denial.

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While we are speaking on the topic of Videos and DVD's, which aren't included in the Bible so all those thinking one book gives them all they need to know remain rather ignorant of what the rest of the world knows. That is also a form of Denial also, very intentional, very deliberate designed in ignorance.

Now this Video picked up where the Bible Land Adventurer named Ron Wyatt from Tennessee left off. Ron had an interesting Museum in Gatlinburg for a time and he has since passed and the Museum is down near Nashville these days. Ron found the Red Sea Crossing, which ole Solomon happened to also find and stuck up some nick ingrave columns there. Ron made some good photos of those and that started the whole Nine Yards of all these miracles as being just the ways of nature. Ron also followed along that Solomon hint and didn't have any problems at all finding the high mountain with the top burned black over near Midian in Saudi Arabia.

So, all that got some interest from Germans to go check this out and they made this nice video that takes one there to see some of it for themselves.

I have seen this video and it is excellent. We find the Moses Mtn of the Laws and get some excellent undersea mapping of a tectonic faul under the Red Sea that made a land bridge back in the old days of Moses.

So, we are finding lots of Natural Order related things that these old folks from Moses day called the workings of god, but were basically all about what we call the mother nature effects of volcanic regions of the East African Rift Zone.

It would appear that lots of these Christians that read from only one book and think they know it all, have missed the boat when they handed out intelligence genes at birth or somewhere.

I think we've identified lots of great prophets, still can't find no immortal person out there.

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