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I am just a girl..

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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by Katharos62191

It always was trying to warn me, advise me to ignore those outside my property. Not to persue such nonsense, of course I was too curious and again felt all powerful. The master, I'm the one alive. I can see things no one else can see. I can travel places no one else can go. I'm practicing runes, meditation and magick and it works.... In my quest for other skills to hone, I decide to give channeling a go and invite Dajni to speak through me. I get her to draw me pictures, I get her to write me letters, show me memories... The deeper I go, the harder it gets to climb out but I'm just to arrogant to think of this.

I start to feel weak constantly, I turn greasy and sweaty. I sleep even less, and when I do I get attacks of night terrors, and sleep paralysis. One night, I fall so deep I wake up and I feel like I can't see I'm so tired. I force myself awake, and I get into the hall, try to turn the light on, but it's burnt out I force my way in the bathroom and I wake up in bed.... Tired, can't see straight. Deja vu am I still dreaming, get to the hall. The light works, thank god, Stumble in to the bathroom, I can't even see myself in the mirror. Turn the water on splash it on my face, and woah. I'm okay, wtf just happened. So now, I'm more scared. I don't want to sleep, I'm going crazy because I haven't gotten to dream in a week, I miss my control. I miss my world, my masterpiece. I finally decide to tell the shadows to # off. I try to be in control, and tell them I am displeased. I stop auto writing. I stop meditating, I just want to quit. I don't want to play anymore.

How ever, every time I try to sleep, the ringing comes then the paralysis, how ever I don't get the crushed chest, or old hag syndrome. Yes the sleep paralysis sounds like normal SP stories everyone has, but I get this ringing, then I open my eyes and see them, slam them shut and try to ignore them. I then feel like they are peering at my face. Then I feel it, it feels like they are trying to drag me out of bed, I become over come with terror, I start to tingle, there is this high pitched whine in my ears it becomes all encompassing, like binaraul beats sound but super high pitched. I feel like they are taking me, so I try to scream, fight anything but I can't. I feel like I'm getting cold, and I'm about to be dragged away, I can smell them they smell of dirt and sweet smoke. They are really rough, clawing, tearing pulling, desperately trying to take me from my bed, but they almost seem too weak. I learn to wiggle my toes and fingers, rub my tongue on the roof of my mouth, anything to break the paralysis.

I eventually break down crying, I'm desperate. I'm going insane, mom maybe I am nuts I need help. She asks me if I'm using drugs, I say no. She tells me I'm have night terrors and it's quite common. I feel no comfort in this. I'm losing my mind, so she tells her friend who says perhaps I am trying to astral project. She explains, I need to learn to relax, and that I'm seeing these things because I am afraid... As well to smudge to cleanse the house. This really didn't work. The problem was much worse than that, and because I didn't tell them the whole story, what else were they to believe. What follows is the worst month of my life. I try this relaxation, and try to ignore them, and at times I get so scared I black out only to wake a few hrs later and cry because I'm so scared. This isn't working. So my Aunt is over one evening, with my mom. I'm sick, weak and tired, they are drinking. A lot actually, my aunt and her husband had been fighting, and they were thinking about a divorce. So it was on, sisters were getting their drink on.

The evening carries on, and my aunt starts to act weird. Still socializing, still drinking, but just looks funny. Acting weird, and refers to herself kind of odd. We ask her if she's okay she says she's great. my dog whines a little bit we tell her to go in the other room and lay down with her sister( different older dog, we just consider them siblings.) she reluctantly goes. My aunt continues to socialize but she's staring at me, then she starts asking me how have I been sleeping, almost taunting me, I tell her that I haven't been sleeping or feeling well. She kind of seems condecsending and cruel. She lectures me, and says I should go to bed. That I need my strength. My dog comes back and starts whining I say what, and goes to come over and my Aunt literally grabs a fist full of my dog. She yelps tucks her tail and snarls. She slips free and runs back out of the room a little, as soon as my aunt passed the french doors. She turns around what was I saying ? and is herself again. Says she's sorry I'm not feeling well, and that I'm probably over tired and maybe I have the flu or something.

