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Answer the questions.. You ARE under oath

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:17 PM

Originally posted by SageBeno
reply to post by GreenEyedVixen

I say three days because I tend to get an idea.... Then eventually the more I think of it the more power it has on my thought process. I have been told I have had wisdom beyond my years even as a child I have a different perspective I guess you could call it.i often ponder hugely philosophical topics....but they always just randomly pop in my head.... I just see it as being awake. The ones who are blind are the ones keeping themselves occupied by routine.

I think,you are asking the wrong people. I know I feel the same. Maybe we should start searching for the right ones.

I feel this isnt my first life...or my last

Exactly! I feel that without pondering, you are losing what it means to be human. We are innovators, pioneers, artists...

Animals have routines, animals have instincts, but we have a thought process. We have minds. This is what separates us from animals, yes?

I believe people have forgotten these things, we have forgotten what it truly means to be human. We are distracted by typical day-in-day-out routines, that we lose track of the bigger picture. That is what the MSM provides us with, distractions from who we really are. We never have to ponder or think things out of the box, because it's all right there for us. They do the thinking for us and we listen, and this is how we live our lives.

We were put here to tend to the Earth, to care for it. To live in harmony amongst nature and animals and we do the exact opposite. We make nature our enemy and destroy it constantly. We do the exact opposite of our intentions. I don't mean to sound like a hippie or a tree-hugger, by any means, but I just feel as if that would be the only plausible reason for us to be here with such intelligence that exists in no other species.

I kinda ranted but eh

Anyways, you are unfortunately the first person I have seen with views regarding this as I do. So, this is cool hahahaha. We can't possibly be the ONLY ones though

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by GreenEyedVixen

We are not I promise! people like us are not understood like others so we've probably just aired our ideas and not had anyone see them clearly so we keep them to ourselves.
I agree with you completely about the trees and the life. Not until we figure how to sustain our planet will we be worthy of a permanent place in this universe.

I like you!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by SageBeno

Well, I don't keep quiet. I speak my mind and people call me crazy lol.

Doesn't even phase me to be called crazy anymore, I have heard it far too many times to care.

But, I like you too!
I am glad I can relate to someone

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by Green.EyedVixen

Well I beg you to share all of your ideas with me... They will never fall on deaf ears.
And in return I will share mine... The last few years have provided many counts of syncroniticies and I feel theyre more than simple coincidence.

I would love to hear your experiences!
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:16 PM
You can see quite a bit of my experiences described in many of my previous posts and replies to threads, but I'll sum up some of my experiences here and you wish to inquire further upon my statements then I will be around to reply

Basically, strange experiences have orbited around me my entire life. Even before I can actually remember there are stories of me encountering the paranormal.

My first experience took place when I was about 13 months old. (This story has been told to me time and time again from my grandparents, parents, and my older cousins, I have no actual recollection of this) I began walking when I was 8 months old so I was already pretty mobile. Anyways, my great uncle had died when I was about 8 months old aswell, he died in one of the spare rooms at my grandmother's house. So I would go in there to play as my toys were still in there and my grandmother said I'd always say something about "That man! He's in the hole!" or "That man's gonna get me candy" and I'd be pointing at nothing pretty much. One day, they decided they wanted to rip up the carpet in there and install hard wood floors. As they were ripping up the carpet, I was in there trying to "help" but really just playing around, as kids do. Anyways, they looked at me and I was doing the same arm movement that my uncle had done when he was dying, as he had a stroke and his arm was waving back and forth uncontrollably and I kept saying "Sis" which were his final words directed at my grandmother because he was trying to ask her to call the paramedics and couldn't get it out. Mind you, I wasn't around at all when he'd actually died in that room... and I was so young I remember none of this.

Moving on to the experiences I do remember I have seen balls of blue light follow me my entire life. When I was younger from 5-10 I would seen them moving very fast. It'd just been one at a time though and it would move so fast it looked as if it were bouncing from wall to wall, and my family started to realise when it was happening because I'd be looking all around the room and not say a word like a cat spotting a fly.

When I was 12, my baby sister had passed away and she was 17 months old at the time of her passing. During the time she was hospitalized, I would rub lavender lotion on her to keep the bed from chafing her. Well, when she finally passed away after three weeks of being in the hospital I was staying with my aunt as my mother was trying to send me back to school and my aunt was taking me to school. I awoke to this overwelhming scent of lavender and it was like I knew "She's finally moved on". My aunt tried to send me to school that day, and I refused because I told her I knew she was gone, and she finally broke down and told me that it had happened and my mother wasn't ready to tell me yet.

At 14, I was standing outside, just admiring the night sky with my grandmother, looking at cloud formations and such. We seen this strange looking cloud, and kept talking about it, and looking at it. Then finally, something emerged out of the cloud. So ridiculously far away though, we of course couldn't make out exactly what it was. It continued to enter and exit this cloud again and again, and after awhile of doing so, something flashed around us. The light was so bright I honestly could not see anything for a good second, I lost track of my grandmother who was standing right next to me. After the flash, the unknown flying object was gone and so was the cloud it was hanging around.

