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Alien Abduction: My personal account. [CWC]

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:16 PM
I've wrestled myself for many years before telling this story, and only three others still alive can confirm it. It's not I story I could run to the press with, not then, but now, because they told me when the time would be.

They've set a date, and it's only through my ability as a human to type on a keyboard and relate events that I'm able to share this at all, because out of the thousands they've abducted, most remain irrational.

From all the scattered stories across the interwebs of alien abduction, there is but one truth prevailing from all the other misconceived perceptions. I cannot fault their methods, because they see what we ourselves cannot, and the muddling of minds was a required method of explaining themselves to us.

The prevailing truth is thus: Contact is imminent.

Perhaps I should go back, to the first encounter I remember, to a time many, many years ago, in my childhood, when I first met them horrified in a state of sleep paralysis. Without opening my eyes, I could sense they were there, and I resisted them. At least, I thought I had. They manipulate your mind. That is another offshoot in this story, for they are not malevolent, quite to the contrary, and wish no harm upon us, which is the main message they have to share.

The second time I opened my eyes, and saw six bulbous head shaped beings, each with dark slanted eyes, three to each side of my bed, and the nearest on my right placed an implement near my right ear, and I faded away. I awoke aboard a ship of sorts, at least nothing I recognized as my own room, but yet in dimly lit darkness. Those are the only fragments I had until now.

They did take me that night, and many nights, thereafter, but blanked my mind by the means they have. I know not what high technology they use, but they are vastly superior to us. Let me continue my narration.....

In my first abduction I was but age five, a fact they have since revealed to me. I am now a old man, upwards of seventy-five years, but I don't look a day above thirty. They have changed me, the rate at which my cells divide, and therefore prolonged my life. They have superior knowledge of the human physiology, and have told me they have have many many others they have "taken". The whole abduction event is a process, they say, to wean the weaker minds from the bold.

All that is ancient. It's history to me in this timeline that we call our existence. They would have me as but a messenger among many, to tell my own story, and to watch the rest unfold from their perch above the stars.

And so I talk, to you tonight, providing a message to heed or forsake. They have taken me for years, returning me, wiping my memory, but placing within it an ideal. Peace is not so far from my understanding, but it is for others. Many cannot forgive, and that is the tear that if they could shed, that would fall from their cold alien cheeks. They have lost the meaning of compassion, of love, of caring. They wish to cull from us the meaning of the same, but it appears we may have lost them as well. Only your heart can tell.

They asked me to ask you, do you know the meaning of love? Can any human define that?

They await your answers.

As do I.

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:58 PM
yes i can

its something you care for
its something you want to protect
its something you want to rest your entire life with
its something you would die for
its something you can share
it is many thing and probably still buried deeply inside them

i had sleep paralysis event in my life, one that i have seen a shadow moving. when that happened, i couldnt move, speak, think normaly, all that was left seem to be my instinct, survive and i forced myself to move until i burst a loud a la battle cry and rushed in my room to see what was that shadow but nothing was there

there was also that other time when i was younger, some giant tiger without the fur with a pointy tail woke me up during my sleep. when i opened my eyes i saw this right on me. it seemed like it got scared of me because i wasnt supose to be awake, it vanished in smoke and exit threw the window seeling it shout. i got very scared but even to this day im not sure who was scared the most. me or that thing.

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 09:04 AM
From one old man to another, I understand, but each day I wish for my memories to be returned. I have fragments and can only remember those from when I was a child in the 40's. However, there are changes, accelerating with myself and wife, she too is one. What is incredible is, that others when you take what we know, our visions, dreams and some memories together, it cannot be told and believed. In the last week alone, a white orb modified our lives, followed by a pale tall female at my bedside; new doors are opening. Much of the taking is in the astral or spiritual, not physical now.

As a footnote, I wish they could have prevented me from hurting my body, but then I am healthy in spite of all the artificial joints. LOL.

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 03:33 PM
These Aliens that you speak of are the fallen ones, from the grace of god they long for that felling that has been taken from them.This is how they lost it, love can be explained in words but that emotion to some will never truly be understood.

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