Out of space p#3

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by Katharos62191

Hey there, I just find it nice to connect with those who have experienced different things. There is a nice little community of people on a site called there are a few people there who share their experiences and there is not the aggressive attitude that is sometimes displayed here. One of the reasons I dont come here too often is because the attitudes of some of the people are really unpleasant. Have a look at the site and you will see me there.



posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 01:09 AM
reply to post by Katharos62191

My aunt and mother then proceed to tell me their friend Alita does psychic Readings and that they were thinking about having a little ladies gathering with food and bevies and get their readings for kicks. They ask If I'm working, and that Alita wants to talk to me about my astral traveling. The next weekend she comes out, and she comes up to my room when she first comes over because I didn't really care about hanging with my mom aunt and their friends, I just wanted to see the psychic. My mom is showing her the house, she comes in after my mom, and she's looking around the room, around my bed. The ceiling, toward the closet, my window facing the garden... She says, hello. Nice to meet you, is super sweet. So I head downstairs, and wait my turn for my reading. I'm going to go last, as I kind of didn't want everyone to hear mine.

After everyone had, had their turns some of the girls started to leave and I sit down to have my reading. I give her my Onyx celtic cross necklace and she starts in. She asks me who the little girl is, I tell her. She tells me about my wolves, and that they are my mate, and a cub from a previous life. They had chosen to be my guardians. Ghalen is a guide of both my mother and myself. The tall giant is a shy creature, always watching, always guiding , trying to experience our lives through observation. She doesn't mention the umbrella man, how ever she mentions the people watching from the fence. The roman on the roof who wishes to challenge me, as well she mentions that there is something dark in my room, something I invited. That there was an open doorway, that unfortunately I had opened. It happened to be out in my back yard, about 9 feet from my shed, and 9 feet off the ground. I had unintentionally created this door way, to escape this reality, and my disdain Angst and negativity had drawn something in, as well I was communicating and inviting others in with out proper protection, and grounding. I had crossed a line. My arrogance, my negativity, my superiority complex had brought something that wanted my energy, that wanted to make me feel small and put me in my place. If I don't want to be in this world, it's willing to help... I asked for it, maybe indirectly, but I called and it answered. Now unfortunately I had to fix it.

I had to learn to ground myself, learn to protect myself, beg dajni to leave me be. Ask for angels( I'm not religious, but they most certainly exist as do demons, Hell one is playing with me.) I had to stop asking them to come. Stop, asking them questions and this was hard, because I was doing it subconsciously. I was curious as to why they were there and they wanted to answer. They wanted in too. I smudged endlessly, I prayed even though I don't believe in god. I prayed to the angels, I begged for forgiveness, I begged for their help. I meditated, and asked my guides to protect me, and take me to safety. I banged on the doors of elysium, and camped on the other side of the river. Just out of reach of the darkness, but not quite in safety. Slowly, I started to feel better, but I knew I couldn't remain at this residence. I opened the door, I had to shut it, and to shut it I had to go. I loved living on the edge of those woods, the garden was beautiful. The neighbourhood was quiet and comfortable, but I had to move. There was no more I could physically do to shut the door I had mistakenly open. I want to write more, but I have to sleep for work. I can come add more tomorrow night if anyone is interested.

Blessed be, and as tempting and easy as it may be to hide in the dark. Always walk on the path to the light.

Blessed Be.


posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 01:13 AM
it's 10:25pm here in Vancouver Canada , I'm 18 year old closet nerd kind of guy. Anyways I've been trying and trying to push past mental barriers and attain enlightenment, or at least a fragment of it, I meditate often, tell myself that I will lucid dream or connect with source, but I have yet to see results and it's frustrating, the closest thing to paranormal that's happend to me was when I was a child of 3-5ish I was in a crib, and the room went cold and fear swept over me, there was a swarm or darkness above my bed speaking a garbled muck and it returned a few times, and I had terrible nightmares and wet the bad after that till I was 11, I was so scared to even breath while I was in bed for fear "they" would take me, I slept under covers for years, till I mustered up the courage to sleep without my blanket fortress. I told it that it has no power over me, since then I havent had a single bad dream, but on occasion I get an uneasy vibe and have to take a quick glance just to make sure. I try to be a good person, just help when it's needed and whenever i feel that bad thing near I mentally destroy it, though I i still have discomfort with mirrors and closets.I haven't had a real experience with the different planes of existence, I have tiresomely tried to open my third eye with no resolve. No UFO encounters nor anything special, though I share your fascination with the sky and find orions belt to be my favorite thing to observe. Any tips on how to see the world for it's truiedity or have a lucid dream, or anything freeing. Il be applying to the Canadian forces in a couple weeks, and I wonder what your take on it is (the military). Im slowly trying to understand the metaphysical. Dogs and I always get along regardless of breed, much like yourself. What are your thoughts on life after death, I like the reincarnation till youve achieved soul mastery theory myself. Last thing... I have incredibly violent dreams almost every night, and when there not violent I have beautiful dreams where I have my own family , loving wife and happy home, only to wake to mundane reality, just curious why you think this may be? Have a good one sincerly:Jon