During these years I of course continued to see the flashing blue lights and experience other smaller scale things.

However, once I was 17, was when things started becoming truly apparent.

My friend and I were relaxing after a long day at day school and night school(14 hour school days >.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by SageBeno

--as we had seen it above the trees that were in MY neighborhood. He walked me to my door and everything that night the both of us were so afraid.

This is the most recent phenomena I have experienced, which I cannot find much information regarding exactly what I have seen. Just a few months ago, around November I was out in the woods with two friends. We had driven there to start a small, quiet bonfire. From the position we were in the woods, we could still see the road clear as day. Upon starting to construct the bonfire, something again, draws my attention away from the social event. I am now turned, away from my friends and am facing the road in complete shock of what I am seeing. I hear them ask what I'm looking at, and out of my peripheral vision I see them turn as I was and stop all movement and talking. All three of us that day had witnessed an orb, about the size of a softball, freefloating, and traveling in an up and down up and down curved type of motion along the shoulder of the road. They began freaking out saying "We're not even high yet and we just seen that!" stuff like that

After our bonfire, and deep discussion on the paranormal and such brought on by what we had just seen, we leave the woods and drive back into town. As we are heading into town, we must follow a relatively long road to get there. On this road, we witness this same blue ball, traveling in the same motion as before down the same road we were on AGAIN. This time we had really freaked out and vowed to stay inside for the rest of the evening because some weird stuff was going on outside. So I had witnessed this anomaly TWICE in just one night, within just two-three hours of each other. Was it the same ball, following us perhaps? Following me? So many questions and so little answers to be found....

And this, is but a small summary of the main paranormal events I have experienced throughout my life. Many little psychic phenomena in the meantime, but it happens so often anymore it's hard to keep track of the little things in my head. I was thinking to start writing EVERYTHING down for mere personal reference, in the least.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by GreenEyedVixen

I believe there is a certain interest in you with the orb, but I do not know if that has to do with the craft. Certain people attract things.... Unexplained things. I think youre one of them..

Lucky you ^_^

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:44 PM
Under oath...I plead the fifth...and reserve my right to not be incriminated!

You pose some interesting questions...and I fear that a simple yes or no is falling short of what I do believe!

Some are explained...some not...I can only for sure say that I am not sure!

Flip flopping a bit...ya...but in this case...I think it's about all I can do!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by SageBeno

Hmm, but unfortunately it is just blue orbs of which I have no explanation of and haven't seen/heard about anything like what I have seen. Even across the world wide web. Seems extra strange to me.

Lucky me, I suppose

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by SageBeno
reply to post by schuyler

The connection between not wanting to succeed in life is not with aliens, its that we are being lied to about the existance of life. Say you become a millionare... Great... What to do with your money? Say youre a cool guy and want to start spending your money on space exploratiin.... Then you find something then o snap, cant tell earth mate.....everyone'd go spastic..couldnt handle it (says NASA). THEYRE WRONG. We are the little group of cavemen in the corner of the universe, sure probably more advanced than some in ways but obviously less in others.

I'm sorry, but that statement makes absolutely no sense to me. You originally talked about the lack of will to succeed in life. That's all. Now you've tacked on this speculative series of potential decisions that you say would be stifled if aliens are here and we've been lied to about it? Tell that to Paul Allen or Jeff Bezos. The will to succeed has nothing at all to do with wanting to explore space. Becoming a millionaire might mean you can buy an extra house or an RV, but it surely won't allow you to pretend you are Captain Picard and explore space. The whole idea is nonsensical.

What does your gut tell you though... Tell me what you truely believe all excuses aside tell me what the very basis of you believes (sic) when it comes to other life.

I already told you. It is improbable that there is not other life in the Universe. That's old news that has been said by many people many times. It's completely trite and innane, an eye roller if there ever was one. It's a philosophical yawner. It's also highly probable that the sun will rise tomorrow and that I will do the laundry tomorrow. All those things are a given, but what you cannot do is extrapolate from that high probability to "facts" you simply do not know.

You are trying to put together a string of statements that you think follow a logical order. In fact, they don't. Only your first statement is probably true. The rest are mere speculation. But let's parse this down to its gritty elements. Here's what you are saying in a nutshell:

"Aliens are here. This has been covered up by TPTB. THEREFORE I have no will to succeed and don't feel human."

In starting this thread you are demanding answers from others. If we don't answer like you think we ought to, you argue with us. Presumably you want to find out if others feel the same as you do. You want to be "affirmed" in your thought process. As you can see, a lot of people are not taking the bait here.

I see no connection whatsoever between the unproven possibillity of an alien coverup and a personal will to succeed or feel human. The two are not related at all. If you and others feel that way, then I would suggest you have a personal problem and could benefit from some counseling.
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