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 02:23 AM
wow this is the most friendly thread Ive been on in a long time, seems like a conspiracy in it self

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 02:37 AM

But besides that, heres the dream..I dreamt of being in an all red room, no idea where I really was. I was laying on my back, teasing the figure in front of me, wrapping my legs around his legs, obviously being sexual trying to pull this man towards me. I look up to see a very tall, very muscular, all green in color man, with warrior looking black paint painted around his eyes. All he was wearing was a cloth , over his ya know, and sandals that wrapped up his calves to his knees. I was aware as to what I was doing, I was in a very randy state at the least.. He was conversing with a womanly figure next to him, who wore an all red and black robe, she had long hair and was so beautiful, she wore beautiful twisted horns on the front of her forehead.. He consorted to her about me, I could tell they were discussing what to do with me. She waved her hand, as to brushing me off or saying "Do with her what is needed".. I was too randy in my dream to worry, but I do remember wondering what in the world am I here for, and what are they talking about. Usually I am out and about traveling and exploring in dreams. Why am I here, in this room? The women left the room for the Green man to turn me around for me to feel an orgasm that I literally have never felt in real life. Yes I know you guys are like Okay is this a wet dream!? NO, there was no sex that gave me this orgasm. Just him touching me. He induced an unworldy orgasm to me I longed to feel again at the time. Later in the dream I found myself sitting next to this Green man, listening to him speak.. He told me.. (not using my name ) "Nameless, You can Play, You just can NOT play on the lawn."

I would love to have sexual dreams but I find that I rarely get them. But besides that I love to discover and listen to people of what they have to say about their dreams. Gets my brain functioning again, after mindless duties at work which doesn't require any thinking. lol

Anyway when you were in the dream how did you end up feeling after the erotic experience?
But the last part of what the green man said got me thinking. You can play, but not on the lawn.

What lawn is there that you can't play on? I won't play on someone elses lawn. But I would forsure have the right to do whatever the heck I want with my own lawn. Except for going as far as destroying my lawn.

When I'm walking through a beautiful park, where there's tons of flowers. Sometimes there's a sign that says keep off grass. I don't have to walk on the grass to admire the beauty of my surroundings. I just like to observe and not get too close. Don't want to play on the lawn because it leaves imprints and it won't look as nice.

So maybe becareful of the kind of beings that you meet, your lawn is your sanctuary. Don't let yourself or any other being destroy your lawn. Treat it with respect, and take care of it, nurture it, water it, fertilize it. It carries life, each blade of grass in your lawn carries a part of your life.

That's what I think of what the green man had to say. You can have fun, but don't get into trouble that might affect your life.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by Katharos62191

I don't know if its a norm in America but here in Asia when a girl reaches 21 years of age, on her birthday she'd be given a gold pendant of a key with the "21" as the "teeth" of the key. Its signifies your key to independance. After 21 they can go out and date or move out and stay by themselves. Anyway have a good life, enjoy and its good to see you reply to everyone.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 03:58 AM

Originally posted by Katharos62191
reply to post by TiM3LoRd

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and write me back!
I, matter of fact, am doing a research paper on my own father and his story with acromegaly right now.
His tumor happened to be malignant, literally not showing up on the radar until he was middle aged.
His tumor, the size of a walnut the doctor put it, induced some of the most intense, beautiful lucid dream my father has ever experienced. That says a lot to me because my fathers dreams have always been and already were out there.
I am researching more on the brain and pineal gland during dreams in general. I would like to know the way my dads situation effected him on the dream plane as well as on the physical.

I enjoy reading that you can induce a lucid dream yourself! You and my father both now have suggested to talk to and say things basically detesting the existence of a dream person, of any sort, or messing with them. Just taking control in general.

I will be honest and tell you the last time I questioned a females intentions in my dream, and told her "You are not my mother, my Mother does not speak this way"
She came back with very weird, almost beady eyes, and stared at me and stated something confusing to me, "And you do not see me complaining, that you are not my real daughter, do you?"
I did not know how to respond because I was baffled.

Also had a recent lucid where I saw my boss ( I manage at a men's wear house over a team of 14)
He was full in a full tuxedo, strutting his stuff, and he is an elderly man.. He walked past me in one of our most expensive tuxes and I remember turning to him and saying " Well Hey Good Lookin!"
Only to get a "This is coming out of your paycheck!" "Doh!" I thought good thing I am asleep that is a $200 tux just for rental! I enjoy when I remember and know I am thinking these things and aware in dreams. I find it extremely interesting we can be awake while we are not awake, if you know what I mean!

Thank you for taking the time to actually read my story and respond!
I hope you do travel back to my page when I put up a thread about my father and his experiences with Lucid Dreaming and what not!!
Thanks again, TiM3LoRd!

It was a pleasure to respond to such an emotionally unrestricted post.

I must say I have been on this site for a while and I was taken back by your frank and detailed description of yourself your situation and your family. Sometimes I forget that behind the avatars there are real people with real experiences some very similar to mine and some completely alien to mine(i mean the term alien as foreign not extra terrestrial). I hope your father recovers but doesnt loose his ability. It seems your family has a very strong sense of empathy or at least thats what i feel from the way you write.

I will warn you to be careful around some of the sharks around ATS as they have a tendency to pray on the gentler members but for the most part we are all decent folk trying to figure out the great mystery that is our lives in the best way we can.

Drop me an U2U when you do author that thread as I would greatly enjoy participating in a discussion about yours and your fathers Lucid experiences and I will share mine.

Till then.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 04:03 AM
Just finished reading your posts. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to the schizophrenic diagnosis as well. I started having what I guess I would call an awakening about 3 years ago. I started to question everything and to be honest I got caught up in a lot of fear. After some strange experiences I went to the doctor and tried to honestly explain what I was experiencing. I was taken to the hospital straight from my doctors office. I had no idea what was going to happen to me. It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced. Luckily I was picked up by my parents from the hospital in a couple of hours.

To sum it up. I've always felt like I've thought differently than most people and I'm happy to be that way. Despite my diagnosis, I'm going to college, majoring in psychology and getting ready to go to grad school and working, making more money than I've ever made. Now my doctor just says that I'm incredibly "high functioning" which I think is bogus.

Anyways welcome to ATS and I hope to see more of your posts in the future.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by vancouverite

Wow! Thanks for taking time to actually read my story and respond. You are very well spoken for your age. I enjoy speaking to young people my age who are looking for a starting point so to say..
So you are 18, eh? If you want my take on the Military, I will tell you that you are very young and have such a big long life in front of you, do NOT throw it away for the Military. You would become a pawn player, just a number and statistic of brainwashed soldiers fighting for big rich mean men who never see the battlefields. I always wanted to go into Armed forces for some sort for the thrill, adventure, I wanted a great education, training, all of the travel and everything that came with it. But honestly you can do that without devoting your life to your government and state. Also I do soon believe soldiers will be used against civilians, this is a bad time to join the Military in my opinion. Read articles on it. To be very frank, I dated a marine who was an extremely smart weapons technician, who was put on Infantry, the front line. He has been many places, Iraq, Japan.. and since he has gotten back, he is NOT the same person. For a tough guy when he left, I've never seen a grown man cry so much or be so twisted and torn over being a part of War. This is just my opinion though, if you have a life you want to pursue after or besides that...I wouldn't do it. There are just a lot of men fighting for the wrong reasons, killing innocent people, etc, I just feel you would not really know what you were fighting or who you were fighting for. There are not a lot of military fans on this site, simply for that reason. I do not want you to feel what these men I know feel. They were recruited at 18, so young, taken from all of us so they couldn't grow up and learn with us. Just so they could go fight, kill and spill blood, only to come home and be distant from their family and friends. I only know of 1 out of my friends who came back from war or being in the Armed forces with his head on straight, and thats because he was a clerk sitting behind a desk.
But that is enough on my rant about the Military!
You say you want to have lucid dreams or paranormal experiences? I will tell you one of the mottos I live by and it never, ever fails me.
"You will not find what you are looking for, Until you stop looking." Let it come to you! You can not induce a paranormal experience without messing with bad things, qouji boards, cults etc. But I do not believe you want to bring those upon yourself anyways, just be very receptive, and what comes will come, just keep your eyes and ears open and don't deny anything out of the norm. You could already be presented with these things but blow them off as if it was just a sound, just a coincidence etc.
For the dreaming part, when you are dreaming, and you are at that point you know you're dreaming, there is your chance!! As soon as you become aware, take control, that is being lucid in your dreams. I feel sometimes I am really awake, when I am not awake in my dreams. You are 18 there fore I feel like this is the time you will start experiencing different things as such. Give it try, next time you fall asleep, become aware, and try a few things see what happens!
Also if you very much want your 3rd eye to be opened, I would stick with meditation! See where your ground is and really get to that state of complete om when you are. Forget everything and just meditate. Also, study study study! Study almost impossible things, study interesting topics about people who have had their 3rd eye opened or what they believe. Sometimes it takes my 3rd eye to open all the way by tantilizing my brain with knowledge that is helpful to it. Fibboncci, Einstein, Buddha, Chakras, States of being, read and try it all! Studying will be a HUGE part of opening your 3rd eye.
I am very thankful you took the time to read my thread and respond with kind words looking for advice!
I can tell you are a tad frustrated not experiencing the things you wish to be, you are constantly looking like I was. I believe what you need is the right door opened up, and when that door opens, I believe you are in for an awakening! If you truly want something in your heart, it will find you if you can not find it. Sometimes, when you are confused and not sure of what is real and what is not , the answer will literally slap you on the face at the most unexpected time. I promise you that. You have fate in store for you, and I can not wait to learn what it is, or how I can help open up that starting door for you!
Please do not feel hesitant what-so-ever to u2u me for advice, or just to talk!
Thanks again for taking time out of your day to talk to me!
I do hope this path you are on starts heading the way you desire!

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by TiM3LoRd

That makes me so happy to read!

I am very thankful and happy you came back to continue talking to me. I also respect the fact you realize I am just another real person like you ,experiencing similar things to you and alien things as you said!
I do hope you stick around a while longer to chit chat or at least converse with me on certain subjects! I believe you could give me very good insight on things in the future!

Also, every where I go, it never fails when you are the nicest, you are the first to get walked all over. I have as I gotten older, 'thickened my skin' I guess you would say. But I still get it here and there just for trying to be nice. Funny how the world works, right? You finally do find one night one so you attack her! lol! I am just thankful the nice and respectful outweigh the disrespectful ones here, for now at least!

Thank you for your advice, I will not take my helmet off! They can hit me with their best shot, its hard to bring me down, when I am always so up!

I thank you again for actually reading my responding post and replying back. Do please tag around on ATS a tad longer, to converse with me!

Hope you have a great day!

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by slanteye

Actually, the norm in America is a little less, humble. 21 is the age when you basically go out and get # faced as a ritual for turning 21. Since I am a lightweight and much more green than a drinker. I will no be doing that. I feel something as if a pendent of a 21 key was given to me in reason of gaining independence, that would be much much more respectful and meaningful for my birthday!
I do hope something special happens on that day, something more interesting than other 21s sitting in a bar. I want to actually DO something for my birthday, see the pyramids, heck anything!

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by trentonanthony

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and respond.
The fact that we relate on such a close level and subject lets me feel good to know, I am not alone.
I do believe just because you think different does not mean you are, schizo. I think differently than every one I know and would not have it any other way! & I am glad you feel that way too!
You obviously are a level headed, well rounded person if you are getting through school and living fine! You are strong for not falling susceptable to what they daignosed you with and taking the highroad instead of the low.
I am proud to hear of anything person who thinks different, was diagnosed like I was, just is doing just as good or better than I am! You are another example of a person, living day to day while thinking different.
I do thank you again, especially for taking time to tell me a little more about your story.
I would love to hear more from you, anything about you!
Do keep your head up Trenton, and never feel down because anyone tells you, you are different, because in all reality you are oh so high above them.

P.s. Had an epidemic like that when a few years back when I cried to my doctor and told her of things I had legitimately seen, for her to threaten to do the same things for me if I didn't quit telling people what I saw basically. I can tell you I shut up real quick. Just despite her. Because I had already been where you were taken. & I will never again sit in a room full of real freaks, while I am nothing but a free thinker.
Don't hesitate to ever u2u me just to talk or to tell me more about yourself!
Thanks again trentonanthony

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Katharos62191

I had sleep paralysis for many years.. Was never fun but I got used to. didn't have had any for the last 10 years or so.

By the way, this flood control seems to take forever with you

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by Katharos62191
So was Marie Curie.
Type a manuscript, submit to publishers.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by Shrukin89

Hey! Thank you for taking the time to read my story and respond!
To be honest, after wards, I felt like any women would feel after feeling such a great orgasm. WANT MORE! LOL.
I literally wished for nights after that I would dream of him again so I could feel that again. Not in like a freaky way but a, yeah okay a pretty selfish way. I wanted it again. Never have since though.

I have noticed since I have gotten around 20 I have had many sexual dreams. Almost a few times a month, never really with the same person. But apparently, in my dream state I am quite freaky, to say the least. Hehe.
I used to think it was subliminal until I read a lot about sexual dreams being with people you long to in person with but cant, or fantasies, etc. But Some times my partner in my dreams are completely random, leading me to the fact they are just what they sound, wet dreams. Nothing subliminal I don't think with the others. But boy was the one you and I speak of, that was so distinct.

Wow, you also made a great point about the lawn thing. Instead of pertaining maybe to an actual lawn, he meant My lawn...Hmm... That could make quite a bit of sense! Especially because of the situation, and how it was said!
What you said makes a lot of sense to me! I am going to have to take that one and think on it! You literally gave me a lightbulb over my head type moment!

Thanks for taking time to read and respond to me Shrukin89!

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by DocHolidaze

I was waiting for someone to say that! LOL

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by Hellas
By the way, this flood control seems to take forever with you

I imagine it's because there is a rather large handful of people wanting to talk with her

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by MyrtlePlace

i believe that people like us are here to participate in this consciousness shift everyones talking about. because you cannot deny that we think very very very very differently to our parents and grandparent's generations. so different it's almost..... alien

you cant deny that one epic story is unfolding here for humanity and i'm honoured to be a part of it. and anyone who talks you down or cant understand where you're coming from are just men and women of the past, stuck in cyclical thought patterns that have held back earthly civilization for millenia

Thanks for taking time to read my story. For some odd reason, I have a feeling you may be my friend... just from how you talk. But, if you are not, and just a passerby stopping to comment on my thread. I am happy I met you. We share quite a few things in common, and honestly reading your post sounding like I was talking to one of my best friends. Maybe it is just how you speak or type, I don't know.
But besides all of that I actually am very excited to see where life takes me. I let life deal and just play the hand I was dealt.

Also what you said above, really stood out to me! The reason I am quoting it is because, I have a feeling I will be quoting you again. You are very interesting as well! I am happy you found my page. I do agree with you that how people like you and I think is so.. Alien,to previous generations its uncanny.

By the way, one of the last paragraphs, I can not thank you enough for your kind words. You have a very big heart and no doubt know how to make someone smile. I believe that with people with the energy you entail and that you believe I entail will positively make a difference in our part of the Universe! I came here to ATS to meet people exactly like you! Please do let me hear from you again!
Thank you for your kind words!
Thank you so much for everything you said, I literally felt like I was reading from a friend!

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 11:11 AM
reply to post by empireoflizards

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and share your kind words!
I am happy and flattered I made your night!
I am happy to learn we share similar experiences and interests!
I am hugely into the idea of untapped human potential! I am also thankful you believed me in what I was writing, because I believed in what I was writing and that really means something to me to hear from you.
I am sorry you dealt with sleep paralysis type situations as well, no doubt not my favorite of the bunch.
It makes you stronger and wiser I believe though, and makes it basically hard to be scared of anything after that, its like "Hey, Life. Give me your best shot, I already beat the scariest of the scaries in my book."
I hope to learn from the experience.
I also hope I learn more about the metaphysical subjects, new human potentials needing to be discovered, etc, and I hope I can do it with the help of people here like you to give me advice and to converse with about such things!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and respond! Especially the kind words, they mean a lot.

P.S. I do not know what kind of lizards you are into, But my mother and grandmother are green anole nuts! Just rescued and gave them 2 new companions they other day. They are very cool, one lizard even did push ups for me and made his red dulap thing big for me! Ha! Showing off. Just had to throw that in incase you enjoyed lizards too!

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